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  1. This is quite a bizarre thread, how have I missed it until now?
  2. That chant is brilliant yet utterly dreadful at the same time
  3. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2013/mar/08/paul-clement-englishman-psg Another ex coach/manager to add to the list of people that are doing depressingly well since leaving us - why can't we hold onto these people?!
  4. Just listening to an old Chels podcast, they got Hazard going to the tune of Zigger Zagger and it actually worked really well :D EDEN HAZARD EDEN HAZARD OI OI OI!
  5. The Kalou one is harsh - he very very rarely played the full 90. In fact, he rarely played more than 30 minutes a game, and still managed a better ratio than Torres...
  6. Well, for various reasons (maybe it is the way Terry, Lampard and Cole have been treated) most of us couldn't care less about the national team. Cheering on Gerrard, Rooney, Wilshere etc? f**k that.
  7. Thanks, didn't know it was playing now! Would have been a nice game to watch after this Stoke match :)
  8. I don't think Rafa had any option but to drop him tbh, Stoke will be a tough game and we can't afford to be anything other than at our very best Wouldn't surprise me if Torres started again against Southampton, but I guess in part that depends on how Ba performs now. Then again... why not both?
  9. Yes, he was f**king shocking but the reaction to him going off was bang out of order IMO. Would have much preferred to have had just a massive cheer for Ba. Jonty - I wasn't one of those people, but no need to be quite so smug fella!
  10. I actually agree 100% with this, for us to hold onto Torres but not Lampard and Cole is absolutely f**king mind blowing
  11. He was poor (again) tonight but so were a few of our players, for him to leave the pitch to a chorus of boos is an utter f**king disgrace. Cheer as loud as you can for Ba, sure, but the reception Torres got tonight was IMO out of order
  12. I cannot believe just how many players we have on loan now!
  13. Agreed - to blast them at the keeper under no pressure is NOT something you'd expect from a top striker Saying that, I don't think not scoring is the reason people are getting on his back - it's the fact he looks so disinterested. He went through very long periods without scoring and still the fans got behind him, because he was working his socks off at times, but not now. I was disappointed he blasted it at the keeper, but I was actually quite angry when he just stood still and refused to attack a great ball into the box... playing like that, how many Premier League teams would he get
  14. 7th best? I honestly thought he'd be higher than that, who's above him? Ronaldo, Messi... Rooney? Probably some PSG/Anzi players I guess
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