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  1. That's what I'm noticing. A few years back they could make these passes knowing someone would be on the end of it. I saw Mount and Ziyech throwing their hands up cause no one was connecting to their balls. I think it comes down to Lamps not knowing what the best formation/lineup is and there being no consistence on the team sheet besides the back line.
  2. I think Tomori will see a good bit of playing time. It seems like Silvia locked down the #1 CB spot with Zouma and Tomori fighting for 2 IMO. Hopefully that leaves Christiansen and Rudiger in the last of the pecking order
  3. With Emerson, a goal will always come in on the backdoor.
  4. How do we miss Willian. Could you imagine the defensive work and giveaways he would have made on Saturday?
  5. I still think he’s one of our better CB. That is until Silva hopefully shows up for the job. Zouma has been stepping it up this season. Our back line will get an overhaul like our attack at some point though.
  6. I’m surprised that Dave isn’t starting. Is Jorginho captain?
  7. I did a search about linking my comcast xfinity account to peacock and was able to get it hooked up. It LOOKS like I’ll be able to watch for free. We’ll see. edit. Found it https://www.xfinity.com/support/articles/peacock-app-faqs A few sections down talks about linking accounts
  8. None of NBCs tv channels broadcast it just peacock Thank. I looked it up and it looks like with my xfinity internet im a peacock member. Amazons firestick doesn’t have the app but luckily my Xbox one does.
  9. If he does leave doesn’t that just leave us with two strikers?
  10. I know it’s late over there but a friend just text me saying she read he agreed terms with Juve. I haven’t seen any news on this...
  11. I guess with the window we’ve been having we need one questionable transfer.
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