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  1. I was unhappy with the appointment of such an inexperienced manager, and as a result I received a lot of abuse on this forum, so I walked away from this forum for the first few months of last season. There are people here who are more Lampard supporters than Chelsea supporters.
  2. I suspect Utd and Liverpool want to ditch the league cup and community shield, to give them more time to play lucrative friendlies overseas, like in America, or Asia.
  3. Liverpool & Man Utd, making the first move toward a super league by the looks of it. Some very bad things in the proposal, with some gifts to sweeten it. Liverpool & Man Utd fans may be rivals but the American owners clearly get along well.
  4. Salary numbers in the media are always speculation. The only people who know how much players actually earn are the club, the player, the players agent, and HMRC.
  5. Whoscored https://www.whoscored.com/Matches/1485212/Live/England-Premier-League-2020-2021-West-Bromwich-Albion-Chelsea
  6. Grow up, this is the Mendy thread. If you want to bring shame to the term Chelsea supporter by constantly insulting a Chelsea player please keep in the Kepa thread, so the rest of us can avoid it.
  7. Papy is the only one of the three from Senegal, Mendy and Ba, are both born in France
  8. His position is AM, he played elsewhere when needed. You ask any German football fan who has watched him play, he excels as an AM, Chelsea did not pay so much money to stick him out on the wing.
  9. Hardly the friends of the owners. City are owned by the Royal family that rule Abu dhabi. Many sponsors are from Abu Dhabi, when the government runs the team I wonder if they were told to get involved. https://www.mancity.com/club/partners/etihad-airways https://www.mancity.com/club/partners/etisalat https://www.mancity.com/club/partners/visit-abu-dhabi https://www.mancity.com/club/partners/first-abu-dhabi-bank https://www.mancity.com/club/partners/healthpoint
  10. My interpretation is Chelsea paid £62m, addons can take it up to a possible €100m, if every bonus payment is activated.
  11. Chelsea: Season Preview 2020-21 from statsbomb https://statsbomb.com/2020/09/chelsea-season-preview-2020-21/
  12. The underwear model wishes he was half the footballer Messi is. I understand that casual football fans fans like yourself like the CR7 is he scores a lot of goals, but that is all he does. Messi, is an elite goalscorer, passer, dribbler, creater, if R9 had not been blighted by injures he probably have become the GOAT. To even compare Messi to CR7 is just plain insulting to Messi.
  13. You are calling Messi a coward for deciding to not enter into a long and drawn out legal battle with the club he has been at since he was 13. Messi is angry with the Barca board, but I assume he still cares about the club and fans after so many years, to end his time there with a messy legal battle would be awful.
  14. Rather shortsighted of Barca, they are in a bad situation financially. They could do with an approx 100m the could get selling Messi to city. Forcing him to stay one more season against his will, so he can then leave for free next season makes no sense.
  15. Pochettino is a brilliant manager, it is a shame that some people do not appreciate his abilities because he managed a team like spurs.
  16. I can't believe you said Pep never really played a big part in anything. Pep played 11 seasons for Barca, won 6 La Liga, 1 Copa Del Rey, 4 Supercopa de España, 1 European Cup, 1 Cup winners Cup, 2 UEFA Super Cup. Johan Cruyff even named Pep in his all-time world 11 https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11096/10607132/johan-cruyff-picks-all-time-world-xi-pep-guardiola-makes-the-team
  17. Pretty standard for the Swiss Ramble https://twitter.com/SwissRamble
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