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  1. I am fairly confident that we go through over the 2 legs against Real, I reckon Mount will be the key player for us because he will be operating that in between role which links our midfield to attack. Out of possession he will be dropping into midfield switching us to a 3-5-2 but in possession he will be tasked to get up and assist the other 2 attacking options which will be more of a 3-4-3, it's absolutely unreal that in the space of 2 seasons at the age of 22 he has become our most important player. I think the energy of Mount and Kante in midfield will cause big problems for Kroos and Modric and they will find it difficult to dictate the midfield in the manner they did against Liverpool.
  2. At the age of 22/23 he was the top goal scorer for a team that finished Top 4 so I would say he has the potential to be great for us in a few years time.
  3. I personally don't have any issue with his playing style especially taking into account his tactical awareness especially against the bigger teams and Managers. My concern although is that currently we are grinding out results and doing well but with the pragmatic style of football we play which is focused upon a set defensive shape whether we are in possession or out of possession the moment results start going against him the knives will be out. This has also been the case with Jose for all his career where his style is accepted when he is winning but otherwise he doesn't have the buffer of an expansive footballing philosophy to fallback on. Tuchel has shown me enough to back him regardless of results as I can see us developing as a team under him and I think he will make us more expansive as he gets more transfer windows to bring in players who are more suited to his style.
  4. Regardless of whether it was a good chance or not I just don't understand the criticism he is getting for it, the lad has not had a kick for ages and fans seem to be on his back for missing a chance in his 5 minute cameo. He has been with us ever since he was a young lad and I have never been able to fault him for what he has given us, his energy when he play for us up top is great, he was our top goal scorer last season and is also our top goal scorer this season and he appears to be an absolute top professional off the field. He is clearly not the finished article but he certainly has the potential to be a great Centre Forward once he hits his peak.
  5. Why are commentators so reluctant to not only call out Kanes diving but also to point out how terrible he has been, he constantly slowed down play and lost the ball. Also held onto the ball far too long when he could've played Hojberg in yet they criticised Hojberg for messing it up when Kane played it too late and also too wide.
  6. Not only was it high but was also hit with a lot of pace behind it, hardly a clear opportunity especially taking into account his lack of playing time of late.
  7. Comical of people criticising Tammy for a 5 minute cameo after being on the bench for donkeys years.
  8. Some lad called Tammy coming on, hope he is decent.
  9. I don't think Azpi has the legs to play as a WB, he isn't providing much defensively or offensively.
  10. We are not exactly lightening quick in our half either.
  11. The missing piece in this team is a creative midfielder to capitalise on the movement of our front 3.
  12. West Ham's team on paper looks average at best, now watch us make them look like prime Athletico.
  13. Azpi as a WB is going to be interesting, I personally don't think he has the legs for the role.
  14. How did no one mention that, it was a blatant push by TAA just before the handball incident.
  15. As bleak as things get being a Chelsea fan you can always rely on Arsenal to cheer you up.
  16. West Ham have Rice, Cresswell and Masuku out to injury and Dawson out due to suspension. We really should be beating them and if we struggle to score against them (Especially considering Newcastle and Arsenal put 3 past them) we might as well give up on the league and focus on the cups.
  17. They are certainly better opposition then Arsenal who beat us last year, although Taylor did have a MOTM performance against us in that game.
  18. Leicester have ripped WBA apart in that first half. Shame on us for taking 1 point off West Brom this season.
  19. I hope we play them and Real are not disqualified by UEFA, I truly believe we can beat them across 2 legs. The only way Real beat us if we give them too much respect and our players play with this fallacy of gallacticos in their minds, I think Liverpool and Atalanta showed them too much respect and paid the price. We have a better defense, better wingbacks and better attacking wide players whereas they are superior in the CF and GK positions and the midfield in my view is fairly even. The concern is that they have superiority in 2 areas of the pitch which can really impact the game so hoping Benzema and the 🐍have a coupe of off nights.
  20. Carragher pretty much applauding every man and his dog yet no mention of the Chelsea fans and the role they played.
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