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    chef reacted to PedroMendez in Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea   
    You do realise he wasnt involved in either of Belgiums international games, hard to criticise a player for not scoring when they haven't played
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    chef reacted to Sexyfootball in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    We've spent £185M+ in this window ... 4th highest ever transfer window spend after City and PSG (also both this year) and Real Madrid 2009.
    I would have thought Conte would be happy enough with that ?
    Plus he gets his first Italian signing as well !
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    chef reacted to Cam in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    I don't disagree that the club could have done more to build the squad up....but if the manager/coach is willing to lay down tools, and stop working as hard as possible, just because they don't have the perfect squad, then I don't want them here.
    You'll never get the perfect squad...and every manager wants better, it's part of football. But in the end you just need to do the best with what you've got. As long as Conte has that attitude we will do ok, and the club should stick with him, regardless of whether we win this year or not.
    The reality is, we almost definitely won't win Champions League this year...and probably won't win the league either. United and City will be very, very hard to beat. But finishing top 4 this season is a very acceptable season. The league (on paper) is getting more and more competitive.
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    chef reacted to enigma in Danny Drinkwater   
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    chef reacted to foxedup in Danny Drinkwater   
    Good luck to him, incredibly sad to see someone go who started the incredible journey we've had. Even more so when they are one of the 5 players who were always a level above the rest.
    Is you worry about the fee, look at it this way... you got Kante for about £35m less than he was worth in this Market. So you've got two for one.
    I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
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    chef reacted to enigma in Danny Drinkwater   
    people underrating drinkwater. after what alonso, luiz and moses have brought to us, i refuse to write off a player any more. conte can turn an supposedly average player into beautiful toscana wine. 
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    chef reacted to Sindre in Ruben Loftus-Cheek   
    I would prefer Loftus Cheek to partner Kante in midfield to Fabregas 10 out of 10 times.
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    chef reacted to pacquiao in Alex Sandro   
    Yes my profile picture is in honour of my all time favourite Lukaku performance when he got 36% pass accuracy against West Ham 
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    chef reacted to TomCFC85 in Alex Sandro   
    It had to be done, my only regret is my fierce language, don't want to scare him off. 
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    chef reacted to Zeta in Danny Drinkwater   
    I'd say De Gea is the best in the PL, but Courtois is 2nd best.
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    chef reacted to TomCFC85 in Random Rumours   
    I'm hearing the odd rumour that we want Dendoncker
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    chef reacted to DidierDidier in Alex Sandro   
    I'd prefer a replacement for Alonso and cover for moses. If we have a player with pace in the lwb position it could really give us an added attacking threat (alex sandro).
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    chef reacted to Charles Ryder in What are you listening to?   
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    chef reacted to Stim in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    So we broke our transfer fee record on a striker for nothing?
    We have spent big money on Rudiger, Bakayoko and Morata. I agree we need more but to claim no support is not right.
    What then grinds my gears is the season will start, and when these low price unknowns perform well people moan we are incapable of spotting bargains or integrating youth but right now so many people want to join the 'spending 50+ on 6 different players' club. 
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    chef reacted to TomCFC85 in Tiémoué Bakayoko   
    Bakayoko wore No.14 at Monacco
    Loftus-Cheek wore No. 14 at Chelsea, he's been loaned.
    No.14 is vaccant.
    Today is the 14th...
    *X Files Music plays 
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    chef reacted to dkw in Tiémoué Bakayoko   
    Are you just here to write this in every thread?
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    chef reacted to Davey Baby in Antonio Rudiger   
    I don't watch Roma play, all I know is they came second last year in Serie A and Rudiger was always selected when available, and this after coming back from injury.
    I've seen it said many times in this thread he's not really an upgrade on Cahill, which may or may not be true the way things stand, I couldn't comment. It's all just opinions anyway and as I've said, I don't really watch Roma play.
    What I do know is Cahill was 2 years older when he signed for us, he had the same amount of club games under his belt (around 200) but those had been largely at a lower level, with Burnley, Villa, Sheffield Utd and Bolton. He had been released at Villa because Martin O'Neill didn't rate him. He had already played for England by the time we'd signed him and we got him for a cut-price deal because he only had 6 months remaining on his contract. Having said that, we didn't have to compete with any other big clubs for his signature and we bought him mainly through necessity rather than design. He came in the January transfer window if I remember rightly.
    Now, Cahill has been a good signing for us, we definitely got his best years, he's won the lot and he's got more than 50 caps for England. He may not be a Terry or Ferdinand but he's a good player and he's been an asset for us, although I'm not arguing that there are better out there.
    Looking at everything you have to say Rudiger's ceiling is far higher, so those comparing him unfavourably with Cahill need to consider we're buying him at a younger age than we bought Cahill and he has far more pedigree than Cahill did when we bought him. He has about 20 caps for Germany, which is no mean feat, we're buying him off a big club, and he has CL experience. This augurs well for the future if you ask me and makes this a sensible signing even though I acknowledge football isn't an exact science.
    Whichever position Conte plans on playing Rudiger he obviously thinks he will strengthen us, and given his track record and the fact he knows the Italian league inside out, he's in a good position to judge. Personally I think Rudiger will play as a CB rather than a WB although obviously he provides cover in the WB positions. Conte knows the way he wants to play and if he thinks Rudiger fits the bill then like you I think everybody should be happy. He may not be the name everybody wanted, he may not have been top of Conte's wish list, we don't know, but we do know we're getting a pretty good player who will undoubtedly get better and who will in all likelihood make us harder to score against.
