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    chef got a reaction from Scott Harris in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    Haha posters think Spurs would sell us a player.
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    chef reacted to ducavis in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    None of those signings were attainable for various reasons, and it has nothing to do with the board.
    - Vidal: When was the last time a player left Bayern when they don’t want to sell? 
    - Nainngolan: He has publicly come out & admitted he had an offer from Chelsea but he loves Italy & wasn’t willing to move.
    - Veratti: Wasn’t it Barca that tried unsettling Veratti that led to their owner activating Neymar’s release clause? 
    - Koulibaly: De Laurentis is a hard negotiatior & it will take a very stupid bid to sell him. We were in for him, and the owner refused to sell him to any one. Juve paid £75m for Higuain in 2016 which was a stupid fee then, we would have had to match it.
    - Sandro: We were in for him but he never showed any desire to leave Serie A. You can’t just keep bidding upwards without any encouragement from the player. 
    - Roberto: Conte wanted to play him in a wing back role like Chamberlain, and he preferred a central role. That is on Conte & his formation.
    - Bonucci: He was only willing to move within Italy, something to do with his son.
    - Chamberlain: The board agreed with Arsenal, but he wanted a central role which he now has with Liverpool. Conte wanted him as a wing back.
    - Belotti: Torino wanted to sell him for €100m after one season. Going by his performances this season, it would have been a bad signing.
    - Danilo/Walker: Pep is a bigger draw than Conte, and both players only wanted to play for him. Danilo has been poor 
    Explain what the club could have done better
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    chef reacted to dkw in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    Some embarrassing stuff being written in here, I suppose brakeit is right though, how can conte hope to beat the likes of Bournemouth and West ham at home when only being allowed to sign 5 or 6 international players, the poor sod. 
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    chef reacted to dkw in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    And the excuses just keep coming. He doesn't give a toss, he gave up months ago after whinging like a little girl not getting what she wanted for Xmas for months, it's pathetic and frankly I wouldn't miss him one bit as I prefer a manager that makes the best of a situation using his skills instead of just giving up. 
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    chef got a reaction from RIP Mourinho in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    Wasnt it the players who f**ked Jose not the board?
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    chef reacted to theone in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    i dunno why this such a huge deal given the club has fired Coaches who were owed much more than him
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    chef reacted to Davey Baby in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    Before a big match all he's doing is moaning about transfers, yet again, and yet again it's had the same effect, it's sapped all the spirit from our players. There's been so many performances of late where we've played with no spirit, and this was another one. He can moan about transfers all he wants, trying desperately to deflect blame, but the lack of spirit has f**k all to do with transfers and everything to do with the manager.
    Pathetic, abject performance and it's entirely down to him. Get him out of our club.
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    chef reacted to Davey Baby in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    People need to read the above quotes from yesterday's presser. Those hoping we keep Conte on need a reality check IMO.
    He's doing what he's done all season, moaning about transfers, and boasting about his ability. How does this help the squad? It doesn't. It plainly hasn't helped motivate the players and yet Conte still keeps doing it. You have to ask why. Clearly it's to let himself off the hook and promote himself. What other purpose could there be behind the quotes? We've heard his complaints a thousand times. How do they help the squad going into the match tomorrow, going into the game against Barca. His quotes don't help at all, quite the opposite. He's showing his true colours IMO. He doesn't care about his players and he doesn't care about the club. He only cares about himself and how he looks to the public.
    Shame on you Antonio.
    He goes to great lengths to explain why we're way behind City, but he doesn't explain why we're behind Liverpool and Tottenham, two clubs whose managers have been given far less funds than him. Explain that one away Antonio. Explain why we've lost to so many sh*t sides this season, explain why we keep losing to Arsenal, explain why we blew a two goal lead to Roma which ended up proving costly, explain why we only beat Norwich after a replay and penalties. Are the board responsible for all this?
    I'm counting the days till this c**t leaves.
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    chef reacted to RIP Mourinho in Danny Drinkwater   
    Classy way to talk about one of our own players. 
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    chef reacted to Brutos in Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea   
    Why would you sell him some fans still haven't learned anything from Kdb Salah lukaku yet
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    chef reacted to yorkleyblue in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    The same could be said about a lot of our supporters, though.
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    chef reacted to Davey Baby in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    It's got nothing to do with the media, it's to do with the fact he's never settled in England, and he's never given the impression he wants to stay here for long. If any of you are in any doubt, look at the contract he signed last summer, which was basically a pay rise and nothing else. Why would the club give him a pay rise unless they felt he was going to walk? In normal circumstances, a pay rise coincides with a longer deal. What happened in the summer is unprecedented. 
