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  1. Jurgen Klopp seems to be really struggling to cope with the pressure. He has started attacking broadcasters and other managers (Chris Wilder for example) re the fixture congestion and lack of fit players blah blah blah....but wait a minute he knew all this was going to happen yet decided not to strengthen his squad in the summer be it in quality or quantity claiming it would be unfair to his fantastic squad who were albeit irreplaceable. Other teams moved quickly and quietly to make their preparations some with big budgets some with small, we took the precaution of bringing Petr Cech back as K
  2. Ziyech has a marvelous delivery, almost every time. Lets hope we can make it 2 before half time
  3. The female commentators and pundits are so much better than listening to Gary Lineker and his mate Alan Shearer. Jackie Oatley would be an excellent replacement for Lineker.
  4. I remember these prices, would the photos have been taken in the mid 1970's?
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