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  1. Brighton deserved a win there, we were horrible.
  2. We need runners in behind, everything has been to feet.
  3. Can't wait for this documentary to come out next year on Netflix.
  4. The Super League Contract can be absolutely torn to shreds by any semi decent Lawyer if the reports which are coming out are true which states that City and Chelsea were forced into the situation last minute. The contract in my view can either be Void all together because There was a lack of consideration (Time restriction), False representation of facts (The fact that more then 12 teams will be part of the league), the terms are vague and difficult to follow through on. Even with a legitimate ironclad contract it can be rendered Void due to the circumstances about a party being under undue pressure. Basically my point is that the ESL Contract is an absolute non-issue for the teams (Especially City & Chelsea) because of the timing and no real transaction has taken place (Unless Perez has already handed them millions).
  5. As much as I hate the idea of the European Super League because it's pretty arrogant of the founder clubs to self appoint the title of elite and disconnect themselves from the foundations of football which helped them become the elite clubs in the first place. However the strong response from UEFA has got me incredibly angry about how they approach other incredibly important matters such as Racism which are pretty much swept under the carpet. Where is the energy in banning players from World Cups and Euros when they are found guilt of being Racist, kudos to Bamford and Shaka Hislop (And others who may have spoken on the matter) who are showing a mirror to the UEFA who has all of a sudden decided to take the moral high ground.
  6. Both Spanish clubs were in huge financial turmoil and were in desperate need of a lifeline.
  7. The only positive out of all this ESL drama is the banter targeted at Spurs and Arsenal. Neville was going in hard on MNF and social media is literally tearing all 6 but Arsenal and Spurs In particular apart.
  8. Unfortunately fans on this forum do not represent the majority of football fans, majority of casual fans will not bat an eyelid to the new format and will continue to follow their club, not to forget the billions of fans who will get further exposure and make affiliation with certain clubs.
  9. All Valid points and genuine reasons not to support the European Super League However the point still stands that media and majority of fans are crying foul at football clubs for acting like they've always acted which is selfishly. This is not really an overnight thing, this is something which has seeped into the game over the last 20 years, fans and media had ample opportunity to call the clubs and the senior bodies out when it came to increasing ticket prices, changing stadium names, Sacking Managers, Auditing Ownership, fighting corruption etc. but at the time all was fine because everything was still operating within the bounds of the media companies, Uefa and FA, it was only a matter of time until Greed bought down the house of cards.
  10. I am genuinely surprised at the fan outcry, we are appalled at the behavior of our clubs who are acting as per the norm and the standard they have set themselves and more importantly to a standard the fans have started to measure them on. The number of times I have heard fans argue over the "Net Spend" of a club and how well they are doing financially and wasn't it last week on this forum where fans on here wanted players rested for an FA Cup Semi final so we can focus on a CL finish so the club didn't miss out on millions. Didn't we earlier this year sack a club legend and bin a project which a lot of the fans were completely sold on in order to secure a CL spot which was looking unlikely at the time. Why the Outcry? is it because of change? is it because the media is telling us it's a bad idea who have a huge investment in the current product? UEFA have f**ked us, Arsenal & PSG in the most blatant manner in the recent past and the FA have been right up United and Liverpool's ass as far back as memory serves yet people are buying the narrative they are selling. I do oppose the idea of the Super League but this was always going to happen at some point and we the fans are to blame to allow the fabric of football to be eroded over time and now we have this Commercial Monsters who will always choose Money over Fans yet we the fans appear like the hypocrites as the Commercial Monsters always have and always will choose money over any footballing heritage and ideology.
  11. City made 8 changes to the midweek team, rusty maybe not tired.
  12. Arsenal snatch a last gasp equaliser, have to say RLC was terrible when he came on, unable to keep hold of the ball to take pressure off the defense and his linkup play was hugely underwhelming.
  13. Apparently he was fasting during the game and if true makes the performance all the more impressive especially Considering I could barely get off the safa to celebrate the win whilst fasting.
  14. Kante has been below average in possession but he has easily been our best player out of possession, has consistently cut off passing lanes and put immense pressure on that City Midfield.
  15. It's on BBC iplayer, if you are outside the UK find a decent VPN and change your location to the UK.
  16. The only weakness in that City team is Mendy, Reece and Ziyech will get space in behind Mendy.
  17. I don't think either of these teams has any chance at top 4.
  18. After the Porto assault I doubt he will start
  19. This is their 3rd big game in the space of a week for Real, the classico took a lot out of them especially considering how old their midfield is.
  20. Real Madrid's bus attacked, apparently the window where Zidane was situated had something launched at it resulting in it being smashed.
  21. The lad is 21 so therefore of course he isn't an accomplished Wingback as yet not to forget he played in a Champions League QF last night, some of the criticism seems overly harsh especially considering we progressed fairly comfortably and would've had a clean sheet had it not been for a last minute wonder goal.
  22. I am hoping we play Real Madrid in the semi final for a couple of reasons, firstly because they are possibly the only elite team we haven't played in a while & secondly I genuinely think we can beat Real Madrid. I believe our 3 CB's will be able to deal with the Benzema threat and Rudiger & Azpi should have too much know how for Vinicius to have a similar impact to the one he had against Liverpool. In addition I think playing Kova and Kante offers us energy and technical ability to overcome an ageing midfield consisting of Kroos and Modric, the game will probably be decided by how clinical we are in front of goal. However I am getting ahead of myself as Real Madrid have a decent enough test at Anfield tonight which I don't think will be as easy as some people are making it out to be.
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