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  1. Sorry It was just supposed to be a take on the old joke about a bare hand being a naked glove puppet. But NES you say? How about: NakedSooty Entertains Sweep. (I’ll get me ‘Arrington) In all seriousness, going back many a year I remember a couple of Chelsea supporters, deaf and dumb twins. No idea where they were from, and I don’t remember seeing them at away games, but by all accounts they were a right pair of nutters.
  2. Born on this day in 1915, happy birthday Lady Day
  3. One more nail in the coffin of the game. One more factor driving me away from "elite" football.
  4. Well there goes the unbeaten run. Me and my big mouth!
  5. Thanks for that. I've watched a fair amount of Brentford and Benrahma but knew very little about his history. As for a potential transfer, I'm a little torn. If we do sign Benrahma, I'd obviously love him to be a success. But on the other hand, if - as seems increasingly likely, Brentford make it to the Premiership, they really are going to need to keep hold of the BMW if they're going to have any chance of staying in the Premier League.
  6. My favourite version of Hey Jude: Also from Puzzle People (still my favourite Temptations album), their version of Little Green Apples:
  7. I've never been into AC/DC. But I do like this: And from the same album, Willie Nelson accompanies Carla for her version of "Crazy":
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