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    drjonesy1994 reacted to EdinburghBlue in Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*   
    You’ve posted some seriously weird stuff lately. We get it, you don’t like Lampard as manager, you feel Sarri was so terribly treated by us. But Jesus Christ you’re a chelsea fan, why are you wanting it to play out like AVB and us he unsuccessful and eventually sack the manager? How miserable it must be to not be able to be positive about a club legend managing us and integrating the youth in to the side. 
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to EdinburghBlue in FIFA 20   
    I think I read somewhere that the scheduling has been sorted this year so that’s something.
    on the subject of madden I think their training system is much better where you train the whole team instead of only being able to pick 5 players/drills to use on Fifa. Even if you could train the whole team and then focus on those 5 players/drills.
    As it stands I’ll probably hold off until it goes in the Jan sales with Madden for £25/30. It’ll depend on the gameplay on the demo though, as I feel the pace of the game is really slow and the fact you have Cahill able to catch sterling etc is ridiculous on ‘18.
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to bisright1 in Racist fanbase?   
    Pogba got similar abuse that Tammy got, looks like he actually got a lot more. 
    Looking at the accounts seems to definitely be foreign accounts doing it. 
    My concern is that the media backlash against Chelsea because of 3-4 attention seeking trolls actually has magnified the issue, rather than solve anything. Now every time a black player does anything, there will be tonnes of troll comments because that's what society is like now. 
    Nothing you can do to fix it unfortunately and I'd rather they were just ignored and deleted. 
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to Munkworth in FIFA 20   
    I’m going on record now and saying I’m not buying it this year. 
    On that note, who fancies a game on release day?
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to big blue in Chelsea vs Leicester (PL) Sun 18th Aug 16:30 GMT   
    Just watched the gsme back, and i think the main issue with the second half was pedro, kante, and azpi down our right side. 
    Sloppy passes, and disjointed pressing, meant Fuchs and maddison had acres of space. 
    I will put this one down to tired legs, and i think if Lampard had a few more of the injured players back, there wouldve been more rotation for this game. 
    Lets just take the positives out the 1st 3 games.
    We are starting games fantastically well, but we just need to get better at game management, and controlling the game in periods where the intensity drops. Hopefully these periods become shorter and shorter with fitness, but its impossible to play for 90 minutes at that pace. 
    Mount looks ready to have a big impact, i really think he is going to go from strength to strength. 
    Emerson has been great, aggresive, great on the ball, great stamina to get up and down the pitch, long msy it continue. 
    It is still early days, we will get better, we have some more very good players to come back in, and although results havent gone our way, we have played some scintillating football at times. 
    Long hard season ahead, we knew it would be tough, i thought the support was fantastic yesterday, so lets keep it it and stick behind the team.
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to Argo in Willian   
    If he's a threat to team morale I could feesably see him being gone before the end of the European market.
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to bluedave in Chelsea vs Leicester (PL) Sun 18th Aug 16:30 GMT   
    I missed the game and only saw the highlights on MOTD. I was really impressed at first and when Mount got his goal I thought the floodgates would open but instead it was all Leicester after that. I suspected the MOTD lot were being crafty with the editing, but having now skimmed through a few pages here I see it really was like that.
    The pundits speculated that it’s a fitness issue, I agree that might be a contributing factor but nobody can play at 100% intensity for 90 minutes, so I’m not completely buying it. I think it’s more that we’re simply still a work in progress. With a new manager, new system, and a bunch of young/inexperienced players, it’s going to take a while for them to learn how best to function together, especially when the match is not going according to plan. We seem to have already nailed it at times though, which is a good sign. The fans wanted Frank back, to see the kids given a chance, and a move away from Sarri‘s „boring“ possession based football, and this is exactly what we’ve got. As fans we now need to stand behind this bunch of players and the manager and let them grow together into a team. Anybody booing the team at this stage (or freaking out on an Internet forum) need to figure out what the f**k they really want.
