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  1. 1 hour ago, evissy said:

    While these rumours grow stronger (60m + Alonso) can someone explain how we setup with Hakimi? Why is he worth all this money? 

    If we can continue with a back 3 - I'd say it would be James slotting in at RCB with Hakimi coming in at RWB (potentially alternating between the two of James and Hakimi).
    Azpi isn't as sharp as he used to be so I'd say Hakimi would be brought in to make an instant impact but considering his age, he may also be a long term investment. The right hand side of our defense isn't overly stacked as far as depth is concerned (compared to our left) I think it's a good signing in my opinion. 

  2. He's looked immense so far! I'm surprised how quickly he's been able to adapt to the Premier League. I was a little worried that he might not be able to adjust to the physicality of the EPL as he's not the biggest player on the pitch, but the way he's able to shift his weight on the ball and bounce off of players is incredible.

    There have been times where he has gone quiet during the game which is to be expected for a player of his age but his closing down, decision making, first touch, and confidence on the ball has been unreal - looks as if he has been playing in the Premier League for years! 

    I love the fact that we have the likes of Tammy, RLC, Reece James, CHO, all showing their talent but man am I excited for this kid! 

  3. 7 hours ago, evissy said:

    Coquelin passed the ball, fell over and Mount sticked his leg to that afterslide. It would be harsh to give red for that. Mount shouldn't have put his leg there. He knows it himself.

    If Coquelin had tackled Mount who had the ball that is a straight red. Ref got that right as he did most calls on the night.


    It is very unfortunate Mount got injured. But it happens. Hope it is just a bruise. Still could take 2 weeks to recover.


    Just curious, where should Mount have put his leg??...

  4. 31 minutes ago, Slojo said:

    Sarri is very stubborn, he believes in the philosophy and I think a plan b would be admitting defeat for him, sadly this will be his undoing as you say. 

    The results right now are just not acceptable, it's the scorelines and the way we are playing, we are getting demolished at the moment. I would actually be more confident of Huddersfield conceding less to City than we Chelsea FC when we play against them. Not a good environment right now, I don't want Sarri gone, but he has to make adjustments for the sake of his career here. 

    THIS! Out of the "Top 6" actually, f**k that!, I'd go as far as saying "Top 10" clubs - we look defensively suspect out of the lot! Jorginho is now targeted every game because everyone knows how much of a liability he is, Alonso can't defend to save his life, Luiz - as much as I love him, he is is too up and down for me, and Dave has been out of form for awhile now. Couple all of that with Kante being played out of position, Barkley and Kovacic really not up to standard, Haz has one foot in Madrid, a past-it Higuain, and Willian and Pedro both stealing a living it's fair to say that Sarri has his hands full and a bloody big job to turn things around.

    Surely he can see that what he is trying to implement is not working, so is it 1. "Sarriball" just doesn't cut it in the EPL? (especially now that teams have found us out) or 2. Sarri just doesn't have the squad to make it all work? If it's either of those 2 answers, surely you tweak and change things to play with what you have rather than sending the same f**king team out every week just to be played off of the park. Utilise what you have now by changing the system (even if it meant a slight change) then build what you are trying to implement with a proper pre-season and a proper transfer window (granted he is still around and the Board are willing to spend of course)

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