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  1. Didn’t frank just say “why would I want to be sacked in 2 years?”
  2. Lol I saw that this morning. Cesc is quite feisty on social media.
  3. Eden deserves his own forum 😩
  4. Maybe there needs to be a sub forum for players who have moved to “greener” pastures so I don’t get depressed every time I open this one.
  5. Not that I think it will happen but watch him have a stellar season 🤣
  6. To me dire is 5-8th in the table. What worries me is our attack and goals. Hazard was responsible for almost half of our goals this season. I don’t think anyone in the squad can make up for that and we surely won’t be signing anyone who can.
  7. On paper we look dire we have a lot of potential players if they show. It will be tough without CHO and RLC for a handful of months. We need our experienced players to show up. Pedro needs a great season and does Willian if they aren’t sold off. I’m hoping that Pulisic hits the ground running in the PL.
  8. I feel like we’ll be like Everton or Watford with the squad that’ll be available with the transfer ban. 😭
  9. Well that gives me a slim amount of hope he will stay 😩
  10. Does that make Hazard Moyes
  11. Don’t forget Neymar is being linked too lol As much as I’d love for hazard to stay, I don’t see it happening and you can’t fault him for it.
  12. Throw the whole kitchen sink at them. I don't care what happens on Sunday as long as we win tomorrow.

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