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  1. I wish him nothing but success there and hope he smashes it, so glad that us chelsea fans let our star players move on without throwing hatred at them like some other sad (scouse) clubs fans
  2. what ever any body thinks, how ever bad some of this season has been, it would be ludicrous to get rid of a coach who takes his team to direct CL qualification and wins the Europa league trophy in his first season !! i have not been his biggest fan but give the guy credit where it is due, just hope if he does stay the board can and will back him
  3. i rarely get to see that many games on the box these days but i was mighty impressed with dave, proper captains performance
  4. wow what a night !! started terribly for me, thought i could watch it on BT utube, but what a surprise "not available in your country" f**kers !! i could of cried, slipped into depression then thought i would just go through every channel on our french free view box, and what do you know, a french channel had it on !! even though i had checked and read that there was no free view in france !! and what a game, they certainly turned up in the second half !! felt very happy for sari getting his first ever trophy with chelsea, best night since the CL win
  5. surely the only cup competition that betters this one is the CL
  6. I have read that BT sport are showing both finals for free and that you can also watch the game on their u tube channel. Does that mean i can just go to u tube on my tv and watch the games? is it that simple does any body know?
  7. John kills danery, then instead of sh*tting his pants he masters drogon (he is a targaryen after all) flys drogon to greyworm and the dothraki, drops danery at their feet, tells them his the dude now and unless they all get on a boat he will toast the lot of them. Then he gets all sad, hands the crown to bran, and sentences him self to the wall. trouble is they have turned him into such a depressed issued up wimp he just goes and confesses and throws him self at grey worms mercy ?????? ffs. well at least it was nice he got back with his wolf
  8. was quite sad when it finished, at least jon ended up back with his wolf
  9. now i understand why the writers said they were going to get drunk and hide !! pair of losers, should of left it unfinished, would of been more acceptable
  10. i really can not see this happening, but if it did, it certainly would be interesting
  11. if he can lift his first trophy against the goons in the final i am more than happy for him to stay
  12. not bad but i thought the horsey ending was a bit naff

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