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  1. That's it I'm f**king done with football!!...im gonna take up gardening instead!!🌲🌻☘⚘
  2. Watch us get f**ked over by this lot on Tuesday as well!!!
  3. Can I put a tenner in a birthday card and send it over I don't trust the internet...?
  4. You really couldn't make this up could you 1st Odi then RLC now Reece ffs!!!
  5. That brought a tear to my eye Ploks....?
  6. Gonna be in in Greece watching this flying the blue flag my head's saying 3-0 to le arse but the missus says 3-0 to Chelsea...think I'll listen to the wife for once... KTBFFH!!
  7. Giroud to come on in the 88th min and score the winner in the 93rd...2-1 to the Chels' KTBFFH!!!
  8. I wonder if there'll consider taking Bakajoko in exchange...
  9. I blame that twat Martinez every time Edens on international duty all this sh*t keeps coming out he's obviously brainwashing the poor lad ffs!!!
  10. He's about has welcome there has The Sun newspaper...
  11. Welcome to the family Kepa if even manage to show an ounce more desire and pride in playing for this club unlike the tosser before you,you will go on to be a legend here at Chelsea...
  12. The man is a complete and utter WoS!!!....send him out on loan to QPHaaa with any luck he might even help them get relegated to league 1....
  13. All they need is a spokesman/woman who can just say how it is I mean the club must realise how damaging it is with all these rumours circulating and that it portrays the club in a negative affect....
  14. Our club really is the pitz when it comes to clarifying or denying rumours/bullsh*t and facts...f**king does my head in!!!!
  15. Agreed big blue f**k him off on the first boat to China!!!!....silly willy!
  16. I think anyone would get fed up if they had Bakaf**kingjoko playing next to them...
  17. I've come to the conclusion that the only reason Conte keeps on playing him is to just show the idiots who decided to waste good money on him how f**king useless he is....
  18. Why the f**k couldn't our board just strike a deal with Dortmund and do a straight swap between Aubu and Bats and leave the chavs with the selfie taking king giroud ffs!!!!
  19. Can't believe he played the whole match this geezer is gonna be a beast...
  20. What Paul Ince knows about CFC you could write on the back of a 2nd class stamp ffs...
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