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  1. chelsea to nick this in the 89th minute, sarri's first ever trophy, jorginho scores the winner
  2. i watched it at home on my own, did not even celebrate as i was in a state of emotionally drained shock, it just seemed unreal, so wished i could of been with some fellow supporters at home or in a pub, sure i would of gone crazy then !! that's the trouble with living in a foreign country in the middle of no where
  3. luckywerthers

    Two Year Transfer Ban?

    i understand a fine but not the ban, it seems very vindictive to me
  4. luckywerthers

    Chelsea V Malmo (EL) Thurs 21st Feb 20:00 UK

    totally uncalled for if they were
  5. was the greatest header i have ever seen
  6. i can handle losing in the final but not if its another walloping, that would just be too much
  7. luckywerthers

    Chelsea V Malmo (EL) Thurs 21st Feb 20:00 UK

    does this mean kante will play his best position?
  8. luckywerthers

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    maybe they will start with ten men in the final to make a game of it, i still would not bet on us !!
  9. every body is expecting us to get owned big time in this game, so it really would not surprise me if they go out and nick it, stranger things have happened, i think
  10. luckywerthers

    How to fix the team

    i think the first thing most would do would be to put kante back to his best position
  11. luckywerthers

    Sarri - In or Out?

    there are decent enough players, sarri just can not get them playing
  12. luckywerthers

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    i thought that was what they were singing !! i would have him back for the wembley final !!
  13. only a worldly performance by chelsea and an over confident one by city can save us
  14. i can not believe any body is still backing sarri after this
  15. one of the rare chances i get to watch a game on tv and i do not know which is worse, getting turned over at the bridge by united or having to listen to such a bias commentary, sucking the dicks of every united player on the pitch