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  1. Kepa , kante and odoi, 3 players id keep, rest of them are completely replaceable, that includes hazard, barely gets past a brisk walk, he has no passion no effort and doesnt give a f**k about chelsea
  2. We need to get someone in now to get us into top 4, sarri doesnt have a clue, higuain looks sh*te,we are sh*te,
  3. Any game we have won this season has been down to hazards individual brilliance, sarri hasnt added anything to this team or players,
  4. Honestly cant deal with how sh*t we are, they is no progress what so ever,higuain wont change this, player power will no doubt be back soon as the players wont stand for sarri if this comtinues
  5. We actually had a chance to be 9 clear of arsenal n we have done this
  6. Why isnt hudson odoi on, it actually defies belief, sarri just doesnt have a clue unfortunately
  7. f**king barkley first, honestly just end the game
  8. Hazard has been a ghost since the position change, its just ridiculous
  9. Gave sarri the benefit of the doubt over and over but i just dont trust him to turn this team into anything, we are getting worse every week, its all down to playing hazard up front,
  10. Anyone wanna bet that it wil be barkley first to come on aswel ffs

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