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  1. Arsenal's fullbacks taking time wasting to some elite level.
  2. If Tierney is injured get him the f**k off, takes an hour getting up every time he goes down.
  3. How is that not a free kick, I remember United getting a shot off and it getting called back for a free kick.
  4. We have done more for Artetas career then Pep.
  5. Tuchel needs to work on these runs in behind during pre-season.
  6. That's 6 offside goals In the last 3 and a bit games.
  7. Werner has been manhandled pretty much all season without any protection from officials, I've seen him protect the ball in similar ways and gone down without any foul being given. VAR has thrown the saying "Thats a foul anywhere on the pitch other then the box" out of the window, now you can get away with murder outside the box but any little contact inside the box is a penalty. Also looking at the first penalty which was given against Billy a similar incident happened against Newcastle when Tammy was taken out (Resulting in him getting injured) where no Penalty was given. I remember Gary and Sky doing a segment on it where they decided it wasn't a penalty because Tammy moved his foot/body between himself and the defender looking for the penalty, my point at the time was he should be doing that in order to protect the ball. Jesus literally jumped in front of Billy and went down yet no calls of the striker initiating the contact, PL and pundits just make up sh*t as they go along.
  8. He has set incredibly high standards for himself in the last few months, I really hope when things do start to go south a little and we lose a few on the bounce we still back him rather then call for his head. He has shown that he is tactically elite and has successfully rotated a big squad however the next few transfer windows will probably be his biggest challenge in terms of his engagement with our board and how he can get players in of a similar or higher caliber to what we have currently. The transfer window is vitally important considering Tammy & Giroud are likely to leave and Azpi & Silva will probably need replacements too.
  9. I agree that we should go with the strongest team possible and unfortunately with Azpi, Kante, Rudiger and Werner having started 2 high intensity games in the space of a few days I would not be risking them against Arsenal, any potential injury at this stage of the season basically means the season is over for that player. Jorginho and Pulisic could potentially start as they weren't involved in both games (City & Real).
  10. It'll be interesting to see the back Tuchel goes with because with Christensen Injured and Azpi & Rudiger needing a rest I can see Tuchel going with Zouma, Silva & Emersen at the back. Mendy Zouma - Silva - Emersen Reece - Kova - Billy - Alonso CHO - Kai - Mount
  11. Most of the players who impressed for Fulham are loan players such as Aina, Anderson, Lookman and Areola. They will be leaving at the end of the season which certainly takes some of the quality away from that squad however they are still good enough to rebound back Into the PL but once again it will come back to how they do on the recruitment front once they come back up. Even without the loan players the squad is decent enough to get promoted but not quite good enough to remain in the PL.
  12. I think Pep's biggest problem is Central Midfield, he played Rodri and Fernandinho in the FA Cup Semi Final and Mount pretty much toyed with Fernandinho who was lucky to not get 2 yellows. Rodri has also played both games against us and didnt control the midfield at all so if I was Pep I would be unsure about the combination to go with. He will obviously play Gundogan and possibly B. Silva which leaves the spot for 1 CDM both of whom don't have his 100% trust, I think he may go with Rodri based on how poor Fernandinho looked against us and I think that is the area we will need to exploit.
  13. I think we need someone like him in our lineup who will look to take on that "Hollywood" Pass every once in a while, we've got too many players who like to keep things simple and safe. I agree at times his demeanor appears lackadaisical and his passing might seem careless but against teams such as City where they will play a high line and you need someone to play the perfect ball in behind I would back him to do that. In the game on the weekend he did play a beautiful pass into Werner who could've taken it on mid stride and his pace would've set him off but Werner didn't anticipate the ball into him and lost control, I think those things will improve as the players play together a lot more.
  14. In other games James has been guilty of playing sideways and going back but in yesterday's game James was our most progressive player, he drove the ball forward at every opportunity. The only times he went back or sideways was when either the options were limited or when play needed to be switched in my view he was the biggest factor we managed to turn the game around.
  15. For someone celebrating Werners flawed yet match winning performance you seem to be incredibly harsh on someone who was by far our MOTM today and had the right flank on absolute lock down.
  16. Had Ings been playing up top for Saints they would've got something out of this game.
  17. The lad is so raw in his ability yet is causing huge problems for elite teams, once he improves some of the technical deficiencies in his game and the timing of his runs he will be absolutely incredible.
  18. Does Werner know that due to his pace he can afford to give the defender and extra yard.
  19. Werner with an amazing defensive header......... For City.
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