    Is it the media's fault he's been so negative at every single press conference this term? Yesterday he was asked if he was happy with the three new winter arrivals. That was the first question put to him at his press conference. Watch it if you don't believe me. He couldn't even bring himself to say he was happy. He just said transfers had nothing to do with him. How does that instil confidence and positivity and belief? It doesn't.
    He's paid 8 million a year or something stupid. Say you're happy for f**k's sake. I don't see Pochettino or Klopp or Wenger complaining about their board constantly. Is that the media's fault too? Sure, Conte hasn't got all the players he wanted. Guess what? That's what happens in the real world. Klopp has made a profit in transfers since he's been at Liverpool. Do we think he always gets his first choices? Do Tottenham? Do Arsenal? Arsenal just sold their best player. Again.
    This whole season has been a nightmare. So much negativity and Conte has to take responsibility. How many good days have we had? Really good days? We're two thirds through the season. Man Utd at home? Atletico away? Two games. Tottenham away maybe but we were lucky. Conte likes to pass the buck, blaming everything on the board, saying he's getting the maximum out of our squad, because he's such a genius. Saying he wants to honour his contract when nothing could be further from the truth. You don't continually make pointed barbs towards your board if you want to stay in a job. He wants out but he hasn't got the integrity to walk. He's making his position untenable and forcing the board's hand.
    Question for you Antonio, when we beat Norwich on penalties was that getting the maximum out of our squad? When we failed to beat Arsenal in the 1st leg even though they had Ozil, Sanchez, Cech and many others out, was that getting the maximum out of them? From what I could see, we lacked the bottle to take the game to them when they were there for the taking, and we paid for it in the 2nd leg when we were the ones suffering with injuries. I hate a manager that doesn't take responsibility. It's not his fault, it's his players, it's the board. I can't stand it.
    Yes, if Man City weren't having a ridiculous season we'd be closer to the top, yes we're still in the CL and FA Cup, so things should be taken in perspective, but look at how we're playing, look at how impotent we look a lot of the time, look at Conte's demeanour. He's a different person from last season. He exudes so much negativity and it's spread right across our club and that's his doing. Right from the beginning when asked about the youngsters we loaned or sold in the summer, he said it was the board's decision. He refused to play them, what else was the board meant to do? Let them all waste another year of their careers and run down their contracts even more? Stop laying everything at the board's door will you please? Your job is to present a united front. You're paid a hell of a lot of money to do it. His negativity has cost us a lot, it's transmitted itself to his players.
    When he texted Costa the board supported him, he should remember that. He's also fallen out with Luiz this season and we've missed his personality on the pitch. He fell out with Jose and he's only had one victory since, and that was against Brighton. We're out of the LC and we've faltered in the league. Maybe that's not the board's fault, maybe that's his fault for playing with fire. He got suckered into Jose's trap. That's nobody's fault but his own I'm afraid to say.
    I've got sympathy for him in the sense that he's had to make do with Batshuayi for 18 months when he clearly didn't want him, and he didn't get his upgrades at WB. I've also got sympathy that we sold Matic to Utd over his head. Yes he may have had reasons to be pissed off but on the other hand he's got plenty of reasons to be happy. We've got some world-class players and he's been given a net spend of about 140 million since he got the job, and that 140 million net spend looks a lot better when you consider we buy low and sell high. We got 160 million for Oscar, Costa and Matic alone, and the business we've done this winter, for a grand total of 50 million, is incredible value in today's market. Our squad is a lot stronger than the one he inherited.
    So what do I want? Ideally, I'd like him to cheer up, make friends with the board, get on with his job, stop being such a sourpuss, and stay, but that's not going to happen, because he doesn't want it to happen basically. Let's all be clear about this. He doesn't give a f**k any more and I want him out of our club. Shame because he's a brilliant manager but he's got a fatal flaw, as has been evident throughout his career. He needs to be a little more diplomatic and a little more understanding of his employers. I really don't think Chelsea's such a bad job. 
    What should the club do next? Personally I'd like to see us get Eddie Howe. The job he's done at Bournemouth is incredible. Some of you may be unfamiliar with it. His record there is truly remarkable. He's performed a miracle at that club. More importantly however, I want a manager that's prepared to build, that's prepared to play youngsters, that doesn't act like a spoilt child when they don't get exactly what they want, because they're only thinking short-term, because they only want to enhance their CV before they move on to another job. I'd like us to go for someone who can see themselves staying at the club for a long time, who would therefore have the long-term interests of the club at heart. A manager that wouldn't sell KDB and Salah and Lukaku immediately because they can't recognise talent when they see it and because they're not prepared to nurture. I want a manager that's prepared to allow a player to develop. We can't compete with City and Utd financially, not at present anyway, so let's bring in another type of manager, a builder, let's bring in a builder. I'm convinced the Chelsea public would get behind such a manager, particularly if they favoured a progressive style.
