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  1. I think Pulisic being signed early was a back stop to (a) stop the FIFA ban having a huge effect and (b) if Hazard leaves, we'll already have a replacement. Pulisic wont be in competition with Odoi and together, if Odoi stays, they can carry the side forward for 5-7 years.
  2. I want Odoi to start but I reckon it will be all the players who were rested on Sunday and some of the starting XI Team will probably be Kepa Dave Rudi Luiz Emerson Kante Jorginho RLC Pedro Higuain Hazard Subs: Willy Christensen Alonso Kovacic Willian Odoi Giroud
  3. I said awhile back hes got a great opportunity to make it at Chelsea. Himself and the 3 senior wingers have all got 18 months on their contracts left, Hazard could be gone in the summer and Pedro and Willian will be 32 and 31. If Odoi wants to make it Chelsea, he will get his opportunity sooner rather than later but its entirely up to him, theres never been a better time as a young Chelsea winger to get into the side long term, Kakuta and Musonda both looked great back in their day at 18/19 but their path was blocked by multiple players on top of their game or inflated squads, Odoi doesnt have any of that, his 2 main competitors are into their 30s and have 18 months left at the club.
  4. Good game from Emerson but I cant see Sarri dropping Alonso for long, unfortunately, Emerson is a much better FB than Alonso. Alonso, like Moses done a great job as a WB but as FB, hes far too limited in open play.
  5. There wont be a better opportunity to beat Spurs than right now, they're missing so many. Its a cliché but the first goal will be key, if we get it I can see us winning 2-0/3-1. I do hope after Sarri acting up during the press conference the other day that he follows through and benches a few players. I'd like to see Kepa Dave Rudi Luiz Emerson Kante Jorginho Kovacic Odoi Giroud Hazard If available, swap Giroud for Higuain, we just have to end this false 9 sh*t.
  6. Apologies if the cancer remark (re: Alonso) has upset people, it wasnt my intention. Its safe to say everyone has been affected by it at some stage either through a friend or family member suffering. Again, apologies for that loosely constructed analogy.
  7. "SarriBall"will never work with the current FBs. Alonso and Azp are awful getting forward, Azp doesnt try to dribble and usually plays the right pass, Alonso is just aimless with his crossing and his use of the ball in general play, he also spends more time inside than a fat house cat, hes killing our width and the sooner hes f**ked off out of the team, the better. Emerson might not be the answer but by no metric, should Alonso be the automatic LB. Until we sort out the basics of getting width from the FBs, we'll be a very limited side, Spurs, City and Pool all have expansive FBs as it stands, we've none.
  8. I dont think its hyperbolic to suggest Alonso is the worst player that consistently starts for any side in the top 6. If Emerson cant get in over him, we have to move him on, FWIW, I'd play Emerson Thursday and if he performs well, leave him in the team, Alonso is doing nothing for us but killing us, hes a cancer in this side.
  9. Sarri said we dont need another CB if Cahill leaves because we've Ampadu. Thats good to hear.
  10. Everyone working for the club, players, stewards, tea lady, security guards at Cobham, they're all paying tax.
  11. Solanke is going to bournemouth, 19m, we're going to be linked with Wilson now for the next few weeks.
  12. All that those 10 year figures show is Utd are a cash printing machine and that there is no way they should be as bad as they are.
  13. Kepa Zappa Christensen Ampudu Emerson Kante Cesc Kovacic RLC Morata Odoi Bench : No f**king clue, we're down to bare bones as it is. :o
  14. I'm a big Leon Bailey fan but after a brought start in Germany hes faded away badly for Leverkusen. Theres no way, if I was given the choice now of paying 60m for him or Pulisic, that I'd take Bailey over Pulisic. I assumed that Pulisic would either end up at City or Pool or a huge European side, the fact we've beaten them all to the punch is a huge bonus, IMO. Yes, we've overpaid but in todays market, mad prices for potential is going to be the norm, especially when youre buying from another super powerful side like Dortmund. If Hazard, when we sgined him, had been playing for a bigger side than Lille, he'd have cost another couple of million, for example. Now, Pulisic is far from being Hazards level but it shows the price point you have to buy these prestigious talents at, I'm delighted with the signing too. WIth Odoi and Pulisic, we will be sprted on the wings for a decade.
  15. Id be reluctant to take him back but scoring 16 goals in 20 Championship games is a better record than what he had at Bristol at the same period of the season. Hes on course to get about 25-30 goals, hes scored roughly 33% of Villas goals this year, we could do no worse than to at least give him a shot for 5 months. Remember Sarri never wanted him to go on loan in the first place, it was Abrahams call to leave, if he wants a PL loan, we should just bring him back as Giroud is crocked and Morata is broken, we could do with a fella who just sits in the box looking for goals.

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