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  1. Pep is starting to sound very techy in interviews this season, he is probably under more pressure than he lets on having failed to win the Champions League and seeing players turn away from the big money that City can offer ( Ronaldo and Kane(Levy)). Hes a quality manager and i like him but he does come over as just a touch of a gibbering fool occasionally.
  2. both attacks down the right hand side - but not Trents fault🙂
  3. He should have talked about Kante getting injured, possibly the only thing hes qualified to talk about.
  4. henderson encroached for the pen should have been a re take he was almost level with Anthony taylor when salah kicked the ball
  5. Get In!!! my stream is playing up after that goal ....no sound from anfield😉
  6. the crisis hotline is permanently engaged with Spuds worrying over Kanes absence from training, although he will probably turn up to see the Champions League Trophy! If it wasnt for the tie against Larne or a Portuguese minnow in the Europa Conference they'd have nothing to look forward too.
  7. Levi Colwill has gone out on loan to Huddersfield Town. I think he should get a fair slice of game time there. He seems highly rated and i believe they will be using him anywhere along the back line as is their need.
  8. Oh alright this is my proper England song😉
  9. this is my Euro 2020 track.. Cmon England !
  10. Days since a trophy - , Days since an FA Cup - , Days since a League Title - ,
  11. Im not keen on Pogba, he should have been embarrassed at the final whistle after letting Kante do all his work for him. I didnt see Rudiger do anything wrong, but if he destabilised Pogba then thats fine by me. I think he may have been adjusting his mask on the back of Pogbas shirt.
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