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  1. I knew we were going to bottle it. Just knew it. SIGH!!
  2. Would be so typical of us to bottle it tomorrow after this set of results. Hope I'm wrong though
  3. We can praise the manager for that and still criticize him for the horrendous second half. This has been a recurring theme, where we frequently just fall apart in the second half. It's totally unacceptable
  4. Higuain is turning out to be another waste of money. This is why we need a proper director of football. So much wasted money for so little
  5. What a wasted opportunity. Great opportunity to put ourselves in the driving seat for top 4 and we bottled it.
  6. This is going to set us back considerably. If Real are really interested in Hazard, he will be gone. CHO too may be gone. Sarri doesn't seem to trust the youth and a good number of the first teamers are on the wrong side of 30, so will be in a dire situation. We are already struggling as it is, and this makes it even harder. This ban has been coming. The whole loan-army thing has been a shady practice and we will finally pay the price for it.
  7. I don't know if he should be sacked or not, but if he continues being stubborn with his one "style", he will earn his sacking sooner or later. It's all well and good to be stubborn if your style yields results, but for someone who has won nothing in his managerial career, it's a bit arrogant to not at least explore different ideas. If we were losing games 4-2 or something of the sort, it would be understandable. Losing 6-0 to City and worse, 4-0 to Bournemouth and struggling to score goals when playing a supposedly "exciting style" is totally unacceptable
  8. So after all the previous incidents we didn't learn our lesson? It's quite staggering if this turns out to be true. What kind of management does the club have? Some of the players involved aren't even worth the trouble. I've always been skeptical of the whole loan army thing. We rarely give them chances in the first team, and I'm doubtful they bring in enough money to justify the trouble.
  9. But he hardly touched Hazard too. I don't think it was a penalty. Many times it seems Hazard is more interested in winning a foul than maintaining possession.
  10. Sarri's stubborness in sticking with his one way of playing will cost us dearly and maybe eventually his job. Jorginho has become almost useless. If he is indeed tired as Sarri claims, why not rest him and try something else in midfield? I dunno, maybe 4231 or some form of it with Kante in defensive midfield? We have cover in defence, so maybe try Luiz in midfield? He has the eye for a pass, and I doubt he would do worse than Jorginho. I watched only the first half and realized we would get nothing from the game and decided to switch it off.
  11. Sarri, like most top managers, is very stubborn, but if he doesn't ditch this his false 9 thing it will cost us and may cause Hazard to leave.
  12. The number of times we lose the ball under little pressure is absurd
  13. People can sympathize with him for being miserable, but that does not excuse his sh*tty behavior. Storming down the tunnel after being substituted disrespects his fellow players, manager and fans. He should at least try to be humble when he's so sh*t.
  14. His attitude stinks. He barely plays well and yet sulks when he's subbed. We should get rid asap.

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