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  1. Regardless of Sarri in or out, this is probably the most balanced post i've seen on Lamps potentially coming.
  2. Watched it last night. Thought up until Dany dying it was an ok, solid episode. Then everything after that was an absolute shower. They've spent the last 2 years developing Jon's lineage only for it to be absolutely worthless in the end? @RIP Mourinho you are bang on about Arya and the many faced gods story. No real pay off to that. Also, why does the nights watch still even exist? The jump from Dany's death to Tyrions trial was nonsensical. At least with the earlier seasons they would have fleshed it out a bit more. Conveniently the Iron Throne survived all of the destruction of last week, only to be destroyed this. One thing i will say is visually this series has been amazing. The shot of Dany walking towards her armies with Drogon's wings spread behind her, and the bit where Drogon was buried in the ashes and stood up were both incredible shots.
  3. Ah ok fair enough. Like i said, would never happen but would make it more interesting if it did.
  4. I thought it was 5th and 6th were guaranteed and 7th depending on who wins the FA Cup? Even so it is usually (not always) one of the top 6 that wins the 2 domestic trophies.
  5. Saw an interesting suggestion similar to this but for the Premier League, it was: Teams 1-3 qualify for the champions league Teams 4-7 play in a championship style play off to determine the 4th Champions league spot. Who ever doesn't win the play off go into the 3 europa league spots. Obviously would never happen but would make teams less likely to settle for just finishing 4th, and gives the likes of Everton, Wolves, Leicester an added incentive for the end of the season.
  6. Fair point but the whole point of a cup final is to determine who comes first and second.
  7. @RIP Mourinho Can't find it now but agree with your post saying you'd want Tammy and Bats next season. (Ban permitting) I think they are both young and raw, but most importantly are clinical finishers. Other aspects of the game can be coached into them. Call me old fashioned but i want my centre forwards to be goal scorers above anything else. Anything else is just a bonus to me.
  8. Think that was more the boards doing. I went to Swansea away at the back end of last season and the cup final and the vast majority were still singing his name, despite the not so great season and also that we all thought he would be sacked.
  9. Lamps for me. Might be different if JT was manager of Villa.
  10. This has to be a 2 way street IMO. We saw with Lamps the other night celebrating in front of the away fans, hugging all the players and generally being a leader of the celebrations. That kind of passion and encouragement gets the fans on side, and would make the players more likely want to run through walls for the team/ manager. I am not for one minute saying that this attribute makes Lamps a better manager than Sarri, but how many times have we seen Sarri hug a player after a game, or even go over and clap the away fans? Obviously there is a lot more to management than just showing a bit of passion, but it obviously helps. When Conte first came we scored a last minute winner in his first game, and he dived into the crowd to celebrate. It's little things like that that help get the fans onside.
  11. Probably worth contacting Chelsea Supporters trust (@ChelseaSTrust) and @Weare_theshed on twitter. I know both groups have been campaigning about this as well. All the best mate.
  12. Not great is it. Obviously i know we have a different squad now and different characters, but we had key injuries and suspensions in Munich too, and we all know how that ended...
  13. Shock horror. One of our key players leaves the stadium on crutches and is now a doubt for the Europa League final. Makes the timing of this game look even more questionable now.
  14. Never in the league. Think he was sent off in a cup or european game though.
  15. Based on what? As of right now i would not say United have any chance of winning the league next year.

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