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  1. That part is more worrying, agreed.
  2. Exactly! It’s a non-story. Anybody who has ever been involved in sport knows that there are bust ups all the time.
  3. Slot Aguero into the 11 about the same amount that Giroud gets this year, maybe a bit more, and it would be perfect.
  4. I think it would be worth it. If his workload is managed I’m sure we could keep him healthy. Would be shocking if we got both Aguero and Donnarumma on frees.
  5. If Inter are strapped for cash, why wouldn’t we go for Martinez rather than Lukaku? Younger and better, although likely more expensive than Lukaku.
  6. Lukaku turns 28 in 6 weeks. While not old, the price for him would not fit our business model. I’m sure he could do fine here and would score goals, but I don’t see us paying what it would cost for a player who is already 2-3 years into his prime.
  7. Minimally, these decent showings he’s been having are keeping his value a little higher ahead of a likely loan or sale in the next year.
  8. Rather than going Queen’s Gambit and playing the moves out on your ceiling, you can now just open the travel bag, rip out a kit, and play for real. Seriously though, I didn’t mind the shirt until this new picture turned up. Thought the digital renderings just had a glitch or something, but nope. Literally that whole side is checkered. Eh, well, might just have to win the league in it then. Still like the yellow, I’ll say.
  9. Not sure why we have 1/3 of the kit setup to play chess on...
  10. I’d be surprised if we stick to a back 3 in the long term with Tuchel, so more traditional winger setups could be coming next season. Think with essentially the same 3 at the back and wingbacks as Conte had (besides Moses), Tuchel is using this system because it suits best the players that he wants to play or trusts most to play.
  11. Giroud can do a job battling Pepe but I also think Werner would give them fits centrally with his runs and his pace. Havertz too.
  12. That’s an excellent description: passive. Could use that to describe all of our attacking play recently but Chilwell epitomizes it. Somebody needs to start taking risks, and soon.
  13. They could at least make it yellow, in this instance. That way it would match the Nike swoosh and badge, making it stand out a tiny bit less.
  14. Excellent player but this doesn’t seem realistic, unless we sell either CHO, Pulisic, or Ziyech.
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