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  1. Sorry, i must have missed where you specified talent. I thought you were saying they were too light weight.Both have looked talented enough in Serie A this season though.
  2. Mahrez is as light as f**k, but it doesn't seem to affect his game much.
  3. They were never given much of a chance tbh. As they are showing in Italy they could have been handy.
  4. No need for lols boss, both doing very well since they've left us.They would both be handy atm.
  5. Mata, Schurrle, KDB, Lukaku, Luiz, Luis, Bertrand, Salah, Cuadrado etc Would all he handy players right now, to bad they were deemed not good enough.
  6. Yep For one reason or another(or maybe many others) Jose lost the playing group. To me thats the major reason he got sacked, why exactly we may never know.
  7. We are all just guessing. No one knows what went on behind the scenes.
  8. Yeah, fair enough. I doubt we'll ever see it eye to eye. To me the club did give him more than enough time to right the ship but it had just got to terminal and there was really no coming back with this group of players. He lost them so fast and so badly. I think Jose needs to cop a lot of the blame as do all our senior players. Sad state of affairs we found ourselves in so soon after a cracking season.
  9. Theres no denying that hes a great manager, the problem is that he has a shelf life. We've seen this elsewhere already.I am absolutely amazed by how quickly things went peared shaped (and am not happy about it), but i guess the sad reality of it is its easier for the club to replace the manager than it is to replace 8+ senior players. José has to take a lot of responsibility for his downfall though. A lot of the bullsh*t could have been avoided.
  10. Its time to move on for everybody. He had the chance to really become a long term manager for us, but i just dont think he can do that.
  11. I dont think anyone is suffering from amnesia, to some it was pretty obvious José had lost the playing group and support staff through a lot of stuff he brought on himself. But i can understand why hes teflon to some. Was a great manager for us, but it can only last so long before it impodes.Lets hope Conte can keep it going for longer and also he a bit better at bringing the kids through.
  12. And didn't we bid on Pogba too, and Griezmann. Plenty of ambition left in the club yet.
  13. I guess winning the league there would have been some bonuses paid out
  14. No, I don't miss him. I'm thankful for what he did, but this wasn't the same Jose as first time around. He made everything a drama and was just so abrasive. Onwards and upwards with the future.
  15. Look what happens when he forgets about trying to be a faux toughman and just trys to be a footballer. Thats the Costa i want playing for Chels.
  16. If hes not going to get played he needs to out on loan somewhere.
  17. I guess Jose signing Eto'o was the writing on the wall for Rom. Which is sad as he could have easily have done the job that Eto'o did.
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