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  1. The half time guy? Tim Howard? NBC is pretty good except for this pay crap No kidding. I’m lucky enough to have that over here with my mls team (who are at least good for mls lol).
  2. Sorry, NBC has the broadcast rights to the PL here in the states. Their gold channel is their premium pay channel. I should have just bought it at the beginning of the season, it’s only $50. they just moved the WH game to Gold this weekend too
  3. I’m so sick of NBC this is about the eighth game on Golden the season so far
  4. I love Dave. It’s as simple as that. His passion and leadership is second to none in this squad. Today’s Reese was phenomenal. Im really startIng to worry for Dave at this point. He’s had ups and downs this season. I can remember the exact number but this was only the second match in 140something PL matches he hasn’t started/played. Simply amazing Dave! 🥰🥰🥰
  5. Good for Pulisic! Hopefully he’ll make use of the start. Poor Batman can’t catch a break though
  6. this ref is not making a single call for us.
  7. Williams defensive abilities are non existent.
  8. Sucks I can’t find a decent mobile stream. This is like the second straight game on NBC gold. Lame
  9. I see he’s getting blasted by RM fans already 😐
  10. Will Giroud be our second sub? I was just able to start watching

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