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  1. Here's hoping Watford can do a Wigan and win the FA cup...
  2. Giroud to come on in the 88th min and score the winner in the 93rd...2-1 to the Chels' KTBFFH!!!
  3. f**king sick of these players and Sarris f**king sarriball bellow!!!
  4. Totally lost our shape since Kovacic came on..
  5. Higuain is totally not on the same wave length has Hazard
  6. Honestly this f**king ref is having a laugh
  7. Players just don't care anymore just like that f**king joke of a manager we've got..
  8. Blatant f**king handball by that c**t barnes and the ref didn't give....f**k me there doing everything they to make the bin dippers champions...
  9. Christ Zzzzzarriball is so fricking tedious...😴
  10. God I really hope Burnley get f**king relgated next yr!!
  11. This is either gonna end up 4-2 to us 2-4 to them or 4-4....
  12. That's the way to to do it come on Chelsea!!!
  13. Game over iam switching off now f**king useless sarri f**king tactics!!!
  14. I would honestly give up a CL place just to beat these rat munching delusional scouse c**ts that's how much I hate them...
  15. Has Mike Dean been demoted to the championship hes reffing the Brum Leeds game...
  16. Thank f**k for that still want the old fart out though...KTBFFH!!!

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