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  1. Without realizing you had changed the pic, I was staring at your avatar for a while trying to figure out how Malta was seeing the undertaker or a hand shadow. God damn😄
  2. I'd like to, just because I love Havertz and don't want to blame him.
  3. Love Azpi, hope he stays here forever. Won the ball, gets it back, beats the defender and gets a good ball in.
  4. About 300 United points can be attributed to Fergie time, and I'm being conservative.
  5. Look what happens when a corner actually clears the first post.
  6. Not kepa's fault, sometimes it's just a good strike and there's nothing you can do. That's more on the defenders not closing him down.
  7. Tomori with an amazing tackle, and James with two big blocks the minute he came on.
  8. We should have been up 1-0 just minutes before that with Willian not passing through.
  9. Willian is beyond awful. The guy who should have the most energy on the pitch does the least running after handing possession over on several occasions. Should have been Barkley on at that point... Or given how we were getting dominated down the middle, just straight up pulisic for Kovacic.
  10. We were warned by Napoli fans that the first year was going to be up and down, which makes sense given that he's implementing a new style of football. City took time with Pep and he had much more skill available to him on the bench than Sarri does in his first 11. We've got to be patient, let him fine tune his squad and see where it goes next year. Sacking him now would be foolish.
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