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  1. thought it was gonna be a link to a George Michael song🙂
  2. Did someone mention scousers ? (Apologies about the size of this video) scousers.mp4 scousers.mp4
  3. If sporting events are postponed or cancelled there will be very little to watch on TV. However BT Sport subscribers will be able to watch the full replay/ rerun of the Liverpool v Atletico game last night. If time is short just watch the 30 minutes of extra time. My personal highlight was the 7th minute of extra time. Atletico scored and seconds later the Bin dippers gasped and groaned in disbelief. It was a very very special night at Anfield.
  4. Hi is the kick off time 7.45pm or 8.00pm ? I know its on BT Sport
  5. That was my first game my dad took me and I think we sat on the benches in the west stand. Ive got a CD of the highlights but alas not the programme
  6. Tony Gale suggesting Mason Mount made the wrong decision and that he should have done better. I know Gale was a fabulous ex player in his time, just remind me did he play for Barcelona or Real Madrid?
  7. Liverpool are amazing Sturridge is amazing anyone would think they were top of the League, dont worry in the media's eyes they can do no wrong. PSG were wide open and should have been beaten by several clear goals ...by a proper team.
  8. Kenedy didnt have a good game and the waiter stopped short of criticising him because Kenedys absence is next weeks excuse for the fat one.
  9. I can still remember Johnathan Pearce commentating when Chelsea were struggling with the conditions. I think he said " It Snow Joke In Tromso" or words to that effect.

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