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  1. I didn't watch the match as I knew we will get dicked, but watched the highlights, and the same defensive mistakes are getting punished. Not picking out players in the box, foolishly giving the ball away in dangerous positions, players showing zero awareness of danger. If we don't address these basic issues we will get nowhere, regardless of who we buy.
  2. Aubameyang has been given acres of space throughout the game and we don't have the awareness to assign someone to watch him. Sure enough, we get punished
  3. We may have some trouble offloading him as he's on long contract. Hopefully one of the Spanish clubs are foolish enough to rescue us. How we managed to sign this guy for a world record fee still beats me. He was hardly pulling down trees at the time, so I just can't understand how we made such a terrible deal.
  4. It's decent alright, but his goals dried up during the second half of the season. I don't know if defenders figured him out or if his form was a reflection of the team's. He should be second or third choice striker, and he has to work on his balance and aerial ability. He falls over far too often, and has great height to be an asset in the air if he works on it. Maybe if we improve the defense we can try playing two strikers against some of the weaker teams, which should give him a lot of game time.
  5. I didn't really expect a win today but it's so annoying to concede stupid goals
  6. If we could cross maybe we would have a chance.
  7. To be fair we looked good for a few minutes (until we conceded the idiotic goal)
  8. Willian has messed up a number of decent attacking positions and have now cost us a goal with his idiotic play
  9. Not the worst result but I'm still scared about our last 2 matches.
  10. I hope the money has not gone to his head. If his rumored wages of more 100K a week are true, we may have made a big mistake (and now Tammy and others will justifiably be demanding a similar wage based on performance). Sure, Bayern were sniffing around at the time but such wages for young players who have accomplished nothing can have a detrimental effect. Hopefully he gets his head down and fights for his place, because these performances are unacceptable. .
  11. This game has a draw written all over it. How are we so sh*t? West Ham put 4 past this lot
  12. It's quite sad. We've made so many bad transfer decisions. We passed up Aguero to buy Torres, and bought Shevchenko who Mourinho didn't seem to fancy at the time. Aguero alone would have sorted out our striker position for years, and might have won us a few more titles. You can't get it right 100% of the time, but the number of duds we have bought for mind-blowing money is just ridiculous. This is in part due to how frequently we change managers, but surely management should do an evaluation and realize something is massively wrong! I have no qualms about going for bargains that don't work out. What's worrying is spending loads of money on signings like Torres, Shevchenko, Kepa, Morata, Drinkwater and Bakayoko, to name a few. Totally unacceptable.

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