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  1. The two of us have the most late match goals so it could be won or lost in the dying minutes. We need to put a few in early and put it to bed early.
  2. http://www.businesssearchs.com/alfa-banks-current-state/ this is working for me now
  3. We need a emphatic win not this come from behind BS or 1-0 trash. Thrash this side!
  4. I love an end of the season race! COYB put it to bed and get the wins we need!!!
  5. Moss should have just blew the whistle before the corner since we had no chance at it.
  6. Cut the fat and don’t purchase players that we’ll never see on the pitch!
  7. Maybe no Willian on Sunday then, one can dream
  8. By any silverware this year. By Sarri. By hopefully most of the squad. By CHO By Hazzard By being in the top four in the foreseeable future.

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