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  1. Do I make out that he is a Pirlo in defence no. I am making out he is the best passer of the ball. no. Using moronic language like 'positional sense of a goldfish' for a player better than 99% of defenders could ever wish to be to make a point just pisses me off. I'm not even an advocate of Luiz and would have Christensen in my Chelsea XI as I think he is the future of the club but Christ the sh*t he has been given over the past 5 games which we have won by the way, is just ridiculous. He has played well not brilliant no, but if you put 95% of the defenders in the place of Luiz even say Joe Gomez of Liverpool and we would have been worse off. That surely says something for the quality he adds.
  2. It is this over the top disregard to a players ability, a player who has won a hell of a lot, that just pisses me off. Position sense of gold fish yeah you get to that level by being tard grow up and deliver actual contribution to this forum. Is Luiz the best defensively in the league no is he sh*t no
  3. He should have scored at least one today his all round play however was very good, hopefully he finishes those chances when it matters
  4. Well he has strength and dribbling ability and he isn't exactly slow but he i certainly lacking a bit of polish atm. Currently for me he is a good squad player similar to Chalobah or Mikel in that they are useful to have as back up and rotation but aren't good enough to be a starter at a top side. That said I do think he has enough potential to be able to make it at a top six side and I definitely don't see him being any worse than say Lingard, but I do think he will need to start playing regularly if he is going to achieve that. I think we will have a much better picture come January as there are at least 7 games for him to show us what he can do in a Sarri side.
  5. If that was given it would have been a farce he you see that sort of thing all the time in football he literally just got up and started jogging back on to the pitch. No look at the player no additional force, I'm not saying it was accidental but you would be hard pressed to make a case that it was a deliberate and cynical act
  6. It worked for many seasons before that Mourinho meltdown year though
  7. Well that just isn't true a perfect example of him doing this is the first goal against Arsenal. He seems to have understood what space to run into more than any other player so far his off the ball movement has made us at least 3 goals so far (2 penalties and the one above) If the winger is occupying the full back he has very intelligent exposed either the space between the FB and CB or the space out wide. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45317675 The pitch map in the above is not one of a player not offering width. The issue highlighted is more his lack of physicality 'Alonso is more like a midfielder - very elegant on the ball, clever with how he uses space and angles - but he does not have the pace to unsettle a defence.' Which if he carries on with his intelligent movement isn't an issue offensively. The punditry piece seemed to be more aimed at Dave who was in the first half at least hesitant to burst into the space Alonso doesn't have this issue.
  8. I apologise for the dig it was unnecessary, and tbh I have probably taken what you have said in a more extreme context than it was meant, as I had taken what you had said to mean that Hazard game will not improve through training if it is being held by Sarri. And I half get your point above in that it will be Hazard doing that work and if he doesn't want to do that work he won't necessarily improve but in reality all he has to do is turn up to training and runs the drills with the team whilst being semi engaged, he wouldn't even need to listen to instruction as naturally his cohesion with his team mates will improve and he will start to understand their movements and where space is being created etc and yes this doesn't need to be attributed to the coach but purely getting that familiarity with your team mates will improve your game. You could plonk Hazard in any team and he will be a great player but give him time understanding that team and style of play and he will perform better than he would without it. Personally as someone who has played in both a structured environment training twice a week and environments where we wouldn't train and would just turn up to games, the contrast between having training sessions and not is huge. The talent of the players in the team which doesn't train is far higher than some of the 'structured' teams I have played for but I guarantee they will lose if they come up against them as whilst they are less talented they are so much more cohesive. Also I don't expect Sarri to physically coach Hazard into being a much better player, however I do expect Hazards game to improve under Sarri's style of football and coaching as more movement from his teammates will give him more space and less attention, which in turn might improve Hazards own off the ball movements.
  9. So all coaches are irrelevant use golf or tennis as an example even the best players in the world have an individual coach who will advise them and in most cases improve their game by providing an on lookers perspective at their technique, mentality, physique, etc. it's very hard to provide yourselves with meaningful analysis of your own performance or improve your own game. And that is just in individual sports its even harder in a team sport, if you aren't taking advice from the coach or learning his tactics you aren't going to understand where or when to press, who is going to be covering you where and what runs or space your team mates are going to make. Players don't have 360 vision or the ability to read their team mates minds. Coaching and familiarity of movements massively help any player or team and usually the general movement seen on the pitch are brought about by coaching and repetition. No player is above being able to improve their game and its much easier to do so if you are listening, understanding and engaging with your coach. I can only imagine you have never really played sport in any sort of structured team otherwise you would understand why this is of massive benefit. Sterling is a great example of someone who has massively improved his game by listening to his coach and understanding how he needs to play in that City team to get the best out of his ability. Hazard is a great player with a lot of individual skill but he can certainly improve especially with his work and movement off the ball which is something Sarri will hopefully improve massively as he has done with Insigne, Mertens and Callejon.
  10. I imagine its to protect the fee if the option isn't taken
  11. Ederson also looked dodgy though, Arsenal really should have scored at least twice from his mistakes
  12. Looks like Kovacic seems to think the move is longer term than just a year
  13. Another reason it might be useful is that its giving someone like Barkley /RLC the opportunity to earn the place for next season whilst protecting ourselves against them not being ready
  14. We didn't announce one with Falcao either but there was one there
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