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    mwblue10 reacted to bisright1 in Kai Havertz coming to Chelsea   
    It could be a ploy to get a rival team to up their bid. 😆
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    mwblue10 reacted to Stim in Kai Havertz coming to Chelsea   
    How reliable is this account 
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    mwblue10 reacted to evissy in Kai Havertz coming to Chelsea   
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    mwblue10 reacted to SFL82 in Kai Havertz coming to Chelsea   
    How? No one has even shown Interest let alone made a bid, according to near enough everyone who makes a living out of knowing this stuff he has already signed just not announced. 
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    mwblue10 reacted to Amputechture in Kai Havertz coming to Chelsea   
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    mwblue10 reacted to big blue in Kai Havertz coming to Chelsea   
    The deal is done. He will be a chelsea player. 
    There is no hijack. 
    It has took a long time, because it is a massive deal, and made more complicated by the current climate. 
    Im sure there will be a nice announcement video next week, and then we can move this into general.
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    mwblue10 got a reaction from Jezz in Ter Stegen   
    Oblak is the same height as ter Stegen. I found that interesting considering Kepa is only an inch shorter than them and could very well still have a longer reach. Just something to think about for those posturing for Oblak, as he’s really not that big.
    I think we shouldn’t worry about height and size as much. Sometimes ability to dominate the box just requires physicality and I think that’s where Kepa really falls short - he’s pretty soft. At essentially the same size as Kepa, Oblak and ter Stegen are more physical and just want it more. That’s the big difference in my opinion.
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    mwblue10 reacted to bluedave in Kai Havertz coming to Chelsea   
    I kind of hope we never announce anything and he just shows up on the pitch against Brighton.
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    mwblue10 reacted to SFL82 in Declan Rice to Chelsea?   
    What got on my tits about that is “would represent a major coup for Chelsea as some of Europe’s biggest clubs have shown interest”.
    As if we are some little squirts, the most successful English  club domestically and in Europe over the past 15 years, in the most watched league in the best city...a coup..f off 
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    mwblue10 reacted to bisright1 in Kai Havertz coming to Chelsea   
    He's easily the most reliable journalist for transfers. I don't really care if he's a bit annoying. 
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    mwblue10 reacted to evissy in Kai Havertz coming to Chelsea   
    He seems a nice bloke. Reliable on transfernews...
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    mwblue10 reacted to ForeverCarefree in Kai Havertz coming to Chelsea   
    It's almost as if £100m deals don't just happen overnight. 
    Who knew? 
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    mwblue10 reacted to Slojo in Welcome N’Golo Kante   
    This seems to be the recurring theme "he's world class!", not by last season he isn't, and it can't be ignored. Kante had a long break and when we came back he still wasn't playing well, we have to be realistic here, 29 years old, lots of injuries, a game that relies around pace, if we get a good offer, we should definitely consider accepting it. 

    I wouldn't say I'm eager when it comes to selling Kante at all, only if a good offer came in. I'm still hoping we can get the old Kante back, but I haven't been too impressed with Kante for over a year now I have to say and I don't have a lot of faith that we'll ever see the Kante we had under Conte playing for us again. 
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    mwblue10 reacted to Malcolm9 in Welcome Hakim Ziyech   
    He has better pace than both of those, plus his passing is on another level as well as being more of a goal threat to.
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    mwblue10 got a reaction from bisright1 in Donnarumma   
    The difference is he’s been playing steadily for Milan since he was 16. Much more experienced and established than any other 21 year olds in recent memory.
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    mwblue10 reacted to big blue in Rate this transfer window out of 10   
    Really wouldnt worry about what players are still here, window doesnt shut until early october, im sure there will be loads of late deals, as teams start to recover financially. 
    Incomings i think it is an 8 now, 9 with havertz, and 10 with havertz and a goalkeeper.
    Really impressed how we have operated since lampard and cech have come in. I know marina has been given credit, and rightly so, but windows havent always gone so well with her negotiating before, so i think the former are having a big influence, in terms of persuading targets, and also having enough clout in the boardroom to make things happen fairly quickly.
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    mwblue10 got a reaction from IndianaBlue85 in Kai Havertz coming to Chelsea   
    You’re only hearing that from earlier posts showing tweets from German sources, in this thread.
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    mwblue10 reacted to DarkMata in Kai Havertz coming to Chelsea   
    I'm about to clock off for the long weekend so things are looking up,  just the long commute home left.  Although the route from the back bedroom to the front room can be a nightmare at times, especially the Friday before the bank holiday weekend.  Thanks for asking hope you're doing well my friend.
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    mwblue10 reacted to Amputechture in Welcome To Chelsea Thiago Silva *Official*   
    An overreaction might be warranted then considering we'll be 6-0 up at half time with Werner, Ziyech and Havertz all bagging a brace.
    We're winning the quadruple!!
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    mwblue10 reacted to yorkleyblue in Welcome to Chelsea Ben Chilwell   
    Why is everyone in here quoting £50 million plus add-ons when everything I have seen in the press says £45 million?  
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    mwblue10 reacted to axman2526 in Kai Havertz coming to Chelsea   
    Same people who told us Chilwell is done at 50mill and Silva us signed up have told us this deal is agreed the fine details are just being done. So hopefully soon.
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    mwblue10 reacted to dansubrosa in 2020-21 season team   
    Makes me laugh how Man United spent 200m and everybody is saying Ole has overachieved. Now we’re spending similar amount of money and everyone is saying a title challenge is the minimum expected from Lampard!
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    mwblue10 reacted to RIP Mourinho in Malang Sarr   
    Can we stop creating new threads and just let the mods move over the rumours thread.
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    mwblue10 reacted to Skinnedy in Malang Sarr   
    Will head out on loan. This was a no-brainer for Chelsea. If he develops at all, he should be an 8 figure asset. Brilliant business, and thank you Malang Sarr for agreeing.
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    mwblue10 reacted to Chelsbear in Welcome to Chelsea Ben Chilwell   
    Lot of doom and gloom merchants.
    Good signing for us, he's young, home grown. Not to mention the best English and Chelsea left back of all time thinks he's going to do the business. Trust Ash and Lamps over most. 
    Welcome Ben
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