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  1. No that was when we went to div 3
  2. I’ve not bought a football since 2012 and it was a Rangers one. That white one is a definite buy for me, strange that our home top is woeful yet the away one is stunning
  3. Yeah that’s what I’m getting also on iphone
  4. Keep being redirected to a site on mobile mode, it’s unusable
  5. Looked shocking today, honestly hasn’t improved one bit since he left which is worrying.
  6. Bayern supposedly coming back in with a £45 million bid next week. Be pointless to sell in any case regardless of contract. We have stupid amounts of money to spend when the ban is up already
  7. I think it’s personally because Hazards not a massive bell end
  8. Glad he’s gone, didn’t have the stomach or fight to play in England. Far too soft More money in the kitty for when the ban is up
  9. Best of a bad bunch though. Naive keeping him if we could buy a 22 year old fat Ronaldo, an 18 year old Romario or Robert Fleck but we can't so it's negligent rather than naive to let him go and end up rotating a striker who will never be more than championship level and one who looks comfortable in slippers reading Alexandre Dumas novels but less so in a penalty box. He doesn’t want to be here though, what’s the point? He showed in his last months that he couldn’t be arsed. Much rather give it to a hungry young striker who will make the effort than a sully ungrateful Spaniard who doesn’t give two sh*ts about our club
  10. He’s not very good though, so when you add to the mix he doesn’t like England, English football or the club then I think you would be very naive to think it would work in our favour keeping him.
  11. I’m sorry but that comment isn’t very clever is it? You do realise It’s akin to someone walking now in and taking over Barcelona while Madrid are in turmoil. I think just about every footballing person out there knows who the superior manager is and it’s got nothing to do with what will happen this season:
  12. Under Lampard and worth no Hazard and 2 ageing wingers who will most likely be gone in a years time.... Hes got more chance here than at Bayern...
  13. It’s not even a debate, Conte is and will continue to be a superior manager than Sarri. A league win against one of the best City sides means much more than a Europa League where we only beat one decent side. Conte left in a sour situation but his achievements prior to that made him a fan favourite and his relationship with the fans was one of respect and adulation unlike Sarri who continues to leave little petulant digs at a club who made him a winner.
  14. If those quotes are real I’m so relieved that man is gone. Just another melt who has no clue about the clubs history and achievements pre Roman. Mind you this is a guy who chews cigarettes....
  15. I’ve got a real ‘buzz’ about this. Not since Jose coming back a few years back have I felt it like this. It goes against everything Chelsea and Roman have done since coming in so there is a feeling of change on the horizon. Super Frank came first time around with some apprehension and the second time this will be the same but I have faith he will be up to the task.
  16. Then played him in a glorified kick about in the states that has put him out for next season. Then again was that Sarri's decision? you would think so.
  17. I think his words alone show how he really felt about the club and his time here. Well rid IMO.
  18. Looking to get rid of Isco, Assensio, Bale and James to make some of it back.
  19. I suppose it depends if you rate the guys we have out on loan, some would say they are loaned out for a reason (the senior players). For example I don’t think Bakayoko is going to add anything to our team, he just doesn’t suit English football and doesn’t seem the type of character to be able to turn the jeers into cheers. Striker wise I think we have to keep Micy and Abraham as 3rd cover because we don’t have anything else really other than OG (assuming Higuain goes back to Milan). I think we are badly needing to freshen up the wings with Pedro and Willian now shadows of what they once were (well Pedro as Willian had always been...Willian). Pulisic should give us a boost but you can never tell how these players will do in the EPL especially when used so sparingly last season. Once we have CHO and RLC back in the team things will look a bit better options wise, it’s just a shame they are out for the start of the season.
  20. I don’t think it will work for him at Juve personally.
  21. He wasn’t pushed out He wasn’t sacked He wanted to leave. There will still be some who blame the club and fans though strangely enough
  22. I’m sorry but it honestly seems you are very out of touch with football
  23. Winning is what it’s all about, Cup winners cup, League cup, FA cup, Europa League they all are great achievements in a long season. No one ever remembers the losing team in the semis or final bar controversial decisions. A cup win over losing out in any competition is a no brainier...well I thought it was
  24. I think it’s bigger than one player. The new manager will have his own ideas no doubt and hopefully we stick to the same sort of philosophy Sarri tried to implement as it would be a wasted year otherwise. Jorginho or no Jorginho I’m not too fussed, I just want us to kick on and stick to a style we believed in.

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