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  1. Is it just me, or has Pulisic been completely underwhelming this entire season?
  2. Yeah Ziyech was unimpressive as well but I think he played while not fully fit.
  3. Its easy to nitpick and pull out this one clip out of context, but Jesus Christ look at this twat. Just walks around, no urgency. Embarrassing. He needs to play better for sure, but I’d be content with him just trying harder to start.
  4. In certain situations, I would definitely be open to Gilmour playing. Sunday was a great example.
  5. Could not have done worse than any other player on the pitch, everyone was complete sh*t in the first half.
  6. Probably was not fully fit, not a great decision by SFL to start him.
  7. The problem is, Kante and Mount never get a rest because the alternatives (Jorginho and Kovacic) aren’t good enough. Both of them have played way too many minutes with how much running they do on the pitch. Adding Rice, who I was skeptical about but he seems to be the real deal, and selling Jorginho would change our team entirely.
  8. I typically would tend to agree with you, you make a good point. This City game is on where I would expect him to be useful, particularly keeping possession in tight spaces against their press. But he’s been useless. You’re right though, probably should keep him as a squad player.
  9. Not sure what Kovacic brings to the side anymore. I’ve defended him constantly but he doesn’t offer much. I think he is one we should look at selling - fees for him and Jorginho should net enough to make a run at Rice in the summer.
  10. At some point, the players need to play better. They’re professionals. Agreed Frank could do better in a few areas but we still have a strong team who is severely underperforming.
  11. I must admit, I have no idea who would be available as I’ve not paid as much attention to other leagues this season, but if someone is available on loan in January that would probably be ideal. Don’t think we need to go spending money on a winger on a permanent deal in January. If it weren’t for injuries, our wingers would be the brightest spot in our squad. Either hope the injuries don’t continue to occur or loan someone for 6 months, then invest further in the position in the summer.
  12. Completely agree. His game is all about movement and pace.
  13. Seems that he’s a gained a little pace and burst on the ball too. Constantly going past people.
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