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  1. Scouse v Mancs Heart says Mancs, head says Scouse Soul says f**k 'em all.
  2. Looks like Tommy Baldwin saying to Johnny Boyle: "Ossie's well in there!"
  3. Apart from *ahem* yourself, searching this forum for the term "Stinkwater" gives a couple of interesting results. First used by a long since banned misogynist calling himself JJP, and later by an equally unwelcome member known as "Enygma". And now there's you.And Next you'll be telling me you don't come click on dodgy links.
  4. For over half a century, I was convinced that this song began: "Oh Nimbus, help someone, help someone" Not only that, but I spent an inordinate amount of that half century wondering to myself: "Who the f**k is Nimbus?"
  5. Best manager? Ray Wilkins 100% record as Chelsea manager will never be bettered!
  6. Tired looking performance, not surprising with such a young team. The way that Tammy Abraham, Mason Mount and Pulusic are deliberately and repeatedly targeted doesn't help either. While the three players i mentioned are oozing with talent, they're still developing as players, and not yet streetwise enough. There are after all, a lot of dirty bastards out there. This naivety, lack of street smarts can also be levelled at Frank Lampard, who is still in the very early stages of his management career. I'm not going to make excuses, least of all for Kepa who unfortunately seems to have gone backwards this season. He needs to pick up his game massively - and fast. Lastly we suffered the new (interim) manager effect, Everton playing with more energy and more purpose than they have all season. Again, not an excuse. On the day, defensive mistakes cost us dear and we simply had no answer to the Everton revival.
  7. Can't argue with that. But to be fair, my previous post was a suitably flippant response to a patently daft topic.
  8. Villa are sh*te, Everton are sh*te. And guess what? Lille are sh*te! Nil problemo, me old mucker.
  9. Just a reminder (if necessary!) that the match against Villa is live on Amazon Prime Video, as is Chelsea v Southampton on Boxing Day.
  10. Like hell you don't. And who are you calling a nonce you prize twat?
  11. How does that work then? Sorry, it can't be done!

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