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  1. When you sold him for £50m, that was the greatest sale of a player in history. Buying him back now for £34m isn't that bad considering how the market has gone. It is probably the equivalent of about £20m back when you sold him. I
  2. Any dance music fans here - house, garage, techno or drum & bass/jungle?
  3. Feels like pace is less of a factor now. For some reason, when I was running with Ronaldo, it felt like I was running through custard. Think it will be a lot about skill this time.
  4. On the one hand, you guys had by far the best team in the league last season, so you "need" to upgrade the least out of the top teams, just mere tweaks and young players. However, you lot need to be careful not to fall into the Man City trap of winning the league, buying sh*te players then barely challenging if at all the next season. At the moment no one has really added to themselves yet to worry you, but with Arsenal finally getting their act together by getting a decent keeper and us hopefully getting some new players (Depay and hopefully Ramos and Schneiderlin), plus an extra year of getting to know Louis' tactics, there will be some threat. At the minute though, there really isn't much of a need to panic as some of you are on here. We have more of a right to be worried, considering we haven't been linked with any right backs and Valencia is looking to be our first choice there next season...
  5. http://juanmata8.com/blog/en/i-feel-proud/
  6. Thanks! There were talks about him leaving earlier in the season when he wasn't playing and, even though he has only been here a short time, I just can't imagine him leaving. So damn endearing. It'll be his first time back at SB next weekend. Do you reckon he'll get a good reception, for an opposition player at least?
  7. I'm a United fan, if you couldn't tell by my avatar, and wanted to post that one of the few things that we all have in common is a love for Juan Mata. He is possibly the classiest and nicest footballer I've ever seen. Seriously, what a guy.
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