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  1. How does that work then? Sorry, it can't be done!
  2. Just seen this: Eden Hazard: I would like to play for Frank Lampard, Chelsea are having a party with him! Eden Hazard says he is enjoying watching Chelsea have "a party" without him as Frank Lampard continues to impress as manager. A 4-0 away loss to Manchester United on the first day of the season has long been forgotten as the Blues sit third, level on points with second-placed Leicester, after 12 games. The club's transfer ban has somewhat forced Lampard's hand despite netting over £100m for Hazard in the summer, with young stars Tammy Abraham, Mason Mount and Fikayo Tomori all earning rave reviews. Hazard has joined the chorus of impressive admirers, telling Sky Sports: "When I watch them, [there is] no Hazard but it is a party. "They can score a lot of goals, the fans are happy, they are third in the league, it is going to be a great season. They just need to stay there and win games. "We all know Willian, Jorginho they are very good. Also with the young players coming through, it is great to see the club high and I hope they can stay there." When asked if he would like to have played under Lampard, Hazard replied: "Yeah, of course." Up next for Chelsea is a trip to Premier League champions Manchester City, who they sit a point above in the table. "It is not going to be easy," Hazard says. "The last time we played there we lost 6-0, bad memories for me and Chelsea. "But this season they are really good, they are really young but really good. Why not go there and win the game?"
  3. Well.... he's previously said he doesn't understand the reference [to playdayouf] and that he's not aware of any past-banned members. But he did report me for posting a virus via a dodgy link, either the prykke/tallywhacker/c or the prykke/tallywhacker/grabber, I forget offhand, chube that I am. But is he that muppet? Of course he bloody is.
  4. Ok I confess. That link I posted would have taken you to the deadly prykke/tallywhacker/c virus. Better report me, eh
  5. Yes all very reasonable. Assuming that the transfer ban will be lifted come January. Assuming that Jovic's perceived unhappiness isn't the familiar agent's ploy. Assuming that if Real were to release Jovic that he would choose to come to us. Assuming that we are able to attract "a top class CB like Romagnoli" Assuming that Zouma doesn't continue to improve and/or that Frank actually wants to let him go. Massive assumptions re Ake.and Sancho And so on..
  6. I saw The Move live at Wembley many moons ago, circa California Man, but sad to say, always found ELO a little too smooth for my liking, going on bland.
  7. Meanwhile: Liverpool fans miss victory in Genk after travelling to Gent by mistake
  8. RIP Matthew, we won't see your like again.
  9. As a stereotypical seventies player might have said: "I just hit it and it hit the back of the net, Brian." And thank f**k it did.
  10. As luck would have it, I've just been talking to a Scouser, but an Evertonian. Discussing yesterday's match, he said to me: "Yeah Liverpool, they get all the luck, don't they. We call them the Devil's Club." Say no more.

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