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  1. Julien Laurens (I think) mentioned that the plan was to only have Ramos in the match day squad and maybe give him minutes if absolutely necessary however with Varane's injury he has to start which clearly indicates he is not match fit for the full 90. We really need to exploit that & cannot let him have an easy game without being challenged, against Fulham we went a little longer and opted to play the ball in behind regularly (The 2 goals we scored were actually from long balls forward) which I think may be an indicator of us playing in behind on Wednesday.
  2. I would say Mendy coming in for Marcelo may be an upgrade but a supposedly semi fit Ramos for Varane is most likely to be a downgrade and I don't see Valverde playing in his favored position if he were to play. Considering Kroos & Modric were rested on the weekend the likelihood is that they start alongside Casemiro as the third CM which would mean either Valverde plays further forward in place of Hazard or does not start, in my view I don't think he starts the game. In addition I think Carvajal is going to be a major miss for them on the right hand side and if I were TT I would play Pulisic on the left and look to expose that side.
  3. I do agree with what you are saying in terms of praising someone based upon the fundamental improvements of the team however ultimately praise is based upon the end result. Us getting into the UCL semi final is a result of us being more organized and having the ability to control games. In addition the UCL is not like a normal cup competition, teams have to beat other elite teams across 2 legs which takes a lot of planning and strategy and not just sheer luck. With an 18 month contract Tuchel didn't just need the intangibles of us looking better but he needed us to show the results and us being in the UCL Semi Final and the FA Cup Final is evidence that the fundamentals he has put in place are working. To say that lets not look at the end result and the evidence that his methods are working is insane because that is the result of the hardwork he has done and something you are pointing at for his praise.
  4. I am confident of progressing to the final however my only concern is about us having to chase a goal if we go behind, Real are a hugely experienced team and the dark arts will kick in which includes professional fouls and time wasting which will make our players hugely frustrated. In addition under Tuchel we haven't won a game coming from behind, I don't think its a huge question mark over the team considering we've only been behind against Porto, Southampton and West Brom but inexperience at chasing the game may play a part especially if we go behind in the 2nd half.
  5. Just because Mason is operating at elite levels it doesn't mean that unless the other academy levels are at a similar level they shouldn't get an opportunity. In my view all the academy grads who have become regulars in our squad this season are good enough to be part of a title winning squad. I would much rather the club give the time and development opportunity to our lads then bring in the likes of Batshuayi, Zapacosta, Drinkwater and Bakayako.
  6. I didn't realise la liga had 5 subs allowed as opposed to the 3 the PL operate with.
  7. Early part of this game is very similar to the WBA game.
  8. Billy needs game time to get back to the levels he showed last season.
  9. Ref setting the tone that Werner is not gna get any fouls.
  10. Blatant foul on Werner not given within 20 seconds of the game.
  11. I understand where you are coming from but I think it's a misconception that in order for us to successfully play on the Counter we cannot be playing Giroud and we need to have 3 quick players as the attacking trio, France won the World Cup playing on the counter and Giroud was an integral part of that. In my view I think the game will have a similar pattern to the first game and Real will not over commit players forward giving us ample opportunity to counter, Real will back themselves to score the away goal and Tuchel will look to maintain a good defensive shape whether we are in or out of possession. They were hugely threatening from set pieces and when you add Sergio Ramos in the team the threat level will be further amplified so I think Tuchel will want some height in the team whether that is in the form of Giroud or Alonso.
  12. I understand some of the other points you are making but your emphasis on the 1 point contribution from Tammy is hugely subjective, my guess is that the 1 point you are referring to is the West Brom game. In addition to that he scored 2 against West Ham in a 3-0 win, he scored 1 against Newcastle in a 2-0 win and also scored the equalising goal against Sheffield. Football is not as simple as had he not scored we would've still won because the final scoreline was comfortable, anyone who watched that West Ham game would know that we were getting dominated until Tammy scored the 2nd goal which burst West Hams bubble and even against Newcastle we were starting to drop deeper and deeper and could've conceded late as Liverpool found out recently. I understand you are not a fan of Tammy and you have the right to your opinion but to downplay his contributions by stating his goals and assists have only Contributed to a solitary point is just misleading.
  13. Watched Chukueze for Villareal someone who we've been linked with recently, apparently he is a Chelsea fan too. Not been all that impressed
  14. A lot of people have been critical of Werner of late (A list which includes myself) but in the last 2 weeks I've seen our front line play against City and last night Mbappe and Neymar play against City and I have to say that Werner left everything out on the pitch whereas the same cannot be said of the PSG stars. We had some tough phases in our game against City and Werner dropped deep and kept pressing but last night the moment PSG went down to 10 men Mbappe and Neymar became disinterested and only came alive when their teammates won the ball back. For all the criticism he receives the lad is incredible when pressing from the front and you combine that with the energy Mount brings and you can understand the reason why we are so difficult to play against.
  15. Mbappe might as well sign the contract and stay at Psg because that sort of off the ball effort will not be accepted at most top teams.
  16. Mbappe and Neymar are just not interested when out of possession.
  17. In my opinion City need to go for the third here and kill the tie.
  18. I think Werner may be dropped for Giroud (Or Tammy) for the 2nd leg and not just for his hold up play but also for his defensive ability from set pieces. Real Madrid looked most threatening from set pieces and I reckon TT may want to tighten up from set pieces as they didnt appear all that threatening from open play.
  19. I get the point in terms of countering Rio's statement and I completely agree with your sentiment that it's not a youth thing and more aligned with the playing style which Tuchel wants to implement, my only gripe with Tuchel is he needs to give the CF's more playing time be it Tammy or Giroud. We've scored more then 2 goals in a game under Tuchel on 1 occasion and even though defensively we've been excellent we have struggled to put the ball in the back of the net, in my view it doesn't make sense to not play a genuine CF especially if you are struggling to convert chances.
  20. I think a creative midfielder is equally important, the number of times we tend to get into promising positions attacking a backline and mess up the final ball is unreal. Kante was guilty of it a few times last night and Pulisic also overhit one for Werner, Fabregas in that position gets it right 9 times out of 10.
  21. I think that says a lot more about the performances of the 2 lads more then anything, they've been consistently excellent for majority of the season hence making it difficult for TT to drop them. In regards to Tammy he may not have been operating to a similar level to the other 2 academy lads but due to the poor performances of Werner he certainly warrants more playing time then what he is getting currently.
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