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  1. It still hurts, I did not view it as a dead rubber match . It was the wrong setup. A case of catastrophic coaching by Lampard.
  2. I think it's rather common to discuss the development of some ex-players on a forum. I get that most are probably not interested, but then they don't have to read those threads.
  3. 80 Mil.? We shouldn't be that stingy! Let's make it round: 100 Mil. - world record bid!
  4. 15 goals and 14 assists in 36 games for City this season.
  5. To me he's been the best player in the league this season. His ratio for goals and assists is simply amazing.
  6. That could be the case, but you never know. To be frank I don't necessarily believe in Fergie's word. I mean he kind of sh*t on his legacy by appointing Moyes. And we can be pretty sure that it was him who wanted a scottish lad - just like himself - from Glasgow to succeed him. Now he's leaking all kind of stories that Klopp was not available etc., but I bet no one has been offered the job in the same way like Moyes. It could very well be that all these rumours regarding thinking about Jose, Klopp, Ancelotti are only leaked to mask the fact that the whole selection process was utter bol
  7. People talk about Charlton not wanting Jose. But noone can tell me that Charlton's words have a bigger pull than Fergie's. You can see that Fergie was against Jose because he didn't get the job in the first place. Having picked Moyes as his successor it just shows you that they are looking for a manager with a very different profile compared to Jose.
  8. IMO Kenedy has not show anything beyond pure potential. But even if we assume that you're right and he has played well then you wouldn't call that a smart decision unless Kenedy is a short- and long-term prospect as our LB. Otherwise is a pointless exercise because it didn't pay off and which may further hinder the development of players who could play a good role as a LB in Chelsea's future.
  9. Yeah, imagine Luke Shaw making a mistake at LB an being replaced by a winger like Januzaj ... just makes no sense at all. That's just poor man management.
  10. Nah, they won't have him. He can go to Italy, if he wants to manage a top team. Other than that no top club will take him. He just brings too much baggage with him.
  11. Maybe because with Hazard on the left we're pretty exposed defensively? It was the same when Azpi was playing there. But I think our approach was in general too defensive, that's why we didn't kill off the game.
  12. Still, especially if you're coming on I expect a player to show a bit more urgency, especially if it is a young player who is not established yet. However he might have done exactly what has been expected from him.
  13. Don't like the fact that he was hiding in national team football for the last years. He better bloody improves his English.
  14. We should not go over the top. He will make his mistakes and the manager needs to be patient with him. And we can finally say, Jose was right. We start playing Baba and we concede from a free kick. He is obviously too small
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