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  1. 6 hours ago, Stretford Ender said:

    It was in the Manchester Evening News some time ago. It's not a first pick as I stated but if City match any fee offered to Dortmund, they move to the head of the queue. At least that's how I read it but the MEN is a pretty piss-poor paper these days so you never know.


    But Sancho still has to want to go there, they can match any bid they want. It's his choice.

  2. 13 minutes ago, WhiteWall said:

    So do you also think all of the talk throughout this window has been bollox.

    No. I think we did  try and get our number 1 CF target(Dembele) but he is clearly not available until Summer so we tried late to get Cavani/Mertens for a half season on loan. Same with Sancho, not available now, cool lets wait 6 months.

    Us, United and Spurs were all trying for a striker but really theres no quality available  this window. 

    But in saying that that is more hope on my part as our board leaves a bit to be desired.

  3. 3 minutes ago, Ledgerson said:

    Well, I'm not sure about the official rule for the domestic cups, but everywhere I looked, everyone says he could even if he didn't play in the 1st leg.

    The only positive is they'll be without striker too or Llorente at best, but mostly I'm just tired of the false 9.

    He’s ineligible for the second leg of the League Cup final against Spurs on account of not being registered for the first leg



    Only going by what ive read here.

  4. 1 hour ago, Ledgerson said:

    New 20 - Milan and Genoa have met regarding Piatek but we'll continue talks on Tuesday.. 

    Big chance Higuain could not be here in time to be registered for the second leg against Spurs. I love Italian clubs.

    He cant play in that 2nd leg anyway, he wasnt registered in the 1st.


    Theres no rush, he'll be ready to start against Bournemouth.

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