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  1. Maguire - Injured Henderson - Injured Sterling - off form Rashford - off form Southgate might know what he is doing but i dont.
  2. Trippier: won La Liga. Walker: won the Premiership James: won the Champions League Alexander Arnold: Played well against Villa at Anfield.
  3. I think Harry Kane might be past his best and think we could do better.
  4. Id have Eden Hazard back in a flash, once reprogrammed to terrorise defences like he used to ... well you know the rest😉
  5. Agree we need a Drogba II, we are the Champions of Europe and should be able to attract the best thats out there.
  6. I think John Cooper Clarke said " I'll tell you now and i'll tell you firmly, I dont ever want to go to Burnley"
  7. The team / squad looks well equipped to get a much needed 3 points today, plenty of attacking options. No messing about, come on the Chels!
  8. It has but it doesnt make it right or enhance the FAs position that they have the fans at heart.
  9. On the subject of fans i understand there are 20,000 there, 6,250 Chels 6250 Leicester so does that leave approx 7500 for the FA to distribute. Nice, only 60% for the fans from the FA who like the PL and co are so critical of the ESL who dont have the fans at heart.
  10. This game v Arsenal is really important. - Full strength team please FA Cup final is less important as of today. Balanced team please Leicester league game may be less important, than both of the above. Balanced team please or full strength if CL isnt confirmed. Villa as Leicester league game. Balanced team please or full strength if CL isnt confirmed Citeh CL Final. The most important game as of today. Full strength team
  11. I think TT will carry on with his focused approach, whilst Pep continues to play mind games with himself (and both win and lose!), I didnt expect Chelsea to beat Citeh twice but now realise (as does Pep) that unless Citeh are right on it in the Final they will be swept away by the Chels. Of course Citeh are the favorites and the media have hardly noticed us but Citeh's run in has been relatively relaxed whereas ours has been ultra busy with important games and we are on reasonably good form. Roll on the Final ! I can see it going to Panekas!
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