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  1. For some obscure reason, lost in the mists of time, I always associate Big Bill Broonzy with these two:
  2. No idea who they were playing, but those are Millwall fans at the Old Den in 1967. How do I know that? That would be telling!
  3. A sad farewell to a true Chelsea legend, a great player and a great man. The Cat was between the sticks when I first went to the Bridge, and I'm fairly sure that I would have been there for his final appearance several years later. Look closely and you'll see him in the following image, for what was one of the scandalously few times he was selected for England. The same can be said for Ossie, who is in the back row in the right of the motor.
  4. My first Chelsea match! I've written about it elsewhere, so briefly: I was in the benches with my uncle, and was instantly hooked. I went back for the next home game (3-3 v Coventry), but this time I was in the Shed! Great days, fantastic memories.
  5. From a whisper to a scream* as the always the victim, never our fault brigade realise that the wait for their first league title of the century goes on! *Extra brownie points for cottoning on to the musical connection.
  6. Fret ye not. Tis but a cunning plan: rope a dope, suck 'em in spit 'em out. They think they've already won the tie, hands down, no contest. But we know better, don't we, boys and girls. Up at their place we'll muller 'em (no pun). I have absolutely no doubt about it. None whatsoever.* *Ok, maybe just a tiny bit.
  7. Forgetting for a moment or three, Frank's status as a Chelsea legend: this season we have a young, massively inexperienced manager in the first post-Eden Hazard era season, coinciding with Kante"s disconcerting drop in form, after effects of the transfer ban - which for various reasons were not addressed last month; crucial injuries to an already thin, lightweight squad. All that without the f**kwittery that is VAR, and the season is clearly not the massive underachievement that some of you would have it. On the plus side, we've seen more academy players make the transition to the first time since... well ever. And we've seen some genuinely exciting, entertaining foorball. So what do we do? Write off Frank Lampard as not up to the job? Bring yet another manager aiming for instant success? Or do we wait for the end of this season, make serious inroads into the transfer market, giving Frank full backing, giving him the time and opportunity to gain experience, to learn from his mistakes, continue to integrate academy players whenever possible. In short to do things differently - to do things the way many of us have been crying out for, applying a long term strategy, rather than the short term panic buying and revolving door management policy that has invariably accompanied demands for instant success. It's a no-brainer really, don't you think?
  8. P Looking back on this trio of ditties I put pen to way back in August. Serious question. Does anyone still think VAR in the Premier League is a good idea!
  9. I'll have a look down the side of the sofa. See what I can come up with.
  10. Jumping the gun much? I''d suggest changing the title and moving the thread to the rumours section. This is from the Telegraph: Chelsea will watch Hakim Ziyech for the remainder of the season after failing with a bid to land the Ajax winger in January, as head coach Frank Lampard plans a summer shake-up of his squad. Ziyech was the subject of an approach from Chelsea in the last transfer window, but Ajax were adamant he had to see out the season in Holland after signing a new contract in August. Ajax are, however, braced for new bids in the summer when they accept it will be far harder to keep the 26-year-old. And the BBC state in their rumours section that: Chelsea will face competition from Arsenal and Man U.
  11. So you've changed your mind about playing da yoof?

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