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  1. what's up with the classic sponsorless shirts? I love it
  2. Can anyone name a (Chelsea) player whom Sarri has improved? If I'm stretching it, Rudiger and Luiz have had good season's but neither have done what we didn't already know they were capable of.
  3. Whose more dead, Conte at this stage last season or Sarri at this stage this season?
  4. Unless we really click and blow teams away 3-4 games in a row, I think he's gone at the end of the year regardless of Champions League qualification.
  5. Dammit, beat me to it.... :P
  6. Taking a step back, looking at our squad, man for man, against our competitors. I'd say Man City, Liverpool definitely have stronger squads Man Utd are a little stronger than us but have a great deal more depth Tottenham are probably a little stronger than us now Arsenal we probably edge it Everyone else (Everton, etc), we are stronger than That would realistically put us around 5th (3rd in a good year, 6th in a not great year) Losing 6-0 isn't acceptable, but on the whole, we are not far off our realistic level.
  7. Qaz


    If an overpriced Callum Wilson or over 30 on huge wages Higuain are our only options, then we really are missing Emenalo or some other scouting/planning support. I'll say it again, after the Torres debacle and up to Mourinho version 2, we made better decisions in the transfer market. Not perfect, but better. We bought in the likes of Lukaku, De Bryne, Salah, Oscar, etc. Players that weren't known about at the time and while we screwed up developing them at Chelsea, they all went on to either give a transfer profit or embarrass us by turning out really really good at other clubs. We need to go back to that system. The one that scouts and buys players before they reach potential. It won't always work out, but bang for buck we were doing better before Mourinho and Conte came in and made generally horrible decisions in the transfer market that is responsible for the mess we are in now. I know this view still probably isn't very popular, but the director of football model where the manager wasn't making so many decisions in the market worked for us (for the most part). But anyways, in the meantime, Higuain might be a decent stop gap.
  8. We have far more ads and far less content than the other fan's channels
  9. No half time update. Just 15 straight minutes of ads
  10. a side note but...... my god Chelsea TV is disappointing with all these ads.... what little i've seen of the other fan channels, they are no where near as bad. This is an embarrassment to our club
  11. Charlie Brown with the 2nd. I like watching youth football, we always win :P
  12. hope he gets some first team football before the end of the season

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