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  1. The first season is slow, but builds the platform for the show. Its awesome now.Theres a fair few BB characters in it now and the family tension is great. Give it another crack.
  2. Better Call Saul is back and the first 2 eps have been great. Hello Gus.
  3. We added 4 best 11 players in the last summer window.
  4. No, next. They can do the first years work while we are still playing at the Bridge.
  5. Great stuff mate. Is that since the start of the 2014-15 season?
  6. Would be intetesting to compare Costa, Kun and Kanes numbers since over the last 2 and a half seasons with penalties taken out.
  7. Whats the go with E.l.i.j.a.h becoming Mini Loz in the swear filter?
  8. Yep. FX canned it after season 4 a couple of years ago. I read somewhere Mini Loz Wood has his basement set up like the one on the set complete with a huge stuffed dog and a gatorade bottle bong.
  9. Love it. The American remake is so much better than the Australian original.
  10. He was also part of Germanys defence and they aren't a bad side.
  11. “I speak for today and today Costa is a Chelsea player. Tomorrow, if you ask me if Costa will remain with us, I don’t know.”
  12. Remy had a release that we payed.
  13. Yep. Cole was world class for us. Both he and big Pete are tier 1.
  14. Cool. Hopefully he finishes his career here.
  15. Was very good. So assured on the ball, so strong and a fantastic goal.
  16. Cuadrados looked pretty decent against Bayern. Wonder if Conte will hang onto him.
  17. They were all viewed as fringe players and were sold accordling. If they were viewed as first team players they would still be here.
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