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  1. New 5 year deal official! https://www.chelseafc.com/en/videos/v/2020/01/16/reece-james---2025--JocDcyajE6f-Z9D2fME6ePN998kPUmTY
  2. That makes sense, since Guehi when there on loan too.
  3. Should have bought him when Sporting had all of their issues. Patricio was able to leave for free and go to Wolves. Could have had Fernandes for pennies on the dollar.
  4. I think Chilwell has a ton of potential, but I've said from the start we should go after Grimaldo or Gaya instead, or Telles. Telles is the best of the 4 right now but obviously he's much older than the rest - but he's probably available this month. I think we could roll with Telles starting and Emerson as back up for the next few years. Chilwell may well end up being a great player, but he comes with a huge opportunity cost. I can't see us signing Chilwell and also forking out a huge amount for Sancho or another pricey winger/attacker.
  5. Mount and James can more than cover our set pieces moving forward.
  6. TAMMY!!! Hell of a buildup by CHO and James and great cross by James.
  7. I think it’s pretty obvious that the club is not seriously considering this transfer.
  8. I think if that’s the case with Sancho, then a loan like this is perfect. 6 months for squad depth. In the summer sign Sancho, hopefully get Willian back on a 1 year deal, and roll with Sancho-Willian-CHO-Pulisic as our 4 main wingers next season.
  9. How has he been at Atletico? I haven’t watched them since he signed there.
  10. That would be interesting. He’s had a good season so far.
  11. I think I would prefer Soumare from Lille, who we’ve also been linked to, to Fernandes.
  12. Diop or Soyuncu seems to be the general consensus.
  13. Consider yourself lucky and better informed because of it.
  14. Keep in mind, Bill Barnwell is an idiot.

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