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  1. If integrating 2 young players into a team which walked the league the year before costs us a Champions League spot than I would lay more blame on the 9 others and the Manager than the 2 lads.
  2. A part of me was very happy when we didnt get Pogba firstly because I was afraid of losing Oscar as I believe that is the only way we would land Pogba but secondly due to RLC. But the only way RLC will fulfil his potential is through playing time and experience, we have got a difficult season ahead and I would much rather throw RLC and Kenedy in at the deep end and utilise the season to develop them than play the same team and still fail to retain the title.
  3. It would be great to get someone like Lampard in to develop RLC because that is the sort of player he should aspire to replicate. Even watching Yaya Toure and assessing his runs and choice of when to drive forward with the ball would be hugely advantageous for him-He should be in the starting 11 for the League Cup hopefully with Mikel in order to give him that confidence which he truly needs to become a regular in the League and that will only come with experience
  4. Just watched that last night First half was amazing and second half was underwhelming, seemed like it was directed by 2 separate individuals
  5. I think I read somewhere that Mourinho believes he is more of a CF than a winger therefore he is our 4th choice and will get limited opportunities Kenedy is competing for a wingers spot so may get more of a go this season
  6. Should be in the starting 11 based on having the balls to shoot from outside the box and getting it on target
  7. Getting desperate for a CM mate
  8. I have always liked Jonjo Shelvey wouldn't mind him alongside Matic (this is based on Mourinho not being keen on RLC)
  9. A vast number of his goals actually come from within the box (its actually the case with CFC in general) This season and also at the end of last season we were playing without width and he was getting crowded out, As someone mentioned earlier with the arrival of Pedro defences will be stretched allowing him a little more space in the box. I am sure he will hit double digits for the season
  10. I just think Zouma will steady the ship and after a while Mourinho will revert back to the JT-Cahill partnership just like he did last season I personally am of the belief that our CB's are not the problem but Ivanovic is, he is being tormented on the right which is pulling one of the CB towards the right to cover for his incompetence which is creating huge gaps between the 2 CB's. Once we address the issue of the RB by replacing Ivanovic or if he magically rediscovers his form the defence should sort itself out. As far as Zouma is concerned I do think he is an upgrade on Cahill but we have to remember he is very young in an incredibly physical league so its good to have him integrate into the team one step at a time. Hopefully he can get 20 games (Including Cup Games) under his belt for this season as a minimum.
  11. Are we looking to retain a title or do our ambitions go as far as qualification for Europa?
  12. I think we need a bit more of a goal threat from some of our Midfield Personnel, I think Our back 4 got more goals last season than Fabregas, Matic and Willian I don't believe we have replaced Lampard at all in the middle of the park in terms of Goals. I know there are not many Midfielders out there with the Goal output of Lampard but Dembele I don't believe is the answer. If we take Costa and Hazard out of our squad I struggle to see where the goals are going to come from. I'll be disappointed if we don't bring in any marquee signing (e.g..Griezmann) who can bring some attacking venom to the team in the absence of our 2 Big hitmen
  13. I Just don't get the logic behind the Dembele Interest (If the rumours are true of course) I don't think he is home grown either so it cant be that.... I guess Mourinho is trying to make next season a little more challenging than the last one
  14. "Willian Over Sanchez? Just when you think you've heard everything" In the same way that Arsenal fans will prefer Coquelin over Matic
  15. Overall Sanchez did have a better season than Willian however in the last 1/3 of the season Willian did lift his game whilst Sanchez dropped his performance by a few levels. Just hope Willian could maintain this standard for the full season than we can stop complaining about that dreaded right wing
  16. Based on his performances in the last 1/3 of the season I don't think there was a single right Winger in the Prem I would take over him
  17. He is having a fantastic end to the season but I would disagree with people who want him in the no.10 role, I still think his best position is on the right and Fabregas behind the striker.
  18. Just have a feeling Kane will get the player of the year award He will deserve it if he helped the spuds to CL but as that is highly unlikely it should definately be Hazard
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