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  1. Our players can't do basic stuff right. Emerson couldn't head the ball either side of the keeper from a few yards out, so many simple passes misplaced, can't cross the ball. It's ridiculous
  2. People were calling them the best team in Europe when we lost to them, but in reality, they're not all that this season.
  3. Moaning about others' moaning is also moaning. People should be allowed to express their disappointment at losing even if we played relatively well. We also played well against Liverpool and Man u and lost. At some point it's not enough to just play well. Heroic losers are still losers.
  4. Best team in Europe? They're not even the best team in England right now. I'm not so mad about this loss in isolation, but it is very worrying that we get turned over by every decent team we face. If we lose against our top 4 rivals our lead will vanish in a flash.
  5. Yet another wayward pass in a dangerous position
  6. Chilwell will cost a LOT of money. We should try scouting like poo did for their full backs who are both stellar
  7. Cheap giveaway in midfield leading to a goal. Typical!
  8. We miss so many great chances in games it's ridiculous
  9. It's way too early in the season to draw conclusions but we're definitely in the driving seat. Hopefully we don't f**k it up. Last season Man U almost hauled back a huge deficit only to f**k it up at the end. We have to keep focussed and hope our rivals continue being sh*t. We also need to improve our form against our rivals for Top 4 and the other top teams. So far we've lost against every top team we've faced bar Leicester which we drew at home. If we lose against our rivals they can easily claw their way back into contention.
  10. Can't knock his end product. I was skeptical about his signing and he is proving me wrong. Hopefully he keeps scoring/assisting.
  11. Yeah, we needlessly gave away a penalty (soft as it may have been) by overplaying at the back. Should have booted it upfield.
  12. Phewwww!! Would have been the ultimate injustice if Foster had scored there
  13. I seriously doubt that but hope you are right. It pains me that we didn't build foundations like City did when they got their money that is now paying off for them. We have had some success, but it has been very chaotic.

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