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  1. TheSage

    Eden Hazard

    Agreed. Why can't he just say something like "Nothing has changed with my situation"? Constantly fawning over Real Madrid is getting really tiresome.
  2. I was really nervous going into this game. I thought we were going to lose and drop out of the top 4. We rode our luck in the first half, but the second half was phenomenal and deserved more goals. Top 4 is still going to be a tough fight, but this should be a good confidence booster.
  3. TheSage

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    I wonder how he would have done under someone like Pochettino (who gave Dele Alli and several other Sp*urs youngsters a chance). He's older than Alli and yet is still far away from a starter. Unfortunately our managerial merry-go-round has seriously undermined the development of most of our youth products.
  4. TheSage

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    He sometimes holds onto the ball too long and cause the opposition to recover instead of playing the simple pass. Other times he tries an unnecessary flick without checking his surroundings, leading to a loss of possession(Willian is also guilty of this). Also, he doesn't press much, so with him in the team the front press is not very effective (All of Liverpool's and City's forwards press maniacally because their managers demand it). These are the major weaknesses I see in his game. I will not go as far as saying we play better without him, but I can understand why some people may think so.
  5. It's a lack of planning to not address the striker situation last summer even though we saw clearly last season that our strikers were poor. Playing without a decent striker immediately puts the team at a huge disadvantage
  6. TheSage

    Chelsea v Fulham (PL) Sun 2nd Dec 12:00 UK

    Hazard hangs onto the ball too long sometimes
  7. TheSage

    Chelsea v Fulham (PL) Sun 2nd Dec 12:00 UK

    He hasn't looked all that great since his explosive start to the season. Several games now without a goal (and very few assists too if I'm not mistaken)
  8. TheSage

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    Yup, I noticed this as well. He lost the ball quite a few times with poor passes. His passing needs a bit of work, but he is needed to cover for the defensive frailties of the other midfielders, so he has to play
  9. TheSage

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    I believe Aubameyang was available that summer.
  10. Disappointing end. Barkley was losing the ball almost every time and I feared it would cost us, and unfortunately it did. Don't know why Kovacic was substituted. He held the ball way better than Barkley. I think the subs cost us the game.
  11. I hope we don't let that c**t Chicarito score again...
  12. TheSage

    How should we treat the Europa league?

    For the initial stages against sh*t teams, we should definitely go with the squad players. They should be good enough to progress. Depending on our standing in the league, we will choose our strategy at the latter stages if we're still in it. If we are in with a good chance of winning the league, we should prioritize the league and continue using squad players.
  13. I'll be happy with Top 4 and a cup. I don't think we have the firepower to win the league. None of our strikers are prolific goalscorers and I feel we need one to be able to win the league. Will be happy to be proved wrong though.
  14. TheSage

    2018/19 squad

    It was quite refreshing to hear Sarri saying the squad is complete (after the constant moaning last season). I'm not convinced we can challenge for the league, but we should be able to get top 4. My main concern is still with the strikers. Morata is almost useless in front of goal, Bats is leaving on loan and Giroud doesn't score enough, but we will see how it pans out.
  15. TheSage

    How much time will Sarri get?

    I believe the club has been quite reasonable with managers recently. Jose was sacked only after it appeared we were heading towards relegation, and Conte's relationship with the board broke down over his constant moaning. There were also reports he refused to talk to the club in the summer heading into last season, so it was inevitable he was going to get sacked. If Sarri can get us into the Top 4 and keep us there and win an occasional cup, he should be fine for the duration of his contract