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  1. John kills danery, then instead of sh*tting his pants he masters drogon (he is a targaryen after all) flys drogon to greyworm and the dothraki, drops danery at their feet, tells them his the dude now and unless they all get on a boat he will toast the lot of them. Then he gets all sad, hands the crown to bran, and sentences him self to the wall. trouble is they have turned him into such a depressed issued up wimp he just goes and confesses and throws him self at grey worms mercy ?????? ffs. well at least it was nice he got back with his wolf
  2. was quite sad when it finished, at least jon ended up back with his wolf
  3. now i understand why the writers said they were going to get drunk and hide !! pair of losers, should of left it unfinished, would of been more acceptable
  4. i really can not see this happening, but if it did, it certainly would be interesting
  5. if he can lift his first trophy against the goons in the final i am more than happy for him to stay
  6. not bad but i thought the horsey ending was a bit naff
  7. all going tits up, had a terrible feeling city were going to blow it
  8. yes i have heard, old timers used to complain about the declining atmosphere back then, f**k knows what it must be like now, must be terrible
  9. i think this one is really down to the players and whether they decide to turn up or not. we already know that sarri has motivational problems so they are really going to need to step it up and put in the performance of the season, maybe then they can nick it on pens because i think a one off game like this is going to be right up the goons and emery's street, and he certainly knows his way around a cup final
  10. i have not been to the bridge for 17 years, but i swear when i used to get over there i never ever heard any of our players booed, groans and moans and the odd shouted insult when a player f**ked up but never boos
  11. will be awesome if he turns out to be a class signing
  12. and they would probably take great delight in with holding the trophy and inviting valencia and the krauts to play for it in baku !!
  13. shocking, and they do not give a tuppeny f**k because as far as they are concerned they own the competition

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