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  1. Right, but in this case all I’m saying is it’s likely that he is at least talking with us.
  2. Generally I would agree, but in this instance, the player has publicly stated that he is a Chelsea fan and it is the only English club he would sign for. Makes it a unique situation, and limits the field slightly.
  3. That would quite foolish, almost comically foolish, and quite hard to believe. Regardless of the transfer ban, I would think the club is still assessing targets and working out deals in case the ban is frozen. If not, then they’d already be a step behind when the window opens.
  4. His agent just stated that they are talking to multiple teams, and if I’m not mistaken, specifically mentioned that they have not committed to Bayern.
  5. Activating the 1 year renewal probably just means we will sell him and get some money back. Would have been gone on a free otherwise, obviously.
  6. And interestingly enough, Sarri specifically mentioned Jovic by name in his post match presser tonight - called him a wonderful striker.
  7. We will get a front row seat in the UEL semis to see what this guy is all about.
  8. I would tend to agree, but I meant it in the sense that if we were spending a load of money specifically on an attacking midfielder, there’s better options than Coutinho. There are more pressing needs, for sure.
  9. If we are going to fork out £100m+ on a player, I certainly hope it isn’t Coutinho. He’s good but we would be better off signing SMS or Fernandes IF we are going to spend that much money on an attacking midfielder.
  10. From the analysis I’ve read about his playing style, it sounds like he is much more of a run onto the ball and get in behind type winger, rather than a take on type player. Sounds like something that would fit our style of play and help with our movement. I know there has been a lot of talk about Hazard and Willian congesting attacks. Imagine Luiz pinging long balls to a strong, fast winger like Pepe rather than Pedro? Sounds good to me. Plus, it appears that Pepe has quality finishing ability too. I would completely be on board with this signing, as well.
  11. One of the funniest player interviews I’ve ever seen
  12. He’s been out of form, but what I’ve been much more disappointed in is his poor effort and piss poor attitude. He doesn’t try hard at all, is always walking/jogging about the pitch. Here in the US, we would ask for a little hustle.
  13. I didn’t read through the entire thread so I’m sure it was already mentioned, but Pedro was shockingly bad today. Happy with the win and away goal though, we are in control coming into next week.
  14. The funny thing is, he could quite easily hit 20 goals this season. At 16 after today, so it’s well within reach. Wonder what they’ll have to say then? Prob the same sh*t.
  15. Barkley? Good assist today but he’s so limited as a player. RLC Kante and Jorginho is easily our best midfield with the current players we have. You can argue against Jorginho, but he was solid again today. In the last 2 games, our lineups have resulted in him being afforded more time on the ball and it shows his quality much more clearly. RLC was an absolute beast today, so much fun to watch.

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