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  1. What is the point in us even participating in a game officiated by Anthony Taylor. Might as well save the bus fare and forfeit the games officiated by this blind, biased, incompetent, bald bafoon.
  2. Thank God Villareal went through, actually got a team to root for in the final now.
  3. I think against some of the lower/mid table teams TT may look to sacrifice a CB for an additional forward and shift to a back 4, results against the likes of Brighton, Leeds, Wolves & Southampton (I've excluded WBA due to extenuating circumstances during the game) shows there is a need for change. Against those 4 teams we've scored 1 goal and that was from the penalty spot and I don't think we created many clear opportunities either. Playing an additional attacker would certainly help in putting some of the lesser teams to the sword however we don't need to change our style of play against the better opposition and stick with a WB system.
  4. I agree with a lot of your post but I wouldnt say the struggles were largely down to Frank, I think the issues were largely down to having a completely new revamped squad which was taking time getting used to playing together. I always maintained that Frank would've got us top 4 and my belief was based on the assumption that the more the team plays together in a settled system the more they will improve, obviously TT has done an incredible job and I don't want to take anything away from that but one contributor to the improved individual performances is acclimatization and having some players return to full fitness.
  5. Real Madrid Fans who are having a go at Hazard and the Spanish Media can f**k Off If they are looking to point fingers then they've got 10 other players who failed to turn up across 2 legs whilst being physically fit and had game time under their belts, not Hazards fault that your midfield was pocketed by Kante and unable to provide him with any sort of service.
  6. Like stated in another thread, I wonder if TT may thing of switching to a 4-3-3 just to keep Pep guessing for the formation in the final.
  7. I wonder if Tuchel may think of opting for a 4-3-3 on the weekend in order to keep Guardiola guessing about the formation for the final plus use it as an opportunity to test the formation change in case we need to change things up at some stage. Plus we wouldn't want to give Pep and Team any additional experience against our Plan A.
  8. I don't think the difference between our teams is all that great, if you take into context the full season they clearly have been the better and more consistent team which is understandable considering they have a more settled team and coaching staff. However since TT has come in our performances and results have been fairly similar and we have also beaten them in the process too, I don't think it's as lopsided as some may believe and we are certainly not as big underdogs as we were in 2012. Come On Chelsea!!!!
  9. That was a nice little warm up game before the big match on the weekend.
  10. I would've probably preferred Pulisic to start and Werner to come off the bench but I guess TT knows best.
  11. I really hope TT knows what he is doing, Pulisic was our most threatening forward in the first leg and he was rested on the weekend. Not fit for the full 90 maybe?
  12. After having some time to digest the game last night I have to say that Pochettino got his tactics so horribly wrong and has not really learnt much from his time at Spurs when we thumped them 4-2 in the FA Cup Semi-Final. PSG had literally no defensive shape at all and the first goal conceded was laughable which was a simple ball over the top by the goal keeper and the fullback starts the run inside his own half and is pretty much behind the defensive line, you could've mistaken that to be the last 10 minutes of the game with PSG chasing a winner. Even going forward there wasn't any plan of attack, they didn't look to target either flank and the only real pattern of attack was to get the ball to Neymar and hope. Don't even get me started on the challenges which were flying in which was reminiscent of the battle of the bridge. Poch is an absolute fraud.
  13. Considering the average term of a manager under Roman is 18 months we don't have a choice but to judge a manager by short term results and the reason why UCL is used as a barometer of success is due to the nature of the tournament 9 times out of 10 the better team progresses across 2 legs. If you are talking about the luck of the draw then once again I don't think the fixtures are too disproportionate, for arguments sake lets say we progress to the final to play City our path would've been Athletico Madrid, Porto & Real Madrid whereas City would've played Borussia Monchengladbach, Dortmund & PSG. In my view their fixtures were slightly favorable in comparison however if they beat us in the final then their results eclipse ours and therefore deserve being champions. The only team that has had a tough run this season in the CL and have a right to complain is probably PSG because they had to overcome a group which included United and RB Leipzig and in the knockout rounds got past Barca, Bayern and finally ran out of steam against City but that almost balances out last season where they had a favorable run in to the final. In regards to your point about Bayern, what better way to judge a team and Manager then a playing a 2 legged tie against the best team in the world especially if you have already played them a year before and have a comparison point.
  14. It feels like I've seen these last 20 minutes before
  15. Hope Ziyech and Werner were watching that finish from Mahrez.
  16. Pochettino adopting the tactics from the battle of the bridge, that didn't end well for him.
  17. News coming out that Mbappe not fit enough to start against City, he will start from the bench. No Gueye or Mbappe, PSG need a miracle.
  18. I reckon if Carvajal was fit they could've played Nacho and Militao as the CB pairing but with Carvajal out injured Nacho will shift to RB, I dont think Zidane will risk playing Odriozola at RB against Pulisic and Werner.
  19. I can see Zidane going with a similar setup to that however I don't see Vinicius being dropped for Hazard, I would expect him to start. Zidane has gone for 4-1-4-1 formation in the past which is similar to what you have suggested above, the following was the team Zidane went with against Barca: I would expect something similar with the question being Hazard or Valverde.
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