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    drjonesy1994 got a reaction from ozboy in Best football images   
    No explanation needed..

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    drjonesy1994 got a reaction from Jezz in Danny Drinkwater   
    This is harsh on Remy tbh. He was only ever signed as a back up and did a decent job for us in that 14-15 season. 
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    drjonesy1994 got a reaction from Valerie in Danny Drinkwater   
    This is harsh on Remy tbh. He was only ever signed as a back up and did a decent job for us in that 14-15 season. 
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to chi blue in Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*   
    The technical term for those people is tossers!!!
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to driller97 in Danny Drinkwater   
    Fair enough, you could argue a couple names here and there but if you look at all our transfer arrivals in the past 5-10 years, there were just so many bad choices made in there.
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    drjonesy1994 got a reaction from PloKoon13 in Danny Drinkwater   
    This is harsh on Remy tbh. He was only ever signed as a back up and did a decent job for us in that 14-15 season. 
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    drjonesy1994 got a reaction from Gol15 in Danny Drinkwater   
    This is harsh on Remy tbh. He was only ever signed as a back up and did a decent job for us in that 14-15 season. 
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to just in Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*   
    Not surprised to see that after that performance and that result, against an in-form team, that this thread is a Brutos free zone tonight.
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to yorkleyblue in We've got a new Kepa   
    Isn't he a bit of a tit, though?
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to Spiller86 in Tammy Abraham   
    Deary me the knee jerks are huge.
    Bloke comes on for 30 minutes when just coming back to fitness against a team who bossed us and all of a sudden he's not good enough? 
    He's just about scored more goals this season than our strikers in the last two seasons combined.
    Few herbal teas might be required in here to help you relax.
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    drjonesy1994 got a reaction from Strider6003 in Andreas Christensen   
    Ba, JT, Torres, Cech as well 
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to Scott Harris in VAR in 2019/20   
    Arsenal fans are saying we shouldn't be complaining because Jorginho should have been sent off against them
    Man United fans are saying we shouldn't be complaining because we scored an offside goal that put us in poll position to win the title a decade ago.
    Arsenal fans conveniently forget that Guendozi should have been sent off in the first half in the same game.
    Man United fans conveniently forget that Macheda scored from a handball in the same game.
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to Backbiter in VAR in 2019/20   
    Good points, but I take issue with this, about the offside line:
    There is an inherent flaw with this line, which is caused by deciding when the ball has actually been played. Stopping the film at the precise moment, in order to draw your offside line, is just not that simple, and there is zero forensic analysis done of that precise moment, which is crucial to drawing the offside line.
    There is, therefore, a known margin of error (according to this article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7367673/THE-GREAT-VAR-DEBATE-Tech-said-Sterling-2-4cm-offside-allowed-13cm-margin-error.html), which is anything from 13-38cm!!!! This should mean that offside calls that are visibly tight should be ruled 'too close to call', and no goals should be ruled out for margins of, say, 25 cm or less (the mid-point of the 13-38cm margin for error), on the basis that the technology is just not accurate enough.
    This would be the equivalent of cricket's 'umpire's call', when - in the case of very marginal LBW decisions - the umpire's original call stands, as the video evidence is not sufficient to overturn it.
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to loz in Welcome N’Golo Kante   
    He is only 9 months older than Jorghino and he has a nasty habit of being in teams that win things.
    If I was selling one on the basis of contribution I'd sell Jorginho.
    If I was selling one in the basis of age... I'd sell Jorginho.
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to Mod Stark in HI   
    Welcome on!
    (Somebody will be getting catfished)
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to Sindre in Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*   
    Also because he's integrating youth and our own academy-products like no-one else in modern Chelsea-history. One shouldn't forget that about 30 percent of the players in the XI every week were playing in the Championship last season, and that's before you take the likes of Hudson Odoi into consideration. It should be obvious to everyone that this would take time, lots of time actually.
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to Upsetter in Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*   
    Forgetting for a moment or three, Frank's status as a Chelsea legend: this season we have a young, massively inexperienced manager in the first post-Eden Hazard era season, coinciding with Kante"s disconcerting drop in form, after effects of the transfer ban - which for various reasons were not addressed last month; crucial injuries to an already thin,  lightweight squad. All that without the f**kwittery that is VAR, and the season is clearly not the massive underachievement that some of you would have it.
    On the plus side, we've seen more academy players make the transition to the first time since... well ever. And we've seen some genuinely exciting, entertaining foorball. So what do we do? Write off Frank Lampard as not up to the job? Bring yet another manager aiming for instant success?
