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  1. Looks very interesting, thanks for the recommendation. I shall have to make a point of watching it on iPlayer.
  2. Sorry but the entire situation concerning demonisation of our entire fanbase has gone way beyond the ridiculous. The Telegraph among others, are now printing a story about a flag containing "Nazi symbolism" carried by Chelsea fans outside the stadium. The symbolism in question? A skull and crossbones, as depicted on any of the Headhunters memorabilia that any mug can buy. "Oh look at me, I'm a proper hooligan I am. I genuine real honest to God Chelsea Headhunter" f**k off. As for the incident in Prague, while the chant in question was undeniably crass and inane going on utterly brainless, the media frenzy whipped up over the word "bomber" is as usual, out of all proportion to the severity of the incident. I'm still waiting for the equal furore over an Arsenal posting an image of Sikhs at Old Trafford with the caption: "Bomb scare in Manchester, I know where my investigation would start". Now I've mentioned Arsenal, I'd like to refer back to an infamous image of an Arsenal NF (National Front) flag draped over the advertising hoardings at Highbury. More recently we have the racist video aimed at Kalidou Koulabaly, This is not to excuse the actions of any genuinely racist elements among the Chelsea fanbase, but the point remains that there are many, many more examples of racism among football fans - at Arsenal and elsewhere, and yet only Chelsea have been targeted as an entire fanbase. Oh and in further reference to Dan Levene , if you're looking for "Tommy Robinson fanboys", check out "We Are The Rangers Boys", a QPR forum.
  3. Today marks the sixth anniversary of the death of Margaret Thatcher, the wicked witch of Westminster. In order to mark the occasion, I present a brief musical tribute. Kicking off with The Beat, fronted by the late, great Ranking Roger, who himself passed away just the other day: Sadly the Ghoul of Grantham failed to heed the Beat's sage advice, but instead waged war in order to boost her popularity. And so here I present what is arguably UB40's finest moment: Slowing things down, ending this "tribute" with Elvis Costello - "when they finally put you in your grave, I'll stand on your grave and tramp the dirt down": Margaret Thatcher R.I.H. - Rot In Hell
  4. One of, if not the greatest, goalkeepers of all time, a genuine legend of the game, and by all accounts, a proper gentleman, passed away peacefully at the age of 81. Gutted as I was that we lost the '72 League Cup Final, it's impossible to begrudge Gordon Banks his only domestic winners medal. Far more famous as England keeper, he was between the sticks for England's 1966 World Cup win. And then of course there was that save, in 1970 from Pele's "perfect downward header"
  5. Violent by Christ. I see I touched a nerve. Regarding intellectual capacity, I have no need or desire to defend myself. Fact is I do not accept the validity of what you present as your point of view, which appears to consist solely of griping and moaning about the team, the performance, the club, without even the merest hint of positivity. I find the way that you, and people like yourself (brakeit to name but one), choose to support the club, extremely strange, and is a major factor in why I generally don't bother posting nowadays, especially in the match day threads. There is quite simply, just too much crap to wade through.
  6. Seriously. What the f**k are you on about? Every time I glance at the match thread, there you are with another negative comment. Oh and since this "we can't get out"bollocks of yours, we've scored another two. People keep slagging off the teams, but in all honesty there is something deeply wrong with whatever faction of our fanbase you purport to represent. Can I suggest change of username? Bad Brain perhaps (I'd post the Ramones song of the same name if I could be bothered), or maybe the equally accurate "Unbelievably Miserable Git.".
  7. It's easy to lose a year or three when you're as old as me! Take 2: f**k off Liverpool FC All you've got is isstory You ain't won the league this century While we keep making history!
  8. f**k off Liverpool FC All you've got is isstory You ain't won the league since 93 And we keep making history!
  9. Brentford Not exactly a second team, more of a soft spot, purely because they were the closest league team to where I used to live. I'd like to see them do well, but in truth it goes as far as checking their results. I only ever went to Griffin Park once, and that was to watch us play in a pre-season friendly. Many moons ago, I don't remember a thing about the game, but I did have a rather pleasant encounter with a female Brentford fan.
  10. Alex Scott And I don't care if she is Arsenal!
  11. Seriously, who the f**k do you think you are? Everyone, and I mean everyone, is entitled to their own opinion, no matter how ignorant, uneducated, ill informed, outrageous or idiosyncratic. But you? According to yourself, you and you alone on this entire site have an in depth insight into the inner workings of the club, you alone know what's really going on behind the scenes. You constantly mock and deride anyone who takes the time to disagree with your consistently single track point of view, your endless slagging off of the board, and of anyone who dares criticise Antonio Conte's tenure as manager of Chelsea FC. Halfway through June, with the World Cup in its infancy, you're still rattling on, still mocking those who don't share this opinion of yours. Not only this, but you've already written off next season as an abject failure. "It'll be fun [fun?] to say I told you so", is the persistent theme of your each and every post, along with an endless denigration of the board, Marina in particular, because you KNOW that she and she alone is responsible for each and every problem that you or anyone else cares to mention. I'm not going to waste my time getting involved in a Conte v Board of Directors argument, I am simply going to request that you give it a rest. Do us all (and yourself) a favour, and find something else to write about, hopefully with just a little hint of positivity.

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