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  1. I was thinking 3-1 City before Wolves, idk now. I don't want Willian on the bench even. Alonso is going to get taken advantage of on the left so PLEASE get Emerson in! IDK what we can do to get a result in this match, pray for an early Christmas miracle?
  2. lol at this live commentary about Emerson.
  3. Just getting home from work. Hopefully I can find a decent stream.
  4. Need Pedro over Willy for sure.
  5. seanlu13913

    Chelsea V Derby (LC) Wed 31st Oct 19:45 UK

    anyone have a link
  6. Any word on what happened to Pedro yet?
  7. Lmao david Luiz. Side show bob gonna side show bob
  8. The one thing with CHO that bothers me is when he shots it more of a pass. It seems like there's no power behind any of his shots.
  9. seanlu13913

    Chelsea v Man utd (PL) Sat 20th Oct 12:30 UK

    So excited for this one. COYB!!!! 3-1 Chelsea, Hazard double and Kante with his obligatory goal against United. Then we give up something stupid in the fleeting moments of the game.