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  1. I think he's an overrated tactician because Mourinho has always been excellent at coaching one side of football, defensive organization. When it comes to coaching organized attacks and build up from the back he's extremely average when compared to the other elite coaches. This is one of the reasons for his declining success in the last 6/7 years as football at the highest level has gone in a different direction. His motivation/man management skills is currently the weakest aspect of his coaching. How can you rate him in that regard after all the chaos he has wrought in his last 3 jobs wit
  2. Look at the state of this guy lmao. He doesn't even look happy despite the fake smile. Deep down, if his ego will allow him , he knows he's a washed manager
  3. Compare his conduct to Chelsea legends like JT, Lamps, DD, Eden, Zola, Joe Cole etc Players who won't be caught dead in Spurs uniform. Just the biggest mercenary and egomaniac in modern football history.
  4. Very odd appointment. It really is a step down from Poch to Jose. Jose will try and be a good boy for the 1st year or so like he always does but watching the chaos that will inevitably ensue when he and Levy collide over transfers should be pure comedy. Mourinho is washed at the top level. Since 2012, the only meaningful title he's won is the Premier league with us which Hazard carried him to. (I was watching some old matches from that season just a few weeks ago and the football was shocking, much worse than I remembered). Hazard gave everything including his body that 2nd half of that
  5. Giroud is better than Morata becuase unlike Morata he lets Hazard get into the game and we need Hazard back again firing at least until we can start desperately scrambling for a striker (as we seem to always do) (Pedro needs to start instead of Willian) (Giroud needs to start ahead of Morata)
  6. He's a very good manager but like many very good managers, he's failing at the easy parts of the job. He needs to start picking the right players not the notoriously fraudulent ones ,(Willian, Morata and Alonso being the biggest of the 3) . These 3 players in particular are undoing a lot of the hardwork he does in the training ground. The moment Morata and Willian especially started to see heavy minutes, our form has dropped. We were getting better results and playing better football with Pedro and Giroud. Sarri needs to trust them more.
  7. Hazard was the reason why we were winning games we are now losing or drawing earlier in the season. Sarri needs to wake up and stop handicapping his star player next to Morata and Willian. Anytime Hazard - Morata - Willian start, we only ever get negative results. We need to stick to Hazard - Giroud- Pedro like Klopp sticks to his front line and stop rotating like Pep does. We simply don't have the horses in attack for any sort of rotation in PL games. Morata and Willian should start in the Europa league and league cup from now on. That's their level
  8. He was blinded by his 2 goals against the Europa league team and Southampton despite Morata missing numerous other chances in both games, offering nothing upfront and generally being the worst player in those matches. I never thought I will see a striker that was worse than Torres was for us. Morata right now is the worst striker we've had in quite some time. What I hate most about him is that he's also a pussy. Zero fight or aggression in him (except when he rolls over like a bitch and cries to the ref about rough treatment). He's soft and absolute garba
  9. I notice his thread is very quiet after another predictable mediocre game. This guy is almost as big a problem as Morata, the only difference is, unlike Morata he can easily be replaced by a better player who scores goals. Willian after 5 years at Chelsea has scored 26 goals in 174 games in the league for Chelsea. He's never, and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong, been a crucial part of Chelsea winning anything important in his time here. Starting him and Morata in the same game is a recipe for failure. The complete toothlessness of our attack led to United being braver in
  10. Please don't ever put Eden's name next to Salah's again. That's massively disrespectful to Hazard. Salah had one good season that was hid purple patch, Hazard has a rather extensive body of work. He's been doing it since he was 19:
  11. When was the last time Chelsea played in that manner vs a top 6 team? Sarri is a god. That was breathtaking to watch, the best I've seen since the days of Vialli and Gullit though a very small sample size so far. The superiority we showed over them in terms of just pure football in that first 40 minutes reminded me of the 5-0 game against Everton. It was the best football I've seen vs a big 6 team since..............I can't really remember. Usually our wins in big games, virtually all of them in the last 6 years have come from counter-attacking efforts. This was a purely possession based
  12. I hate him. He looks like he doesnt even want to be here. f**k him
  13. Fekir, Martial even Dembele at Barca if possible. And in a year or 2, Hudson Odoi will own the left wing.
  14. One of the top 5 players to ever play for Chelsea. Only JT, Lamps and Didier ahead of Eden. Just a few days ago some (i know just a few but still) were questioning his legendary status at the club. If this is his last game for Chelsea I'm happy to see him leave on a high. Shame we never built a truly top quality team around him or employed the right type of (attacking) manager post 2012/Eden Hazard era to build something truly special. We can only imagine what could have been if Hazard had played alongside the likes of A young Didier and Lamps, Ballack, Robben, Essien and so on.
  15. When we score and take the lead we are content with leading instead of attacking with the same intent and going for more goals. I don't think you understand what is being meant by defensive. Even Rudiger pointed this out. We stared with only 3 attacking player today Giroud, Hazard and Barkley. You need to watch how City, Liverpool and Spurs play. They don't settle for the 1-0. They go out to destroy teams. This has been the most boring, insipid and negative season I've seen from Chels in quite some time and 100% of that has to do with the manager and his tactics/approach and mentality. So i do
  16. Some weirdos among our fanbase. Europa league beckons and some are disputing whether Hazard is a legend or not.
  17. Another dubious line up. Another sign of sabotage. Bakayoko, Barkley (who hasn't played for months) in a 3-5-2 against NEW f**king CASTLE. We literally had 3 attack minded players on the pitch against NEWCASTLE today. Conte has been an absolute DISGRACE this season. I never thought I'll see a manager of such standing go out of his way to intentionally destroy a season because he didn't get what he wanted. Even Jose in all his moments of madness always wanted to win because he was a born winnner. It's clear in these last 2 games, Conte didn't try his best to win so could punish us before he f**
  18. Surely he's intentionally tried to hijack our season after our board didn't live up to his demands? No one can be this stupid!
  19. We've been saying the same thing for 4 or 5 years now and nothing has changed. The only players we've had that I feel have been on Eden's wave length are Mata and Cesc. And Mata played with him for one season really (not technically but yes) and Cesc is a central midfielder. And then there's the attacking philosophy. And what's crazy is some of our deluded fans still expect Eden to compete with Messi and Ronaldo. As if that's possible considering the two bolded parts of your comment. Even Ronaldo had a much stronger platform to be to be truly great at United. It's crazy we have such a great pl
  20. He's not interested in going for the 2nd goal. He wants a battering ram up front to win headers and keep possession. But Giroud struggled to win anything aerially and kept on misplacing passes. The logical thing to do was to replace him but Conte just does the same thing over and over regardless of the game situation.
  21. He always makes the same subs in a 3-5-2. Hazard off for Willian and Moses off for Zappacosta. Literally every time. Regardless of if its logical or not. And regardless of the flow of the game. You shouldn't be baffled by something that happens every time.
  22. And Conte was crying that we didn't sign Alex Sandro for 65 million
  23. Games like the one tonight don't reflect to well on him at all. Look at Liverpool's line up tonight: Which makes his excuse of lack of backing in the transfer market all the more shallow and downright laughable. Liverpool attacked City ferociusly in that 1st half. Not just when they had the ball but without the ball they pressed City high up the pitch and didn't give them room to breath and to recyle possession. De Bruyne and Silva were stifled. Conte on the other hand rarely utilizes a high press. He goes into games against teams like City with the mentality that his team has
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