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  1. The worrying thing for me is the fact that we're still exhibiting the same or worse defensive frailties from last season even after spending 200 odd million (more than anybody else in the league). Granted, some of that spending was to replace Pedro and Willian, but we should be seeing some improvements in the defense be it in the form of individuals or positional/organizational play. I think we should have used the Havertz money to buy a defensive midfielder as it appears to be a major area of weakness. If our form doesn't improve with Mendy and/or Silva in the side then questions would be as
  2. 3 Wins out of 8 matches so far this season. The only standout performance was the Palace game. All the others have been mediocre to terrible. Not good enough however you dice it
  3. He looked very good against us (probably because our defenders are crap). In all the other matches I've seen him play he looks decent at best.
  4. People wrote him off after the first game (typical reactionary stuff), but if you allow him to shape the team the way he wants he can still get results.
  5. We still have some major issues in the team. The midfield is too lightweight. Any combo of Jorginho, Kante or Kovacic does not protect the back 4 enough. That's why we completely collapse whenever we come under pressure. To make matters worse, the defense and keepers are also also sh*t. Tough season ahead
  6. I'm normally not a fan of mega money signings but this will be one I'll be all for, even if it's just for a couple of seasons (not that we'll be able to sign him). Guy's a beast. Lethal strikers are a very rare commodity
  7. We couldn't beat fecking West Brom so don't get your hopes up. We're very good at dropping points to sh*t teams.
  8. Hope he doesn't do anything crazy like win them a trophy before that happens.
  9. Finally a player that can put in a decent cross and hit a decent dead ball (especially corners). Hope he keeps it up
  10. James Rodriguez has hit the ground running. 3 goals and 2 assists already. Wish one of our new signings did the same.
  11. Ah, that explains it then. Insulting a whole continent makes people's moods all better.
  12. Will we learn though? We've been seeing the same thing for ages.
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