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  1. Never liked that little c**t and that other tosser Peter Beardsley the chinny c**t!!
  2. Can I put a tenner in a birthday card and send it over I don't trust the internet...?
  3. If Frank doesn't feel he's ready for the job then I think he's smart enough to not take it on...
  4. You really couldn't make this up could you 1st Odi then RLC now Reece ffs!!!
  5. Nice to hear Virgil getting booed every time he touches the ball...
  6. That brought a tear to my eye Ploks....?
  7. Gonna be in in Greece watching this flying the blue flag my head's saying 3-0 to le arse but the missus says 3-0 to Chelsea...think I'll listen to the wife for once... KTBFFH!!
  8. Tbh with the lunatics that run this club and some of the desicions they make it wouldn't surprise me in the least if they appointed Emma at some stage...
  9. Here's hoping Watford can do a Wigan and win the FA cup...
  10. Giroud to come on in the 88th min and score the winner in the 93rd...2-1 to the Chels' KTBFFH!!!
  11. f**king sick of these players and Sarris f**king sarriball bellow!!!
  12. Higuain is totally not on the same wave length has Hazard
  13. Honestly this f**king ref is having a laugh
  14. Players just don't care anymore just like that f**king joke of a manager we've got..
  15. Blatant f**king handball by that c**t barnes and the ref didn't give....f**k me there doing everything they to make the bin dippers champions...
  16. Christ Zzzzzarriball is so fricking tedious...?

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