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  1. I think there’s been rumors of our interest in signing Kessié on a free. I don’t want us to sign Saúl permanently but I also find fault in judging him after one poor display.
  2. A perfect storm of a short preseason and Alonso playing well. Chilwell will be back as our starter eventually.
  3. Seems we get what is paid for. That’s not much.
  4. Genuine question: how much are PL match officials paid?
  5. I think this could happen in January, with a 6 month loan back to Sevilla. That is how the Pulisic deal was structured.
  6. Have to think that if this is not happening this window, we will be back in for him in January or next summer.
  7. Sounds like Sevilla are trying to f**k us now. Talk about operating in bad faith. I still expect Marina to bend them to her will today.
  8. It’s funny, people on Sevilla’s side don’t think it will happen. All the reports from the Chelsea beat say it will. We’ll see.
  9. I took it as @RIP Mourinho was saying that Jorginho is really good and better than Gilmour, and they play the same position. So it was a relevant comparison in that regard, and his point was that even some of the best players in our team (and in the world) would struggle in a side as sh*tty as Norwich. He wasn’t picking on Jorginho - Jorginho just happens to play the same position as Gilmour and is a very very good player.
  10. It’s entirely possible that Saul would end up being an expensive waste of space. But we don’t know that, unless someone can see into the future. To compare him with Drinkwater is pretty harsh. What has Ampadu done, at all, to provide any confidence that he can contribute? This excessive infatuation with our youth amongst the fan base is puzzling to me.
  11. Kounde is looking more likely now than ever. Not sure what you’re seeing.
  12. We just won the CL without a left footer. If that was actually a priority for Tuchel or the board, we’d be signing a left footed center half instead of Kounde.
  13. This deal reminds me so much of the Kovacic deal. Saul is a bit older now than Kovacic was when we loaned him. But shades. The responses are even similar amongst the posters. Personally, I love the loan move. I don’t really want it to be made permanent at this point, but if he performs well then so be it. A loan is very low risk on our side for a player of his quality.
  14. Imagine he, Christensen, and Chalobah as our back 3 of the future. Salivating.
  15. Quite, quite good. More to come too. Bakayoko loan fee, Barkley will leave too. Wouldn’t shock me to see RLC go on loan again as well. Plus the fee for Zouma’s sale. We will get close to coming out even on the Lukaku and Kounde deals.
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