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to Scott Harris in Zouma - If Kurt's Happy, I'm Happy!   
    It's an improvement on the last league game ( couldn't have been much worse really ) but I still think he never really looks composed. I look at Christensen next to him and I see more maturity in his game, but Zouma seems to constantly be running around everywhere and doing more work than he should be doing. Everything Zouma attempts seems to require more effort than it should do, it's like everything he does is pushing him to his limit to the point where it looks like a there is a mistake waiting to happen.
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    drjonesy1994 got a reaction from ForeverCarefree in Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*   
    Just for a bit of context, we took 1 point from games against Leicester at home and United away last season and have done the same this.
    We played some great stuff yesterday in the first half and were unlucky not to score more than 1, the second half though was night and day and in the end we were very very fortunate to escape with a draw. We look at our most vulnerable going backwards and i am hoping this is something that will be resolved once Rudi returns, and maybe by closing the gap between the midfield.
    Lamps said yesterday that he doesn't expect the players to be at 100mph for the entire game, but expects us to be better without the ball and i think that is the most important thing for us. The chances and goals will come, but we do need to be better defensively.
    We knew this season had the potential to be a long and uncomfortable one, may as well enjoy the ride. 
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to axman2526 in Tammy Abraham   
    Dear oh dear. Gets 30 minutes when our midfield has folded, our creative players are dead on their feet or just cr*p (Willian). 
    He links up well where he can, he is inches away from a good header connection and works hard. 
    But gets panned cause he is expected to be Drogba...deary me.
    Have some patience. We were never going to make top 4 this year. This is a total rebuild job. Maybe tammy will fail and be sold but give him a bit more time eh?
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to EdinburghBlue in Tammy Abraham   
    Christ we’re a fickle bunch, the lad has started a grand total of one game this season and already he’s being written off. Beggars belief, some by folk who think Zouma is the next Maldini - he’s had some shocking performances in a chelsea shirt and still folk say he’s our best CB. At least give the laddie until Christmas before throwing him on the scrap heap FS. 
    Does no one think it’s telling they Batshuayi doesn’t ever seem to get a look in irrelevant of who the manager is? Maybe it’s just the simple fact he doesn’t show enough in training and doesn’t work hard enough.
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to BlueDay in 4-2-3-1: toilet formation   
    Calling Lampard a toilet manager after 3 games is exactly what is wrong with the supporters of this club. 
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to Saru in 4-2-3-1: toilet formation   
    Kovacic did not make a difference today, but I think he's an important player for us - and I understand the decision to buy him given the transfer ban, and needing a bunch of senior plays. Admittedly he could have done better today, but at the same time I can't hate on the guy for today's performance. Willian however was a net negative coming off from the bench and just stifled the remaining attacks that we were building up...
    I would actually like to see us go with a 4-3-3: with Kante, Jorginho and Kovacic as the three staples, with Mount and Barkley coming into the picture and replacing them sometimes. Pulisic tried hard but didn't have a great game - still adjusting to the league I guess and is a young lad himself. Awaiting Cho's return to see what he brings. Pedro will be an important player for us this season, and hoping he can put more performances like he did against Liverpool.
    In any case, we are realistically 2 games into the season. The first scoreline not being reflective of our performance, and this one being a fair result all in all. We all know this season will be tough so let's not expect to steamroll through everyone and give Lampard a chance to continue working with the players, reviewing them and working on his systems.
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to ForeverCarefree in Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*   
    Has it been a good start to the season? No.
    Should we be overly surprised? Not really.
    Let’s not play down how big a transition this season is. A lot was said about needing patients with Sarri because he was overhauling our playing style so drastically, well Lampard is overseeing a change in playing style, a squad overhaul and cultural shift in mentally to player selection. It’s a huge task he’s undertaking.
    This is a playing squad that lost leadership and experience in Hazard, Luiz, Cahill and replaced it with youthful promise.
