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  1. That's it, we are lucky to get 1 sold each window and the others either go on loan or stay put. The money they are on and the form means no one will pay for them. Sadly in covid times we will be stuck with the majority of them
  2. Not in the way he did 3 to 4 years ago. He's not the same player anymore, we lose the midfield playing Kante along with one of the other 3 defensive mods we have. There is zero threat The balance of the squad is all wrong and its absurd the midfield has went so long being as defensive minded as it has.
  3. Abraham was injured 😂 did you even watch the game
  4. Been allowed to grow stale. Guys like Alonso, Rudiger, Koavic, Jorginho and Zouma are not good enough. Kante done us well a few years back but he's lost his spark and its all well and good doing a lot of running about and breaking things up but he can't influence games anymore. We needed a clear out but it's not happened, really has to in the summer.
  5. Midfield is laughably poor, they can pass it all day side to side and backwards but ask them to pick out a forward defence splitting pass and the 300k plus a week we spend on them musters nothing. Needs addresses as it's been stale since Cesc left and we don't need Kante, Jorginho and Koavic who are all one of the same thing. It's piss boring to watch and kills all momentum. Not Tuchel fault as he's inherited it but if he wants to be successful he needs to rebuild that midfield altogether.
  6. Manager need to go through them its not acceptable to put in such a piss poor effort. Zouma shouldnt be back, he's got no footballing brains.
  7. Ziyech was supposed to be a player, has been awful since he came in. Our scouts have some explaining to do this far.
  8. That roaster has been on the ground more than the ball.
  9. He gets in to good positions but his final pass is usually rushed.
  10. Beyond poor ball retention and distribution. Midfield has been flat with zero creativity, badly needs revamped
  11. Tammy is so poor, can't have him lead the lines he's just not anywhere near good enough.
  12. Zouma isn't cutting it, makes far too many mistakes and just swiping at that ball instead of letting the keeper gather it sums him up
  13. Hit it first time Alonso ffs. Too much touches being taken, someone just have a bloody crack.
  14. Zouma with moronic positioning again. Defence let us down again, Southampton are a woeful football team, be ridiculous to drop points to them.
  15. Get Rudiger out the club, guys a class A donkey
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