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  1. Liverpool are amazing Sturridge is amazing anyone would think they were top of the League, dont worry in the media's eyes they can do no wrong. PSG were wide open and should have been beaten by several clear goals ...by a proper team.
  2. Kenedy didnt have a good game and the waiter stopped short of criticising him because Kenedys absence is next weeks excuse for the fat one.
  3. I am realising a dream today also. a dream that we might have a keeper coming in that lives up to his full potential unlike the reasonably good Courtois. Probably should have stuck with Petr Cech.
  4. I was delighted and relieved that the bin dippers lost, can you imagine how unbearable they would have been had they lifted the cup. I absolutely despise their supporters, They've slaughtered Karius, YNWA my arse !
  5. Henderson Milner & Lallana were hopelessly outclassed by a Real Madrid midfield who were not on the best of form. They were lucky to get away with 3-1. thank goodness they aren't the mainstay of the England midfield in Russia...oh wait a minute
  6. I can still remember Johnathan Pearce commentating when Chelsea were struggling with the conditions. I think he said " It Snow Joke In Tromso" or words to that effect.
  7. I had those socks back in the day, were the shorts usually white with that kit?
  8. If this thread had appeared last year i could have said Huddersfield Town They are doing a pretty good job against the odds this year, very decent club.
  9. It may raise his profile such that there is an investigations into him, of course being an honest scouse politician he will have nothing to hide and will come out of the matter as the white knight of the realm he is... probably
  10. Surprised Jose wants to talk about scandalous issues as its likely to bring his controversial matters back to the fore. I doubt Man Utd will be pleased with his behaviour its not in keeping with what they would expect from a manager. Would'nt be so bad if the footballing side of things was perfect.
  11. If the scousers arent happy with this deal i like it even more, Welcome Ross!

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