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  1. I have not kept up on this whole situation as well as I should have. Is there some sort of law or construction code that prevents the club from building on to Stamford Bridge? Specifically thinking of adding seats by building it higher.
  2. It does sound like most players will have a case to say “my contract is up June 30 or July 1” and sign elsewhere, if not ahead of time. For deals like Ziyech, it sounds like if he wants, he’ll have a strong case to be a Chelsea player July 1 no matter what.
  3. I think we may have to cancel the season, promote Leeds and WBA, and play a 22 team table next season. Rumors are many PL teams are pushing for this.
  4. Let me know if you do, I didn’t even know who he was at the time so I’m curious how he played against us. Can’t be too expensive, I’d guess somewhere around £30m. Some of these smaller clubs are going to get lowballed because they’ll just need to generate funds coming out of the COVID-19 shutdown. Unfortunate but it will happen.
  5. Lot of smoke on Twitter about this one. Seems very similar to the twitter outbreak with Ziyech a couple days before we signed him. I’ll wait for Matt Law to tweet it before I get excited though. Looks like a good, strong young CB.
  6. What shirt number do we reckon he will wear? If Willian goes, I could see him taking the number 10 shirt.
  7. I believe Jovic has played just off the striker or even as a number 10 in the past, so we could probably get him and Tammy on the pitch at the same time.
  8. Fair enough, my apologies.
  9. I’m so torn on NGolo. If he’s healthy then he changes our team. Because when he’s healthy, he’s always in form. I think that’s been the problem this year. He’s had nagging injuries, so he hasn’t played well. And a lot of people are linking that to the thought that he doesn’t fit in Franks system. I think he fits just fine. I do think, that if the club foresees the injuries becoming a regular issue as he ages (can’t believe he’s 29 already) then it is definitely better to sell him one season too early rather than one season too late.
  10. He’s been on about Cook for a couple years now. Best to ignore the troll.
  11. Let’s not get carried away here. Gilmour has looked good but he shouldn’t be walking into the starting 11 just yet.
  12. She literally just got Ziyech for less than £40m.
  13. mwblue10


    I’ve heard that’s our 3rd kit, not anything more.
  14. I think we can afford that and plenty more without worrying about FFP. I had a long post in another thread that I’ll try and find, that broke down, based on outgoing sales from this past summer, players likely to be sold this summer, and players that have already agreed to join a club permanently (Morata). We are so far into the black it’s almost laughable. Without counting the Hazard money, which could reach as much as £130m, we still should see comfortably north of £200m come in via player sales this summer. That’s in addition to whatever budget the club has worked in to the business for transfers (we’ve never really been a club that has been stretched financially as to where we needed to sell players before we could buy them anyways, at least in the Roman era). Now, just because we have all of that money, doesn’t mean we will turn around and spend every penny. That’s with good reason, considering it’s likely a sum of roughly £350m or more. But it certainly gives us a good amount to buy players with without needing to worry about FFP as everything will be offset. A more specific example. Just the Hazard and Morata money with pay us a minimum of £146m and maximum of £186m. I think it’s fair to say we will have a few of the kickers activated with Hazard and get more than the minimum there. So, with Ziyech costing roughly £37m, and Sancho £120m, we are coming out ahead just on these 4 transactions and could come out well ahead - upwards of £29m. That’s before we buy anyone else. We’re in good shape.
  15. Sure but that was the year ending June 30. So the Hazard money and all other sales and loan fees we have collected will go on this year and offset any loss and then some. Plus the Morata money will finely come due. FFP is not much of an issue.

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