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  1. Point is not good enough against a championship level side. Great comeback in the end but our own mistakes from players and manager are still damaging us. It needs sorted pronto because we will be breaking records again this season.... And not good ones
  2. There's nothing fluid about us. This was always the risk spending over 100 million on attacking players when our biggest problem since Frank has been the defending. We have players who looked competent under previous regimes and play at the top international level with their country and don't balls up like we see every other week. If Frank's struggling to get it right he needs to be humble enough to ask for the help and get people on board who can help that aspect of our game. It's not going to magically just get better on its own.
  3. 100% I get Frank is a legend and we need to stick with him but we can't just sit and pretend there isn't a very serious issue here that is damaging the club. If Frank and his team can't fix the comical defending then they either need to find some new coaching staff or we all know how this is going to end.
  4. He's seen what we have seen for well over a year now and Nothings changed so all I can come up with is his team of coaches and himself don't really know how to change it. I think we are in a perilous position here because unless something changes coaching wise this is going to be a repeat every other week. Never have I seen a team as disorganised at the back as us in all my days.
  5. From middle to back we are a disgrace. There doesn't seem to be any real instruction to how we are supposed to play. We have a wealth of Riches but it's like we have just met each other at half past 5 today.
  6. It's his players though, he sets them up and picks them. Can you honestly say you have seen any sort of progression on our defending and positional play under Frank the past 15 months? It's been getting worse
  7. If this were true then no manager in history would be sacked. We can't keep blaming player errors every time we lose games from the same sh*t defending. The coaching isn't working
  8. Sorry but Frank's had a whole year to sort this defence and he's failed Big time. Doesn't matter the players we bring in if the coaching is abysmal.
  9. Really need to be asking questions of Frank now. This isn't what the top brass have spent a fortune to see
  10. Really don't like Christensen starting this one. Zouma for me is the superior player who has bags of recovery speed that Andre's doesn't have.
  11. Our fears confirmed. Just hope Christensen doesn't drop a bomb again.
  12. Tbh only the points matter. United were gifted them by blatant cheating yet again.
  13. The luckiest team in football. Keeps ole in a job though so not all bad
  14. Showed what he can do when played to his strengths. Very clever player who's runs into the box are much like our very own Frank. His first 2 finishes were very well taken too, he's got a bit of class this kid.
  15. He is a hard worker and has talent. He's not going to be amazing every game but I've yet to see him have a really bad game.
  16. Good run out and some great individual displays from Tammy, Kai and Willy. That's a good confidence and fitness booster. Tammy or Werner for the next game, be rough to drop Tammy after such a display but that's what we need. Only positives from that showing.
  17. Again this is over the top criticism. He's hardly played and is obviously not match sharp yet. You don't just come in from out the stands and turn it on. He's not been outstanding but he's played some very dangerous balls into the box and really should have a couple of assists.
  18. He's German, this is him happy. We were fooled by Andre and his antics
  19. Don't get the hate for Mount. Very rarely let's us down
  20. Barkley has had a mare these last 10 mins. All gone wrong
  21. Almost Frank like in his runs into the box. He has to play in this position from now on.
  22. How would he have earned a point for us?
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