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  1. I'd make a LOT of changes. Caballero Zappa Christensen Cahill Emerson RLC Ampadu Cesc Moses Morata Odoi SUBS: Bulka Azp, Alonso Barkley, Kante Willian Giroud
  2. Great win but you cant help but look at the f**king awful points dropped against Pool, West Ham, Everton and Wolves. Its so frustrating to see the side play that well but f**k up against smaller sides, its the reason we wont be in a title race this year, we're not consistent enough. City and Pool will steam roll the teams we've dropped points to. If we're being critical, we should have beaten West Ham, Everton and Pool, we should ahve lost to Utd and deserved at least a draw out of the Wolves game, probably more as we were robbed of a peno at 1-0 because Jon Moss is a fat f**king idiot. We should be higher up the table and have at least 6 more points but we need to improve now and win 4 or 5 games on the spin to put pressure on those above us and keep the gap to arsenal and Utd.
  3. City have scored 45 goals in 15 games and have conceded only 7. Even at the height of my optimism I cant see anything other than Chelsea getting turned over and having our belly rubbed, City are operating in a different league to us and the rest of the PL. I just hope its not to embarrassing because against Spurs, we could have lost by 5 or 6 easily and Spurs dont have a patch on City.
  4. This is the only game I actually want Chelsea to lose and hers my logic, I'd rather join ISIS than watch those Scouse c**ts win the PL so when City come to the Bridge, if we lose and they take 3 pts and stay ahead of that lot, so be it. I'm willing to sacrifice this game for the greater good. As it stands, we're in a different league to City anyway, I just hope we don't get embarrassed this weekend as losing 3 out of 4 PL games will be a massive blow to our top 4 chances and we'll be playing catch up to Arsenal/Spurs for the rest of the year and may have to look over our shoulder at Utd.
  5. Delnino


    He is easily the worst player in the team that consistently gets picked. No other club in the top 6 would have him playing as s**t as he does for us reguarly, stinking the place up, costing us goals and missing chances or not playing in team mates. Hes a brain dead footballer who constantly runs down blind allies who cant cross, cant finish and barely beats a man. Sure, he hates Tottenham but other than that, hes cost us a lot of points this year, f**k ups against Everton, West Ham, Liverpool and last night, he has the chance to square to players in better positions but he breaks down the attack by wasting chances. Hes basically a Brazilian Nathan Redmond and theres no way he should be at this club next season.
  6. The thing I'm probably happiest about this game is that Chelsea allowed Tomori and Mount both to play. Playing against their parent club will give them a great feeling and if they perform, could well plant a seed into Sarri's brain for next season.
  7. I'd go with a near full rotation for this and make sure we hammer Palace on Sunday. Big Willy Zappa Christensen Cahill Emerson RLC Cesc Kovacic Moses Giroud Odoi Subs: Kepa Dave Rudi Kante Willian Pedro Morata
  8. Must win game to keep pace with the top teams. Never an easy or enjoyable trip this so hopefully we pull a master class out of the fire and win. Spurs v City means one of our rivals are dropping points so winning is vital. Kepa Azp Rudi Luiz Alonso Kante Jorginho Kovacic Pedro Morata Hazard
  9. Its far too early to be drinking. :o
  10. Just on the Mourinho thing. He can pretty much go f**k himself. He cant expect respect for all hes said about Chelsea since hes taken over Utd, whats embarrassing is that Chelsea fans are backing him up or are still loyal to him. I used to love JM but even towards the end of his 2nd term he was a pale shadow of the guy who won over people with his charm and wit, instead replaced by a broken, insecure man who at any opportunity has to remind us what he won while Chelsea manager. Looking at a few Utd forums too or Utd supporting buddies, those idiots are fully behind JM too, like we were before, not being able to see the wood from the trees with JM is seriously dangerous as Utd are now defending him as if hes won 3 PLs with them. I for one hope JM stays at Utd for a long time because theyre going nowhere fast under him and spending millions every year. I used to love JM, I used to have respect for him but hes far too petty and bitter now a days, hes like an ex who never fully moves on with life trying to drag you down and backwards while you're trying to better yourself and move on from the toxic relationship you once had.
  11. Delnino

    A new striker in January.

    Its pathetic that the club only went into the 2018 season with 2 senior CFs, we should have kept Tammy or Michy for options. At this rate I'd bin Morata, hes had his go and hes been w**k. I'd give Michy a go but in 12 months time we'll be looking to replace him too.
  12. I think Ampadu and Odoi are both injured, Sarri mentioned Odoi in his Man Utd press conference as having an injury. I reckon we'll see Kepa Zappa Christensen Cahill Emerson Kante Cesc RLC Moses Morata Pedro
  13. We're going to win this game. They've won 3 PL games at the bridge in 20 years and one of them was a con job by Clattenburg where Torres was wrongfully sent off. Jose and this Utd squad dont have a player that can stop Hazard in the mood hes in, last year, an out of sorts Hazard tore them to bits at Wembley, this Hazard is considerably more dangerous and in form and lets face, that game where Herrera shut him down was a once off from the little Spanish c**t, I hate Herrera more than any current Utd player as he acts the hard man, kicking players around the pitch but as soon as hes touched, he goes down like hes been shot. Utd have a threat, they've got quality players but Jose isnt half the man he used to be and he only knows one way to setup against an attacking, free flowing side and thats firmly parking the bus, hoping to nick a goal from a set piece or counter and giving up 60/65% of the ball. Chelsea 3-1 is what I'd guess.
  14. I still reckon we'll win the league. If and its a massive if, Morata or Giroud can chip in with 15 PL goals it will go a long way to lifting the pressure on Hazard. As it stands, were comfortably better than Spurts and Utd and not far off City. We're on par with Pool, if not better as individuals across the pitch in some areas and arsenal have had a great run since they lost to us and City back to back. The back line is still an issue but with us having nearly 65/70% of the ball every game, we should create more chances than we give up, even against Pool we were comfortable until the out of the blue strike form Sturridge.
  15. It could be worse, you could be Irish. I usually go to all home games but its not worth it now with the amount of sh*t football that Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane serve up. I, and any Irish Chelsea fan I know, count down the days for the real football to come back and not to be subjected to 90mins of hoof ball. :o