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  1. We also played Sheff Utd at home and threw away a 2 goal lead, theyre neither good or world class but ya, we should be picking up our first home PL win here. I'd go 4-3-3 though Kepa Azp Zouma Tomori Alonso Kante Jorginho Kovacic Willian Abraham Mount Subs : Willy James Christensen Barkley Pulisic Odoi Michy
  2. The fact Palace wanted him to replace AWB should speak volumes of the level that hes placed himself at after his very successful Wigan loan. I dont think he'll replace Azp just yet but over time, with more first team training and the odd cup match, it is going to happen. I wouldnt blow my load after the performance last night because it was only a mediocre league 2 side he and the youths played but he has certainly shown at times hes more than capable of being the FB we desperately need on that side.
  3. if we dont win this, Frank and Jody should be sent back to the Championship. Win and keep a clean sheet for once, that would be a decent start. Caballero James Zouma Tomori Alonso Barkley Gilmour Pedro Pulisic Odoi Giroud
  4. Lampard, as usual, a bit clueless in big decisions. Mount wasnt 100% it seemed and was the most useless attacking player we had, hes got a fully fit Pedro and Pulisic both benched because well hes a youth product, so he'll get a free pass, even if hes s**t for 90 odd minutes. Tammy and Mount together missed serious chances and in effect, cost us at least 1 point, if not all 3 points between them. As much as a good display against a strong side is encouraging, we're still pretty dire and if it wasnt for Utd and Spurs having relatively s**t starts themselves, we'd be well off the pace for top 4 now. Its nearly October and we've yet to win a home game and at least one of those games was a gimme that we f**ked away a 2 goal lead. If Lampard doesnt sort out the defence we wont finish higher than 8th and nothing in the last 8 competitive matches fills me with confidence that he can., given we've not kept a single clean sheet in any of them
  5. The biggest issue was he missed a relatively easy chance, and then had another great chance from a header before the end of the half. The fact that he didnt even look up for Mount for the square ball is a worry because he has to score once hes taken the decision to be selfish, hes a decent finisher and will hopefully get better but he was a bit brain dead not looking up for a team mate in that situation. Willian is guilty of it nearly every game he plays, so the same criticism I'd give Willian, Tammy has to get also.
  6. What was so frustrating about their goal was the warning signs were there, they worked 2 corners short and got 2 shots off previously to the free kick goal, both were well worked routines but they got shots off from 18 yards out without anybody closing them down. We simply cant defend, no matter who plays in the back line, theres no resolve in this side, theyre far too soft.
  7. You simply cant lose your first home game in the CL and expect a smooth ride, I'd prefer if we finish 4th in the group rather than sink in to the EL. Lampard and his bizarre subs, among other things, have cost us 3 home wins already this season. That result was bad but the performance of the team and a few individuals was poisonous. It makes a trip to Lille in 2 weeks time a must win game, we follow that up with an Ajax double header, first game is away in Amsterdam, in those 3 games, if we dont take at least 6 points, we're done for in the group stages already.
  8. After last nights s**t show, I'm far less confident than I was 24 hours ago. This team is still as weak as water when it comes to doing any defending and a quicker CF would have had joy last night against us, even with 3 at the back their forwards and wide men got joy down the sides of our CBs, if it wasnt for Tomoris pace, we'd have got done on the turn more than once, we wont have that luxury against Mane, Salah, Firmino and their 2 FBs. 3-4-3 can get in the bin as far as Im concerned, go back to 4-3-3, match them up and pray we can outscore them because no matter who we play in the back line, we're not keeping clean sheet. Kepa Dave Rudiger Tomori Emerson Kante Jorginho Kovacic Willian Abraham Pulisic
  9. Barkley has been utter, utter w**k in any competitive game this year for us. He had a good pre season and reverted to type, which is a decent player but nowhere near the standard required for a club with ambitions for top 4. Lamp and Azp have to shoulder as much blame as Barkley for missing that penalty though, every man and his dog knows that Jorginho is the best penalty taker in the club but the manager and captain allowed Barkley to boss the situation. Barkley deserves all the criticism he is getting but as a panto villian, Willian done his best last night to upset Barkley, Jorginho had the good grace to get out of his way but Willian was hovering over the ball like a vulture.
  10. Kepa is 100% at fault for the first goal IMO, the header didnt have massive power behind and he should know Tammy is on the post, he bloody put him there. 😄 So pushing it out to the side instead of stopping it, is something he has to work on. Hes got weak enough wrists, I mean hes got hi shands to penalties and shots in the past and they've still gone in, its not a major criticism but he cancertainly improve that part of his game. Cant fault Kepa for the 2nd though, first shot, if its more in the corner to his right hand side, it probably goes in first time so the rebound goal is nobody's fault really, maybe Alonso for allowing Doherthy to ghost in behind him if you really want to blame someone but if we win every game by 2 or 3 goals this season, I'd happily leave in a few goals at our end. 😄
  11. Ampadu is quality but he has to really nail down a position first, IMO. Hes being used as a CDM for Wales and a CB/CDM at Chelsea. I dont think hes big enough physically to be a CB myself but Azp was fine there in a 3 and Cannavro was hardly useless, was he? Another player from the Academy, Ake, is not a hulking CB and hes a decent player so hes certainly got a chance to make it at Chelsea as a CB but as you were saying, hes so composed on the ball, he could nearly be a Jorginho light, type CDM, keeping it ticking over and getting his side out of trouble. It really depends on how this loan season goes and where Frank sees him for next year, as it stands, we're pretty stacked in CB and CDM options but if he performs well in Germany and impresses in next pre season, theres nothing stopping him playing for us long term, i just hope he identifies where HE wants to play long term and tries to stick with it.
  12. With the CL back, transfer money from Morata, Hazard, next season we should have, and i hate saying it, a war chest of money. I'd prefer if it was used to finally redevelop the Bridge, the team as it stands is the youngest its been for a long time and not only that, the youngsters are pretty decent. There is no better time to spend money on the Bridge than right now with players that will be only entering their prime by the time the updated Bridge would be ready for nearly 60k fans.
  13. I reckon James, because of the lack of competition for his place at the moment. Mount, Abraham, Odoi can all be replaced within the current squad and at a swipe of a pen in the summer if the club decides it. I still think Mount, Abraham and Odoi will all be top class too, as long as they perform, they wont be replaced from the starting XI. I would have had high hopes for Bulka too but signing another relatively young GK that breaks your transfer record, he was never going to stay, unfortunately.
  14. Confident, someone needs to stop the scouse hype train, especially after City lost at the weekend.
  15. We have to go full strength tomorrow night and start off with a win in the CL. Win your 3 home games and you're well set up to top the group and get potentially an easier draw in the K/O stages. I'd go with Kepa Azp Tomori Christensen Alonso Barkley Jorginho Kovacic Willian Tammy Mount Bring in Kante, Rudiger and Emerson for the Pool game if theyre fit. Pulisic could be rotated with Willian but Pulisic himself had a good game against Pool in the super cup and was inches away from scoring an exceptional goal against them.

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