    Or do we wait for the end of this season, make serious inroads into the transfer market, giving Frank full backing, giving him the time and opportunity to gain experience, to learn from his mistakes, continue to integrate academy players whenever possible. In short to do things differently - to do things the way many of us have been crying out for, applying a long term strategy, rather than the short term panic buying and revolving door management policy that has invariably accompanied demands for instant success.
    It's a no-brainer really, don't you think?
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to chi blue in Chelsea v Man Utd (PL) Mon 17th Feb 20:00 GMT   
    Same here, didn't celebrate Giroud goal, then when disallowed, together with the other bullsh*t decisions, decided let's get the early train home, football has been ruined, 120 odd years from the creation of the football and it's now knackered by idiots not even in the ground, watching screens, while they order their takeaway or do a cross word. While us poor sods that go, pay a fortune and have our match day experience ruined for ever
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to Nibs in Chelsea v Man Utd (PL) Mon 17th Feb 20:00 GMT   
    You're right, in that the ref & VAR royally f**ked us over last night. Willian getting booked when he was clearly tripped and fouled. Zouma getting booked for a perfectly good tackle and yet slab-head escaping any punishment for trying to remove Batshuayi's bollocks (although he plays like someone who doesn't actually have any). Then the two disallowed goals that should both have stood (even allowing for CFC bias) and it was a sh*t night all round plus we were unlucky with Christensen having a bloody nose and being out of sorts just as they score the first and crucial goal.
    But all that said, you still have to look at our side and question it. I was so looking forward to the game last night but as soon as I saw that starting line up and the bench my optimism was replaced by a "here we go again" and so it proved. YES, we can all blame the ref and VAR but that is happening to sides every week. What is happening to us every week is that we just don't look dangerous enough in attack and always look like we'll concede at least one goal. The more I see of certain players failing to produce time and again the less I ever want to see them wear a Chelsea shirt again. Let's not pretend United are any good, they were rubbish and yet still had enough to beat us and can be added to West Ham, Bournemouth, Southampton, Newcastle, Everton - all teams who have beaten us one way or another in the past few months.
    I'm not blaming Lamps (although he cannot escape some criticism). He can only work with the squad he has and it's evident it isn't that great. We are missing key players through injury but all sides have to cope with injuries. It's when the other players need to step up and ours aren't capable.
    Players I would get rid of end of season without any hesitation - we need to move on and they MUST go:
    Willian Pedro Batshuayi Giroud Barkley Alonso Emerson
    To those I would add both keepers, two centre backs (Zouma & Christensen) and maybe even Jorginho. That would leave us with a decent nucleus of a squad that we would then need to add some REAL quality to. The Club need to back Frank and Jody and give them a chance to compete next season and beyond 'cos they certainly can't be expected to with this current crop.
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to coco in Chelsea v Man Utd (PL) Mon 17th Feb 20:00 GMT   
    Last nights referee Anthony Taylor born in Manchester, lives in Manchester. Last nights VAR Chris Kavanagh born and lives in Manchester.
    Imagine that game refereed by two SW3 referees, and manure fans reaction to them allowing Rudiger to kick out at Martials groin, which then allows Rudiger to go and score the decisive goal.
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to bisright1 in Jadon Sancho   
    Sancho has 13 goals and 13 assists this season in the German league. Last year he had 12 and 14. 
    Don't compare him to batshuyai. He's a different level. 
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to Munkworth in What TV Show Are You Waarching?   
    Josh Widdicombe pointlessly counting things was a great moment.
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to bisright1 in Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*   
    We aren't seeing a fall in talent, just more clubs competing for top talent. 
    In 2010 a top player would play for Chelsea, United, Madrid, Barca or Bayern Munich. 
    In 2020....6 teams in the PL, 2 in Germany, 3 in Spain, 2 in Italy, 1 in France.
    5 clubs have become 14, bound to see less top talent. 
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to Jangz in Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*   
    Gawwdd !! Where is all of this coming from ? In every job in the world you need to negotiate and put pressure on colleagues and demand better..  Se of the best innovation happens when there is conflict.. 
    infact Frank has done absolutely the right thing by putting pressure on the board and warning his players that they have not been good enough.. it brings in the right checks and balances ..  for a club our size we should have done better in the window. 
    I would have been more worried if he would have not called a spade a spade and acted as ayes man.. every coach worth his salt complains about transfers..
    so on the basis of this interview that someone else would have done better is strange in my opinion.
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    drjonesy1994 reacted to chiefBlueCFC in Best manager of the decade 2010-2019   
    I've been pretty good. I've won countless premier leagues, champions leagues, europa leagues, fa cups, carabao cups, community shields and super cups on FIFA 10 - 19. Not to brag too much or anything, but I'm kinda a big deal
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