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  1. I have seen a few people mention they would have rather had Varane. I’m not sure. By all accounts, Kounde was loads better in La Liga this past season. To me, Kounde seems to be a more exciting signing with much more upside.
  2. Did Sevilla play 3 at the back? If not, then it doesn’t matter - would mean he’s just fine in a back 4. Players can be good at both. We just happen to have a couple that are much better in a 3 (Christensen, Rüdiger)
  3. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, at this point. Also, Kounde is a full international. I’m not sure it’s fair to compare the 3 of them at this point. It’s reasonable to say that Kounde is the best of the 3 right now.
  4. Did he play against us in the CL group stages at all last season? We absolutely tore them to shreds in the away match.
  5. That can’t be the rumored price for Lewandowski, can it? Even at his age, I’d guess in the market he’d go for double that. Regardless, if there’s no deal to be done for Haaland and Lewandowski is open to a new challenge, he’s EASILY the best option.
  6. mwblue10

    New CB?

    Cheers. Lad must not have much ambition.
  7. mwblue10

    New CB?

    Forgive my ignorance, who is Romero?
  8. Could bring the price down being that no other clubs have been reported to be involved.
  9. Hakimi has a heck of a left foot, considering he’s right footed. I think we can spell Chilwell on the left on occasion. Wouldnt be surprised if he was moved further up the pitch if Tuchel employs a back 4. This guy is a hell of a player, and like @ForeverCarefree mentioned, the opportunity has presented itself and Chelsea seems to be jumping on it.
  10. The Athletic is reporting our interest in Hakimi. It was previously reported that PSG had agreed to terms with him, however, if we could get him I would love to see him in Tuchel’s side. Can play RWB or further up the pitch if we move to a back 4.
  11. We would get at least £50m for Pulisic alone but I doubt he’s going anywhere. £100m for the lot you listed would be very, very low.
  12. mwblue10

    New CB?

    If we bring in a bigger name CB, I hope it’s Varane. If we bring in a bit younger option that has the potential to be a top player in a couple years time, either Kounde or Lacroix could be good. If Thiago has resigned, combined with the reborn top player of Rüdiger, I think we are ok at CB. Bring 2 of the following in to compete for a spot: Sarr, Guehi, or Tomori (think Milan buy him though). Probably sell Zouma (I’ll sadly miss Happy!). The counter argument to this thought is this: are we better off bringing in a top CB or a high potential CB so that we can better manage Thiago’s minutes and avoid those muscular injuries? Is a back 3 of Rüdiger-Christensen-Azpi good enough? I think it can be. And here’s a final thought: what do we think about Tuchel’s experimentation with Reece at RCB? Azpi can’t play forever. If we stick with the 3 CB 2 WB formation, maybe Tuchel likes James at RCB long term and in that case, we bring in a new RWB rather than a CB. In my opinion, Reece is going to be a top, top RB/RWB and really there’s a strong case he already is. So I wouldn’t mess about there.
  13. I definitely could now see that happening. In the 2 days since my post, there’s been some reporting that we’ll be after both (Matt Law specifically). If so, I think it makes our team stronger, no question.
  14. I still doubt that we will sign a big name expensive striker. Think we are better off grabbing Sancho, moving to a back 4, and playing some version of a 4-4-2 or 4-2-4. Lukaku does seem to be the most likely at this point, if we do sign a striker.
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