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  1. I seriously doubt that but hope you are right. It pains me that we didn't build foundations like City did when they got their money that is now paying off for them. We have had some success, but it has been very chaotic.
  2. What a nightmare season! With our impending transfer ban, things may be even worse next season
  3. I'm a negative nancy and didn't really believe we will do it, but well done to Sarri and the team. It's been a tough season but a Top 4 finish with a chance for the Europa league is a decent outcome overall. We have to improve next season though!
  4. Us and Spurs still have two tough fixtures and Arse have Burnley away. I guess it's a good thing that Spurs may still potentially drop points so that we will have 2 spots to fight for instead of 1. It will be a huge disappointment if we manage to f**k it up from here.
  5. This is my worry. Going by today's quotes, Sarri seems to think Higuain should stay next season. I will like to be proved wrong, but I just don't see it. The guy is very lazy, is offside all the time and his finishing is sh*t. I don't really see what Sarri sees in him.
  6. TBF Messi has also bottled his fair share of opportunities with Argentina. I can remember him missing two crucial penalties in championship games with Argentina off the top of my head
  7. It appears Sarri wants him to stay here next season based on his post-match comments. Very worrying! He's worse than Morata, and I was one of Morata's harshest critics.
  8. I didn't mind the lineup and the subs. My only worry is, Sarri seems to think Higuain should stay. This was his comment in response to whether Higuain will stay next season (quoting from the BBC): "I don't know, I'm not in charge of the market so I cannot answer these questions. In theory, yes." We're in big trouble if Sarri believes Higuaian deserves to stay after his performances this season.
  9. Be optimistic if you want, but don't tell other fans how to feel. I'm not optimistic based on what I've seen recently, so stfu.
  10. Decent result, but considering how awful they are, we should have won. Had it not been for De Gea's mistake, we might have even lost!. Top 4 is still a toss-up. I have no hope for the games against Watford and Leicester. Can see draws at best. I hope Bournemouth can beat Spurs for us and Arsenal drop more points, because we're hopeless!
  11. Despite their horrible form, I still have no hope for our match against them. We will find a way to f**k it up.
  12. I knew we were going to bottle it. Just knew it. SIGH!!
  13. Would be so typical of us to bottle it tomorrow after this set of results. Hope I'm wrong though
  14. We can praise the manager for that and still criticize him for the horrendous second half. This has been a recurring theme, where we frequently just fall apart in the second half. It's totally unacceptable

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