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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/angelomangiante/status/1285141408643457026?s=21
  2. But Sancho still has to want to go there, they can match any bid they want. It's his choice.
  3. Oh c'mon, us chefs have to stick together😀
  4. chef

    Random Rumours

    No. I think we did try and get our number 1 CF target(Dembele) but he is clearly not available until Summer so we tried late to get Cavani/Mertens for a half season on loan. Same with Sancho, not available now, cool lets wait 6 months. Us, United and Spurs were all trying for a striker but really theres no quality available this window. But in saying that that is more hope on my part as our board leaves a bit to be desired.
  5. chef

    Random Rumours

    Maybe the targets we want just weren't available in January.
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/JohnHall1985/status/1209090341585985536
  7. Hopefully thats not our Maja signing.
  8. chef

    Nathan Ake


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