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  1. Costa and Luis from Atletico in 2014, too.
  2. I read from a few different journos that he is easily one of the best Championship players. Don’t know too much about him and haven’t seen him play.
  3. Good player at a great price. I like this one.
  4. His agent has confirmed that they have spoken to Chelsea about a move.
  5. His agent has confirmed that they have spoken to Chelsea about a move.
  6. I have to say, injuries aside, Pulisic has blown me away with his contributions this season. I was not particularly excited about the signing, but if he stays healthy then we've got quite a player. Look for him to get a little stronger over the next couple seasons and he will be a complete force, in my opinion.
  7. I think at this point, the only way I'll be ok with us not getting Sancho, is if we get Havertz instead.
  8. I think that was this season that he made his debut as a sub, but it sure does feel like a lifetime ago!
  9. Completely agree Scott. Players rebound well from injuries these days and Sane is class. If there’s any sort of exodus from City, we should be all over him.
  10. Definitely did not put himself in a good situation and I really hope he didn’t rape her. If he did, that’s awful. That being said, let’s hold off on the “we need to get rid” and jumping to other conclusions. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time a woman has accused a famous rich person of sexual assault in pursuit of financial gain and that could be the case here. Either way, a bad choice by him to invite her over.
  11. I believe that is unofficial. First time I’ve seen the home and away kits rumored. The third kit was leaked on footy. I am sure the virus is the cause of the delayed kit releases, as normally we would have made an announcement already and typically wear them for one of the last home matches. That being said, if BR is correct then I quite like the home and away kits. The third kit isn’t great but we don’t wear our third kit very often anyways. At least they threw it on Ziyech and that badass can make anything look good.
  12. Atletico is obligated to buy Morata, which has really benefitted us in light of the virus outbreak.
  13. I’ve thought for awhile now that Depay coming back to the PL would be interesting. Maybe it would turn out similar to Salah and he would be really very good this time around. He certainly fits the mold of the type of attacker we seem to be interested in due to the fact that he is versatile and can play multiple positions, like Werner.
  14. If he’s available on loan, we should be all over it. This guy was built for the PL. Chelsea could make it a similar deal to Kovacic, and Real has shown they are more than open to doing business with us, especially recently.

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