    When Jorginho, a player who has only been here 12 months, is spoken about as a leading voice on and off the pitch that tells us a lot about the make up of this squad.
    We’ve got a brand new centre back pairing who need to develop an understanding. A new shape to our midfield. Youthful talents of Pulisic (let’s not forget he’s only 20 years old), Mount, Abraham being entrusted with large minutes of playing time.
    I’d love to see us going out and smashing Leicester 5-0 today but we’ve got to be realistic about the state of the squad and the expectations we have for it right now. 
    It’s early days, now is not the time to judge Lampard or these players, especially those playing their first full seasons for Chelsea.
    Keep the faith. In Frankie we trust.
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to Liam in Chelsea vs Liverpool (Super Cup) Wed 14th Aug 20:00 GMT   
    Indeed it could go either way. I enjoyed his use of "ad hominem" which made me think he might not be completely brain dead but then you're/your reared its ugly head.
    Very encouraged by last night's performance. Frank's arrival has re-energised my love for the club after last year's misery fest. 
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to yorkleyblue in Chelsea vs Liverpool (Super Cup) Wed 14th Aug 20:00 GMT   
    Where's my klaxon?  Dipper alert, dipper alert.
    Trolling but not even well done.
    Don't you have a chicken to mourn or compo to claim or something?
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to Upsetter in Chelsea vs Liverpool (Super Cup) Wed 14th Aug 20:00 GMT   
    Well I think you're talking out of your arse. But hey ho, that's just my opinion.
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to Saru in Returning Chelsea Fan and Tonight's Performance   
    Having been a hard-die fan of Chelsea and not missing a game as a youngster - the last couple of years I have been filled with apathy. I would watch some games: but never alter my social life to make sure I can watch them. Would come and lurk on this forum to see the reactions of the fans to paint a picture of how we are doing - and when I did watch there were times I would see lack of effort and passion from some players and generally I was just not emotionally invested in the team. I actually attributed it to just 'growing up', but now I realise I was wrong.
    Since the Lampard and Jody Morris appointment, as well as giving a chance to our hungry youngsters to prove themselves: I have fallen back in love with the game and feel heavily invested in the team again. Heavily invested in the directors (for taking this bold approach, and Cech now joining them), in the management of course (Frank and Jody), our selection of youngsters coming through even players that I had grown frustrated with (e.g. Pedro), I now view as experienced veterans and value what they bring to the team. Bar a few exceptions not many stars who are guaranteed to be placed on the teamsheet, and incredibly exciting times to see who grabs the opportunities to stay in the first team.
    I guess it's the case with most penalties and such, but seeing the passion the likes of Caballero and Giroud had during Jorginho's penalty - and just generally our almost in-sync reactions to missed chances and such on the bench - it feels like everyone is very genuinely on board! I may be reading too much into it, but it was a great sight.
    Despite having some very important players to us injured - tonight we showed that we can indeed compete at the very top level with this squad. We can hate on Liverpool all we want but they do have one of the best squads in the world currently, even though admittedly they weren't firing on all cylinders tonight. 
    Every player showed passion and worked their socks off - showed great personality. From the senior players, past-fringe players and the youngsters.
    This season will be a rollercoaster for sure, but I for one am more than happy to be on it. Look forward to posting more on here and not just lurking!
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to ForeverCarefree in Jorginho is a Blue   
    Looks like he has a lot more free license to create things in attack. Seems to be hitting a lot more longer passes and is attempting through balls and balls over the top more frequently. 
    Did really well with the penalties last night too, was good to see him show that level of self confidence. 
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to coco in Tammy Abraham   
    People writing him off already after 1.3 games is a bit weird, we have only played basically two away games against top opposition, and yet you are prepared to throw him under the bus if he doesn't score. During this period he should be getting our full support, even when he f**ks up, anyone that expects a young player to smash the best defence in ?Europe? after two games is being very unrealistic.
