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  1. You smoking your own product there, Heisenberg?
  2. There are rumors coming out of France that PSG is reciprocating interest after Bakayoko said he would like to play there one day. https://readchelsea.com/2019/06/25/psg-interested-in-chelsea-midfielder-tiemoue-bakayoko/ Makes sense since Leonardo is back at PSG after signing Baka on loan at Milan last season.
  3. I'm going to assume he did not end up requiring surgery if he is already running in the pool. Good sign, he may well be back sometime during the preseason.
  4. Their official account just tweeted it too. Should be all tied up in the next couple days I’d imagine!
  5. We have Batshuayi as well, and honestly all 3 (Tammy, Giroud, Michy) will be better options than Morata, even with a striker by committee approach And your direct quote was “I hope he gets back”, so that would indicate you want him back
  6. You might be the only Chelsea fan in the world that wants Morata to come back
  7. Our only option is to purchase him right? We could not extend the loan? If we could extend the loan, I'd be all for that. Gives us cover for the transfer ban season and doesn't lock us into a bad deal.
  8. From some of the articles I've read about Derby's tactics this season - I didn't actually see them play other than the playoff final against Villa - it sounds like they send in a lot of crosses and get people into the box. That would be ideal for Tammy and Michy being that they aren't the most technical players but can finish in the box.
  9. Looks like his recovery is progressing nicely.
  10. He’s actually played centrally often for the national team. I don’t have the stats in front of me, but it would not surprise me if he’s played centrally more than on the wing. They like to move him around. For example, against Guyana earlier this week, he was playing centrally, and then the very next game he plays on the left.
  11. Pulisic has looked class tonight. A goal and 2 assists (should have 3), at the 74’ mark. Again, not great competition in T&T, but he’s dominating as you would expect him to.
  12. Even though Giroud doesn't broadcast it much, I'm pretty sure he's been quoted along similar lines as the others.

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