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  1. Lampsy

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    We were warned by Napoli fans that the first year was going to be up and down, which makes sense given that he's implementing a new style of football. City took time with Pep and he had much more skill available to him on the bench than Sarri does in his first 11. We've got to be patient, let him fine tune his squad and see where it goes next year. Sacking him now would be foolish.
  2. Higuain is probably off to manage his minutes for the weekend, 3 full games in a week is too much. This team isn't complicated to fix. We need an attacking midfielder who can shoot from outside the box and we need a direct threat from the right side. Perfect game for someone like CHO, not Willian who can't do sh*t.
  3. Classic Willian set piece.
  4. Lampsy

    Alvaro Morata

    Absolutely fearless in the box.
  5. Lampsy

    Chelsea V Sheff Wed (FA) Sun 27th Jan 18:00 UK

    Willian cannot pass the ball at all.
  6. Great ball by Emerson. Alonso is not able to do that.
  7. Look at that, the cards do exist!
  8. Our set pieces are infinitely more dangerous when Willian isn't taking them.
  9. Offensive Dynamo Kante. Man he has some power behind him.
  10. Lampsy


    If a loan deal is true, then we basically got a mulligan on Morata, which would be fantastic.
  11. I'm not disagreeing, but he's got nobody to pass to.
  12. He's getting double and triple teamed when he's too far forward, looks like he's trying to give himself more room. This is the problem when the other team doesn't have to be worried about multiple attacking threats.
  13. Thank the Lord, Willian off. Offensive blackhole.
  14. It's sad that wing backs are more creative and better crossers than Willian. Please bring in a striker and let hazard go back to his spot. I've been done with this guy for a while.