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  1. seanlu13913

    How to fix the team

    Cut the fat and don’t purchase players that we’ll never see on the pitch!
  2. They’ll be back for City :/
  3. Maybe no Willian on Sunday then, one can dream
  4. By any silverware this year. By Sarri. By hopefully most of the squad. By CHO By Hazzard By being in the top four in the foreseeable future.
  5. And it should be!! This is pathetic.
  6. That's what happens when we have a proper striker making runs
  7. http://www.sbud.live/chelsea-vs-manchester-united/ That's working for me.
  8. https://www.footybite.com/football/manchester-united-vs-chelsea-live-stream/
  9. Reddit got rid of their stream section
  10. seanlu13913

    Who's to blame?

    For me, there's blame to go around to everyone. -The board spends frivolously. Players like Drinkwater and Zappacosta have no place in our squad and don't need to be here. We spent so much on players who have done nothing here. A player like Morata though was a big purchase that unfortunately didn't work out but if AM buy, we will recoup a good chunk of that. No one is going to pay what we did for Drinkwater. -Sarri is as frustrating in that he fields the same players who under perform time after time. It's obvious that the a majority of the players we have don't fit his system and are unable to adapt to his style of play. Then Sarri refuses to change what he thinks is the only way to play. IMO Man City play as closest to his Sarriball as you're going to see. Chelsea has played the defensive counter too long to be able to switch to a new style to be effective immediately. Sarriball has either not worked in the premier league or it has not been adapted well enough by the players we have -Most of the players are disgraceful in how they have played lately. If they have no grit to play whats the point of keeping them around. And I don't know if there is a serious breakdown between players and manager but this style of play to me looks not much different than before. Yeah its a different formation but the players still play the way they did the previous season.
  11. seanlu13913

    Marcos Alonso

    When you’re hot your hot, when you’re not you’re not. Alonso is NOT right now and it’s unfortunate. He was a major asset in our title winning season. The new system just doesn’t suit him.