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  1. There is almost nothing literally between these two players. And if anything Gueye has the better stats. So yeah... it all adds up. Chances are that had Gueye chosen Leicester and Kante Villa, their teams would have the exact same positions and stats.
  2. Gueye was widely held as the superior player for as long as Gueye was on the bigger team (Lille) and Kante was on the lesser team (Caen). So far the difference between the players mostly boils down to career choices.
  3. My comments on Gueye originated from me suggesting Chelsea buy Gueye and being ridiculed for the suggestion. Then Chelsea went on and bought Kante. Now someone restarted the debate from a few months back and it wasn't me.
  4. Gueye entered the worst Aston Villa side in history. So not much he could do, but he was still doing his best impression of a one man army. Everton finished last season on 11th during a period that Liverpool, Chelsea, Man Utd were in transition. Everton are now 7th, just behind the big 6. Before that Gueye was the key behind Lille's Ligue 1 successes and Lille fell apart after he left (not only him, but he was the biggest loss since Hazard). A lot of people have Gueye as the signing of the season and most Everton fans have him as their player of the season. Even Xfactor confirme
  5. Steve Walsh... you know the guy behind all the purchases for Leicester that helped them be champions? The guy that actually made Ngolo Kante a household name? The guy who is the sole reason Ngolo Kante is with Chelsea?
  6. It's irrelevant. The one stat that stands out is Gueye 71 tackles with a 49% success rate to Mystery Man's 33 (who BTW is Jake Livemore). Honestly: Ask any Everton fan or just go read their forum. Its not just about stats.
  7. Really? You want me to fact check for you? Steve Walsh, the guy that brought in Kante to Leicester and now Gueye to Everton, confirmed it many times. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3787115/Idrissa-Gueye-cost-Everton-7m-Leicester-wanted-signed-N-Golo-Kante-Steve-Walsh-unearthed-diamond.html Sorry, but everyone rates Gueye after his Everton displays. You should at least accept he's comparable to Kante.
  8. Not even close. Statwise he's amongst the best. He's had a few bad games, but overall he's been better than Lamine Kone.
  9. No, he was Leicester's first choice. When Gueye joined Aston Villa, Leicester opted for Kante as their second choice. That's pretty much an established fact.
  10. Few pointers: 1. Everyone at Everton thinks that. Ask your average fan. Easily their best player. Cost less and gives the same, if not more. 2. Gueye was deemed better than Kante in France. He had better stats and everything. 3. Gueye was first choice at Leicester City. Kante was second choice. 4. Gueye's stats last season were second in Europe. Second to Kante. That's playing for lowly Aston Villa. 5. This season however his stats are above Kante's in most areas: GUEYE vs KANTE Aerial won: 1,3 vs 0,7 Tackles: 4,9 vs 3,1 Interceptions: 2,3 vs 2,8
  11. Well... he got more of a chance arguably than Cuadrado or Salah.
  12. Thats the porblem with no CL. You just don't need as much plyers as you don't really need to rotate.
  13. Moses MOTM and two goals (Mikel with the third) to basically put Nigeria in a commanding position for the 2018 World Cup from the group of death.
  14. Pretty hilarious goal :) Everybody just watching the linesman for an offside flag, including the goalscorer Mikel.
  15. Pool 5:0 up as well. The front three of Firmino, Mane and Coutinho just about trumps Chelsea's.
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