    All the time Conte's been with us we've been linked with defenders, with WBs, with midfielders, with CFs. We've never been linked with attackers. He doesn't really want attackers. He thinks Loftus-Cheek and Barkley are attackers. They're not. Picking up the ball with their backs to goal is not their game. They're midfielders, attacking midfielders, they should be facing the goal when they pick up the ball. This should appear obvious. We have poor attackers, except for Hazard, but strangely Conte isn't interested in bringing any in. Those don't appear to be the players he really covets. Hudson-Odoi, he should be playing on Monday against Watford, he should at least get on the field before Pedro, but he won't. That isn't the board's fault.
    So yup, I'm going for Eddie Howe, I'd be very happy with that, rather than the latest name off the designer shelf. The way Conte's been talking about our board however you wonder if anyone will want the job in the future. He really should learn to shut his gob. He's paid to do right by this club and he isn't. You lot talk about the media. Conte has fuelled it. He asks why he's under so much pressure, why there's so much scrutiny around his job. Maybe if he signed a longer deal, said he loved living in England and didn't imply he was unhappy with transfers every time he opened his mouth there would be less speculation. Did he ever think of that?
    Last season was so positive and he got all the credit and rightly so. This season he'd like to dodge all the blame for the change in atmosphere. Our club and our board get a lot of criticism but in this case I think much of it's unwarranted. We're running a business, we're trying to comply with FFP, and we have a stadium to build. Conte's been backed. If he can't handle getting every single player on his wish list I'm afraid he should f**k off. It's childish, its spoilt and it's narcissistic. I'm sorry but I've just about had enough of it.
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    chef reacted to ducavis in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    Wasn’t it Conte that sent him on loan, together with 2 LB’s & Musonda, and whines about transfers?
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    chef reacted to dkw in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    Conte has spent the last month basically telling the players we have they arent good enough for him, he wants more players. Them players then play badly, I think its pretty obvious why. He needs to just shut the f**k up and get on with managing, coaching and setting the team up, which he blatantly didnt do for last nights game.
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    chef reacted to TheChelsRVA in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    He’s throwing fans, players, and managers under the bus with his statements. Same thing Jose did before he was canned. I wish managers would manage the game instead of whine and cry and blame. Just say you are doing your best and you will continue to work. Be professional about it. 
    I am am hoping it’s all lost in translation with him. But I just think this thing has about run its course. Shame, I thought we had something good going on. 
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    chef reacted to ForeverCarefree in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    Needs to stop f**king moaning about transfers and his lack of involvement in them to the press. 
    His press conferences have a constant negativity around them and it's got like Jose was in his second spell again. 
    It's boring and the fans don't want to keep hearing it. 
    Get your head down and get on with trying to win games rather than taking pot shots at your employer. 
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    chef reacted to Strider6003 in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    Well if that should happen it would sort out the fair weather supporters.
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    chef reacted to Stim in David Luiz back at Chelsea   
    What a season tho eh.
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    chef reacted to Munkworth in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
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    chef reacted to dkw in What TV Show Are You Waarching?   
    I watched it over the weekend, another belting serious, much darker than the first though.
    I have watched a few episodes of "the end of the F******g world", a lovely little dark comedy. Well worth a watch, though I think its only on that channel 4 online thing.
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    chef reacted to Ballack & Blu in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    You wouldn't wanna piss him off, you end up 'sleepin wid da feeeshes'
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    chef reacted to JT_<3 in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    I think after this game Conte can draw some conclusions:
    1.We need improvement in the RWB position
    2.Cesc is a liability
    3.He must find new tactics against high pressing teams
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    chef reacted to Forever Blue in Diego "the guv'nor" Costa   
    I know I am bucking the trend here, but I for one will miss Costa, I fully realise the situation with him and the club was untenable and he had to go, but nevertheless i will miss him, in my opinion Morata is nowhere near the level Costa was at
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    chef reacted to Zola in Diego "the guv'nor" Costa   
    So long cowboy!
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    chef reacted to dansubrosa in Diego "the guv'nor" Costa   
    I will miss him badly. 
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