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  1. What a game !! They may have the league wrapped up but it makes wiping the smile off that grinning buffoon klopps face all the sweeter. And Barkley's goal !! I could not stop laughing
  2. One of those really rare occurences where I actually get to see a game live on TV !! I was at the bridge for the famous 4-2 cup tie over this lot, what a game that was !! Let's hope for a repeat
  3. Be surprised if Pepe is still at City next season, his time there seems to have run its course
  4. I have accepted for a while now that this is the dreaded season !! I now just worry about next season, if they start to dominate it will be unbearable and no other team seem capable at the moment of stopping them
  5. A Leicester win tonight would cheer me up a tad, if the scousers win tonight only a total melt down is going to stop them
  6. other than injuries to key players i can not see them being stopped. And if there is another team capable of pipping them in the run in, watch var come into its own !!
  7. they did not want to talk about var and watfords joke of a penalty either
  8. arsenal fans have been like spoilt little brats for a while now
  9. he must be dreading the liverpool game, probably needs to win that to save his skin
  10. great to see him getting praise after the patchy first season he had, imagine if he ends up club captain, few of us would of envisioned that last season
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