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  1. We should have been up 1-0 just minutes before that with Willian not passing through.
  2. Willian is beyond awful. The guy who should have the most energy on the pitch does the least running after handing possession over on several occasions. Should have been Barkley on at that point... Or given how we were getting dominated down the middle, just straight up pulisic for Kovacic.
  3. I'm going to be pretty disappointed if he leaves. We have awful management, a team that he didn't get to build, and he still have us the EL, a final, and third place in a tough league. Not much more one can do, particularly given the circumstance (i.e. short preseason, not his players). I was hoping he would be our long-term manager until Lampard was ready, but I guess I shouldn't hope for such things as a Chelsea fan. Good luck to him if he leaves, he will have a long lasting effect at Juve, building his squad, implementing his style, and he'll be there for a while.
  4. Not one good corner all game. Just awful.
  5. Nice run by RLC... Hazard is too good with both feet.
  6. Even when CHO isn't having his best game, they have to respect his speed and skill.. it's giving Hazard even more space. The kid needs to be a regular starter.
  7. We were warned by Napoli fans that the first year was going to be up and down, which makes sense given that he's implementing a new style of football. City took time with Pep and he had much more skill available to him on the bench than Sarri does in his first 11. We've got to be patient, let him fine tune his squad and see where it goes next year. Sacking him now would be foolish.
  8. Higuain is probably off to manage his minutes for the weekend, 3 full games in a week is too much. This team isn't complicated to fix. We need an attacking midfielder who can shoot from outside the box and we need a direct threat from the right side. Perfect game for someone like CHO, not Willian who can't do sh*t.

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