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  1. I see he’s getting blasted by RM fans already 😐
  2. Will Giroud be our second sub? I was just able to start watching
  3. Apparently it’s not aired anywhere in the states, WTF
  4. I bet we see another stellar Willian performance. 🤨
  5. Are you guys really surprised? I would have expected nothing less from Willian at this point. I was casually watching the game when he came on but realized it was him taking corners immediately when they didn’t get past the first man.
  6. Been a great match. Don’t care how it ends. We did better than I think most people would have expected.
  7. why Is Kante marking VVD on the corner lol worst matchup ever
  8. I don’t know. It looked like VVD kept CP insides there.
  9. We’re looking good. Need to learn to finish the damn ball.
  10. If you have a tv subscription, most of the matches can be viewed on nbcsports app on your phone, fire stick, website, etc. There were a handful on their premium channel but I just found a stream for those.
  11. As in lucky to not be sent off

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