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  1. he must be dreading the liverpool game, probably needs to win that to save his skin
  2. great to see him getting praise after the patchy first season he had, imagine if he ends up club captain, few of us would of envisioned that last season
  3. looks like city have given up already, (peps last season?) no one else capable of stopping the scouse now, think it is time to just accept they are going to win it this season even without the help of the FA and var
  4. they going to bombard us at set pieces !! just need to score one more than them
  5. i thought var would end all bias reffing, but instead it has opened the door to a whole new world of bias and cheating
  6. of course willian meant to do that !! some times he remembers he is Brazilian
  7. used to be such a fixture, united v goons is like battle of the has beens now
  8. how cool would it be to get a result against this lot tomorrow, i am starting to really dislike that grinning twat klopp, it would be a service to the premier league !! the goals they are leaking though make me fear the worst
  9. twat will probably lose his BT job as well now
  10. I wish him nothing but success there and hope he smashes it, so glad that us chelsea fans let our star players move on without throwing hatred at them like some other sad (scouse) clubs fans
  11. what ever any body thinks, how ever bad some of this season has been, it would be ludicrous to get rid of a coach who takes his team to direct CL qualification and wins the Europa league trophy in his first season !! i have not been his biggest fan but give the guy credit where it is due, just hope if he does stay the board can and will back him

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