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  1. My theory is he will be the face of the third kit promo stuff whenever that is launched and a new deal will be announced with that.
  2. Sarri is being treated for pneumonia apparently. Get well soon.
  3. They are all fair points. I particularly agree with the first 3. A few of mine would be: - Manager's getting sacked and moving around - The scheduling (I had it a few times last season where i would have games on the tuesday, thursday, and then the saturday) - Ability to start a save according to real life fixtures and data (so if it is December 1st in real life, you have the option to start your save from December 1st with how the leagues are in real life) -Ability to manage as real managers -Madden games have a feature that set you certain goals for certain players (X to throw 15 Touchdown passes). Something like this could be added to FIFA
  4. I am torn too. The cosmetic stuff that they are changing with career mode (custom managers, press conferences) does not really appeal to me, but i like the sound of players having dynamic potential in career mode, rather than having a pre-determined potential like they do at the mo. Interested to see what you would change with Career mode? I have a few ideas lol.
  5. Just for a bit of context, we took 1 point from games against Leicester at home and United away last season and have done the same this. We played some great stuff yesterday in the first half and were unlucky not to score more than 1, the second half though was night and day and in the end we were very very fortunate to escape with a draw. We look at our most vulnerable going backwards and i am hoping this is something that will be resolved once Rudi returns, and maybe by closing the gap between the midfield. Lamps said yesterday that he doesn't expect the players to be at 100mph for the entire game, but expects us to be better without the ball and i think that is the most important thing for us. The chances and goals will come, but we do need to be better defensively. We knew this season had the potential to be a long and uncomfortable one, may as well enjoy the ride.
  6. I was wondering if this was anything to do with it. Willian's work rate is usually his saving grace. He is not the reason we didn't win yesterday, but to come on with that lack of commitment and looking that half arsed is shocking and unforgiveable. It's up there with Bakayoko's 20 minutes against Watford. If that is the type of effort and commitment he is going to put in, i'd be very surprised if he gets many more chances under Frank once CHO is fit. Also, why on earth is he still on corner duties? When was the last time one of his corners cleared the first man.
  7. We know how versatile he is. Nothing to lose by trying him as a centre back in a 2.
  8. Don't always agree with you but this is bang on. I think the whole appointment of Lamps signifies a change in approach from the board, and that we will give him the time he needs. This season is essentially a free hit due to the transfer ban and the lower expectations. My main worry is say if we are out of the top 6 at Christmas that the board get trigger finger. I hope that's not the case, but it wouldn't at all surprise me if it happened. I think it would take a lot to go wrong for the fans to turn on him. A few people i know (myself included) aren't really optimistic that we finish in the top 4 or 6, but like you say once we can be active in the transfer market and plug where we need to plug, that's when you would expect us to really kick on.
  9. Obviously 4-0 is not great but as other people have said there are 1 or 2 positives to take away. It's one of them where if any of our early chances go in it's a different game. Couple of complaints ref wise: Feel Abraham was fouled in the build up to their 2nd and if a free kick is given there the second and third goals do not happen. For the 4th goal Zouma was down with a head injury in the United box and ref should have stopped play well before that attack had a chance to develop. Even Maguire and Shaw were trying to get the refs attention to stop play. However, the third goal is unforgivable defending. One of the basics of football after you've just conceded is keep it tight, so it is shocking that we conceded within 20 seconds of re-starting after the second goal. United on the day were just more ruthless and clinical than us, and sometimes that's what it comes down to.
  10. How dare you visit another website!!
  11. I've always sang it as "and we don't give a f*** wherever you may be cos' we are the famous cfc" Welcome!
  12. Players under 21 don't need to be registered.
  13. My first one resulted in Connor going staying against the Androids rather than joining them, Marcus refusing to surrender to the humans and getting destroyed and Kara and Alice managing to escape into Canada. My second one, however, took a massive turn. I switched allegiances with Connor, and went to like a "Connor factory" and almost got replaced by a factory original. Marcus won the war against the humans and it was decided that they can live side by side, and kara and Alice were detained in a concentration camp and i think killed.
  14. My first one was a soft approach play through, second one through i did a few things differently and it made the endings a lot different. Was shocked at the difference between my first and second endings. #TeamConnor all the way.

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