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  1. I thought the ref was their 12th man, especially in the first half. We could have easily gotten a penalty when Havertz was clipped in the box.
  2. I don't think this one is on him. We did create nothing useful (for him) for most of the game. He is not that kind of striker that needs one good chance to score - not his fault. Had we played the second half like the last 10 minutes, it could have been a different story.
  3. Two games in a row he seemed to do well. In fact I would have liked to see him starting against Juve. He is not as easy to disposess as Jorgi or Kova.
  4. Yep... that's where we need to start with changing
  5. If we need to score from a corner, I will take it 😃 FFS, the ref is making no secret hat he is on their side.... they're just falling over and getting the calls.
  6. I can see Szeszny having the game of his life, and Cuadrado scoring against us. Kovacic again
  7. I would say Kovacic is more of a problem... but in general, we are sleeping...
  8. It still hurts, I did not view it as a dead rubber match . It was the wrong setup. A case of catastrophic coaching by Lampard.
  9. 80 Mil.? We shouldn't be that stingy! Let's make it round: 100 Mil. - world record bid!
  10. That could be the case, but you never know. To be frank I don't necessarily believe in Fergie's word. I mean he kind of sh*t on his legacy by appointing Moyes. And we can be pretty sure that it was him who wanted a scottish lad - just like himself - from Glasgow to succeed him. Now he's leaking all kind of stories that Klopp was not available etc., but I bet no one has been offered the job in the same way like Moyes. It could very well be that all these rumours regarding thinking about Jose, Klopp, Ancelotti are only leaked to mask the fact that the whole selection process was utter bollox. I mean there is no way that Moyes could've made the Top 10 in any sort of performance criteria for a manager. Hell, going for Redknapp would've been a wise decision compared to employing Moyes. So I wouldn't take Fergie's word or anyone else's who was involved in the decision to hire Moyes. (As paranoid that may sound.)
  11. People talk about Charlton not wanting Jose. But noone can tell me that Charlton's words have a bigger pull than Fergie's. You can see that Fergie was against Jose because he didn't get the job in the first place. Having picked Moyes as his successor it just shows you that they are looking for a manager with a very different profile compared to Jose.
  12. Nah, they won't have him. He can go to Italy, if he wants to manage a top team. Other than that no top club will take him. He just brings too much baggage with him.
  13. Still, especially if you're coming on I expect a player to show a bit more urgency, especially if it is a young player who is not established yet. However he might have done exactly what has been expected from him.
  14. Don't like the fact that he was hiding in national team football for the last years. He better bloody improves his English.
  15. He was bloody lethal today. Hope that was just the beginning of a scoring run.
  16. You can't blame him for his effort. Yet I feel that he is one of those players where less commitment would have a more positive effect. I like his attitude because he is showing that he really wants to put Chelsea ahead and get the team going. At the same time it impedes him because he more often than not ends up in a difficult, complicated situation where eventually he loses the ball. A little bit of simple passing a la Mikel would improve his game.
  17. The next long term injury is only a question of months.
  18. Either that or he has murdered Mourinhos favourite pet.
  19. Because that's what parents tend to do. They're taking care of their kids. Regardless of what they have done they have to seek the best for their kids now. (There's no point in thinking like this: Oh I shouldn't have let my kid go to Chelsea, it's my mistake, so I shouldn't do anything now.)
  20. i'd trade him for Lukaku and pay an additional 25 mil to Everton right now.
  21. So Savage should just have said: JT did a great job there.
  22. Me neither. I am also not a big fan of Baba or Traore. But, they've deserved to get much more playing time considering the utter sh*te some of our first team players are producing.
  23. I'm sorry but you have too look at the big picture there. He joined rather early. Fans were raving about him joining Cologne. The expectations were quite high. The circumstances were on his side. You have a point that both CBs were doing well, but Cologne had a lots of problems at RB and DM. As far as I know those are positions that Kalas could also play. There were a lot of oppotrtunities for him to get more than zero games for Cologne. I'm sorry but that's laughable. Maybe he had the wrong attitude (he was probably earning more than any of the Cologne players, maybe that played a role, I don't know....)
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