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  1. He drove forward with the ball well a few times yesterday but then messed up every final decision. I’m not sure if we will keep him or not but I’d lean towards selling him. If we get Havertz across the line, then he slots into the number 8 spot ahead of Barkley. And I think Barkley is blocking Anjorin.
  2. Obviously I don’t think it has an actual effect on the transfer. He’s not our player yet. Should we start a topic in the General forum about any player we are linked with then?
  3. I think the reverse of this bit is more accurate. Only way we sign Rice is if we sell Jorginho. A lot of the recent reports indicate this is likely the case.
  4. Willian confirms his departure from Chelsea Football Club.
  5. That could honestly be the worst sell list I’ve seen to date.
  6. Because you’re creating a thread in the General section, as if it’s done. It’s not official yet.
  7. You guys are really trying to jinx this move, huh? Second time someone has made a thread in the General section. Nothing is official until the clubs announce it.
  8. Yeah you are on a short list of people who think that.
  9. They should have made it all red without the blue stripes, or kept the stripes and swapped the red for yellow.
  10. Whoever made that comparison has no idea what they’re talking about.
  11. The odds of an injury serious enough to threaten the deal are slim, and it would have to be pretty serious - like James McCarthy or Luke Shaw-broken leg serious - to put us off the deal. Anything short term or even a few months, and it still benefits us to sign him for the long run.
  12. Yeah agreed. Also, one thing we all should keep in mind: the club would be signing Kai with the intention of him being a Blue for half a decade, and hopefully more. If we have to wait for Europa to end and the only consequence is he misses the start of our season due to a shortened preseason, it’s a fair trade to make and Chelsea still will reap high rewards this season and beyond from the player.
  13. I think therein lies the problem. Frank is willing to play with 3 at the back and 2 wingbacks, but at the end of the day he wants to play 4 at the back.
  14. In my opinion, I think everything has gone quiet because the deal is done and all that’s left is Leverkusen’s Europa campaign to end.
  15. It’s a goal or assist every 142 minutes, not sure where you are pulling your ratio from.

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