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  1. Well there goes the unbeaten run. Me and my big mouth!
  2. Thanks for that. I've watched a fair amount of Brentford and Benrahma but knew very little about his history. As for a potential transfer, I'm a little torn. If we do sign Benrahma, I'd obviously love him to be a success. But on the other hand, if - as seems increasingly likely, Brentford make it to the Premiership, they really are going to need to keep hold of the BMW if they're going to have any chance of staying in the Premier League.
  3. My favourite version of Hey Jude: Also from Puzzle People (still my favourite Temptations album), their version of Little Green Apples:
  4. I've never been into AC/DC. But I do like this: And from the same album, Willie Nelson accompanies Carla for her version of "Crazy":
  5. For some obscure reason, lost in the mists of time, I always associate Big Bill Broonzy with these two:
  6. No idea who they were playing, but those are Millwall fans at the Old Den in 1967. How do I know that? That would be telling!
  7. A sad farewell to a true Chelsea legend, a great player and a great man. The Cat was between the sticks when I first went to the Bridge, and I'm fairly sure that I would have been there for his final appearance several years later. Look closely and you'll see him in the following image, for what was one of the scandalously few times he was selected for England. The same can be said for Ossie, who is in the back row in the right of the motor.
  8. My first Chelsea match! I've written about it elsewhere, so briefly: I was in the benches with my uncle, and was instantly hooked. I went back for the next home game (3-3 v Coventry), but this time I was in the Shed! Great days, fantastic memories.
  9. From a whisper to a scream* as the always the victim, never our fault brigade realise that the wait for their first league title of the century goes on! *Extra brownie points for cottoning on to the musical connection.
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