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  1. Wow wow wow, what an awesome win. It was more stressful than it should have been if our players could hit a barn door, but couldn't be happier. I wasn't Tuchel's biggest fan before he was appointed but what a great job he's done. Congrats to the team and everyone.
  2. Southampton are our rivals now so a draw or Liverpool win may have been better for us. It's looking more and more like Man United might win the league
  3. I don't think the squad is capable of challenging for the title because we still have some serious deficiencies. We lack a creative player in the middle and also lack a strong defensive midfielder. In my opinion, these are the areas we should have addressed in the summer after signing Mendy and Silva. Having said that, surely we should be comfortably in the top 4? Are we saying the likes of Villa, Everton and Leicester have better personnel than us? It would be a massive failure if we finish outside the top 4. Heck, even Arsenal are now breathing down our necks. Our squad isn't really that
  4. Someone (don't remember who) commented about starting Werner centrally before the match began and was slaughtered for it. We should have stuck with Giroud who is in good scoring form or Tammy if we wanted speed. Maybe it's hindsight but given Werner's recent form, I don't think thrusting him into such a high pressure match was the right thing to do.
  5. Jose was never in trouble. It was just the regular hysteria after he lost the first PL game. Ole was also getting the odd win here and there even when they were performing badly. Arteta was the only one in real trouble and we helped him get out of it
  6. It's easy to say the squad is terrible now that the team is performing terribly, but was that the consensus before the season started? We were all (cautiously) optimistic that we'd kick on from last season after spending a lot of money. I don't know how much say Lampard has on transfers, but so far the two biggest signings look like flops and haven't addressed any of the issues in the team. If anything, we've regressed from last season. Changing managers frequently hurts the team in the long term and results in wasted investments because we keep buying players who subsequent managers do
  7. Yeah, I'd avoid Tuchel like the plague. This is a guy who was complaining about lack of purchases with PSG of all teams, and he doesn't seem to be all that. If we were to make a change I'd say we should try luring the Southampton fella but I doubt he'd like to leave them in the middle of the season.
  8. Too bad we can't play ourselves to get a confidence-boosting win
  9. At least Grealish makes things happen for himself. He can dribble and shoot from outside the box, plus he wins tons of freekicks in dangerous positions.
  10. And to make matters worse they don't defend well too.
  11. It was one person, most likely said out of frustration. People on this board try to score cheap points by trying to prove they're real fans
  12. The pressing is just shocking. I saw it in the very first minute. Several of our players will "press" one player on the ball and then he just passes it to another in acres of space.
  13. Yeah, who gives a f**k what the media says? We desperately need 3 points to get back our season back on track.
  14. Good results all things considered. I guess it's silver lining that we have a relatively small stadium and thus the proportion of matchday revenue on our overall revenue is small.
  15. Totally agree. He wasn't making a lot of saves in the matches where we kept clean sheets and I remarked as much. He was great at dealing with crosses and high balls into the box which in itself is a huge improvement on Kepa but we wasn't really tested that much in terms of stopping shots.
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