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to PloKoon13 in Chelsea vs Liverpool (Super Cup) Wed 14th Aug 20:00 GMT   
    These are genuinely terrible arguments. 
    Stéphanie Frappart has been FIFA-listed for a decade. she has been officiating in men's league football for five years. She has officiated at a World Cup, including the Final. What part of that suggests that she also has not been working her entire career for a golden opportunity? Why should a woman working throughout her career mean anything less than a man working throughout his career?
    The Super Cup last year was apparently refereed by Szymon Marciniak. Can either of you tell me with a straight face that you've heard of him? Did you have a problem when he was announced as the referee for this match last season? Do either of you genuinely know whether or not she is any good as a ref? Do either of you have a problem with this announcement for any reason other than Stéphanie is a woman?
    Why should any female referee be impeded from any match "because of what they have between their legs"?
    How on earth are female referees ever going to get opportunities in the men's game if it is definitively declared that "they don't have the same experience at top level"?
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to Boston Blue in Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*   
    The manager Frank is today will not be the manager Frank is at the end of the season, next year, or the year after.  He's going to make mistakes, and learn from them.  This year is on-the-job-training.  He's developing his managerial skills in the same way that Mount, Tomori, Pulisic, CHO, James are developing their games.  
    It's unrealistic to think that Frank would walk in and have a feel for how to manage games, when to make subs, how to prepare game plans, etc.  The prevailing mentality is that most people wanted Frank & Jody, and most people wanted to see youth come through.  Well, we have that.  We were not able to buy players.  Lower the expectations, let them develop, and stop freaking out because we lost our first match of the season 4-0 to United.  We were missing five important players:  Willian, Rudiger, CHO, RLC, James.  And let's not forget that we lost the league's best player and our leading scorer without a direct replacement.
    Everyone preached patience up until yesterday.  
    Sarri got us into a good position last season, despite all the negativity and inflexibility.  
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    drjonesy1994 got a reaction from Sexyfootball in Man Utd vs Chelsea (PL) Sun 11th Aug 16:30 GMT   
    Obviously 4-0 is not great but as other people have said there are 1 or 2 positives to take away. It's one of them where if any of our early chances go in it's a different game.
    Couple of complaints ref wise: Feel Abraham was fouled in the build up to their 2nd and if a free kick is given there the second and third goals do not happen. For the 4th goal Zouma was down with a head injury in the United box and ref should have stopped play well before that attack had a chance to develop. Even Maguire and Shaw were trying to get the refs attention to stop play.
    However, the third goal is unforgivable defending. One of the basics of football after you've just conceded is keep it tight, so it is shocking that we conceded within 20 seconds of re-starting after the second goal.
    United on the day were just more ruthless and clinical than us, and sometimes that's what it comes down to.
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to EdinburghBlue in Tammy Abraham   
    Both utter bollocks. If by bullied you mean hauled him to the ground with a grapple because Abraham was holding him off before Uniteds second then I agree. 
    As for reminding you of Morata, this appears to be a classic case of Torres-nostalgia. This anomaly is where the subject (you) suffers from forgetting just how bad the player they’ve compared the individual to, namely Morata. He was utter dog sh*te and never hit a shot as sweet as Abraham’s, would he have got the table in? Most likely, yet he’d probably have managed to put it over the bar.
    Abraham was not immense today, but he done OK. He’s a 21 year old guy starting and leading the line for Chelsea at Old Trafford in his first game as the main man, the fact there’s some folk (not you) slating and writing him off after crying for youth is laughable. They need patience and chances. There’s certain players I understand it with Zouma, Christensen (although I disagree) who have had decent chances to form assessments on. Abraham, Mount, James etc haven’t had that and until they have, I won’t be writing them off.
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to RIP Mourinho in Tammy Abraham   
    Don't think he did bad at all. Still offers more than either of the other two strikers we have.

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