    If he comes I think the club have done well to secure his services. Sometimes you have to be decisive and you have to act fast. That's what the club have done in this case.
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    chef reacted to Davey Baby in Antonio Rudiger   
    For me the most interesting aspect of this transfer is what it tells us about the team Conte is trying to build.
    Last season he brought in Batshuayi, Alonso, Luiz and Kante. This season it seems he's going to build the team more in his own image, with quick, athletic, raw, pacy and strong players, all of a certain age, that magic spot in your mid 20s when you're yet to hit your peak, when you still have a lot to prove and you're motivated, when you should in theory be giving your team the best years of your life.
    Rudiger, like Lukaku, has just turned 24. Bakayoko will be 23 next month, Sandro is 26. They're all tall and they're all imposing athletic creatures. Nobody's going to bully us, nobody's going to dominate us in the air and nobody's going to outpace us. I know there is some debate over Lukaku but these are all technical players too, these are all top-level performers, who perform on the international stage and, with the exception of Lukaku, the CL stage.
    I think many are underestimating Rudiger on this thread. This guy was a full German international at the age of 20 and he remains a regular in the German squad. Considering he's just turned 24, considering he had a bad injury last summer, considering Germany are the world champions, 16 caps isn't bad. Those saying he isn't an upgrade on Ake need to consider this guy has nearly 200 club appearances to his name, whereas Ake has just over 50. That's not to say Ake won't turn into a top player, he's clearly a good player and he's doing very well for his age, even though it's worth considering he's only 2 years younger than Rudiger. One thing's for sure, Ake will never have Rudiger's pace nor his height, although he does match him for versatility.
    That's the other interesting thing about this transfer, the fact Rudiger gives us options in a number of positions, as he can play anywhere along the defence. I'm sure Conte already knows where he ideally wants him to play however, be that at FB, WB or CB. It's possible Conte sticks with the 3 man defence, plays Rudiger on the right of the 3, and plays Azpilicueta as the RWB instead of Moses. Either way, it seems Conte has identified an area of the team that needs strengthening, and he's identified Rudiger as the man to strengthen it. Rudiger may not be a beast, in the mould of a Koulibaly or whoever, he may not be the world's best defender, but he's still a top player playing at the top level, with bags of experience for one so young. We'll be challenging for the CL as well as the PL this season and with that in mind, Rudiger's presence gives us a far better chance than Ake's presence would have done, and that's why Conte's made a pragmatic choice. 
    Truth is, it's hard for a young player to break through at Chelsea, as we all know. Kids have to play or their development is stifled. Conte has to decide if he can give that kid enough minutes. He decided the answer was no in Ake's case, and sad as it may be, that made it the right decision to sell him. He's had his loans, he's 22, this was the time for the manager to make his decision and he made it. He's seen the player and he's made his judgement. Chelsea play at a very high level and the manager's no mug. As a youngster you're going to have to be very special indeed to break through. Rudiger simply plays at a higher level. That may not be the case in a season or two but that's the case now, and Ake will be forever stifled if he stays at Chelsea, so it was the best thing for all parties. Don't forget Christensen's back too, and if he's as good as they say he is, he's going to need minutes as well, otherwise we'll lose him. Then there's Zouma, who may or may not go out on loan. His chances have definitely diminished with Rudiger's arrival and maybe it's time for him to consider his future too. Either way we have to make room to accomodate these players and that means we have to make sacrifices too. The manager gets paid the big bucks to make these calls. The top managers get these calls right more often than not. That's what makes them top managers.
    Sure, Rudiger may not have been Conte's first choice but maybe his first choice wasn't available, or maybe the club weren't prepared to be held to ransom, which is fair enough. You never know, maybe another CB is going to come in. Maybe Conte has plans to play Rudiger at WB. Either way I think he represents good value, I think he'll make us stronger, I think he'll develop under Conte, and I think he's likely to prove a good signing.
    Edit: I'm happy with this piece of business and I think you should all be too.
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    chef reacted to coco in Alex Sandro   
    12. Don't use 'Text Speak' in your posts. It is horrific! 
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    chef reacted to pacquiao in Tiémoué Bakayoko   
    Very good signing, massive upgrade on Matic hopefully we get this done. 
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    chef reacted to brownindian in Diego "the guv'nor" Costa   
    Thanks for correcting me - my apologies for the mis-information. I do hope that this win does not inspire Moratta to stay with Real Madrid although that will be the smart move.
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    chef got a reaction from brownindian in Diego "the guv'nor" Costa   
    Morata came on late.
    Its James who didn't make the bench.
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    chef reacted to RMCM in Random Rumours   
    Not sure, think he plays the same position as Booby Charlton did, or maybe it's Mammary Biram Diouf. 
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    chef reacted to g3.7 in Tiémoué Bakayoko   
    conte wants him?
    yes please with zero reservations in that case.
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    chef got a reaction from suttoner in What TV Show Are You Waarching?   
    The first season is slow, but builds the platform for the show. Its awesome now.Theres a fair few BB characters in it now and the family tension is great.
    Give it another crack.
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