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  1. Hiya. I have a new video show how stamford bridge has evolved over time, showing views around the stadium animating between how it was in the 80's, present day, and the future design. And i added a little piano piece i recorded too, i hope you recognise it! [youtube] HTSrdPoSm5k [/youtube]
  2. Hi. The main corporate boxes are in the middle tiers but they are incorporated into the general stand. [youtube]http//youtu.be/-FHKftDWKV[/youtube]
  3. Hi. I have made s new video of our new stadium. I even recorded some music for it this time too. I wonder if you'll recognise it? [youtube]-FHKftDWKV8[/youtube] https://youtu.be/-FHKftDWKV8
  4. Hi. The following is a link to new renders of the stadium. Notice that spurs are getting battered in the images! Chelsea Stadium Renders (Yahoo.com)
  5. This was another couple of ideas I came up with:
  6. There are very specific dimensions the gates can not exceed unfortunately. Good idea though. I would have liked that! And yes I have spent a lot of time in rome and like the roman architecture.
  7. Yeah, I'm going to give it a go and design some gates. It's quite a challenge to do something iconic, and not just another set of gates.
  8. The bricks really give it a rich texture. One thing I can say for certain, there are no other stadiums anything like this.
  9. Hi guys. So it has been a while, but I have been busy! I have been working on some internal views of th stadium. Now that the planning application is in, I was able to really make very detailed internal models without too much guess work. Of course, there is some degree of guessing as to exact finishes and materials. I have tried to use only materials I have seen in the official images, or those that have been mentioned in the planning documents. In making the images, it become very apparent that the finish materials will have a drastic effect on the overal design. The geometry is fairly simple, but the forms really change with the asemeteric design. The only thing that really binds the unusual spaces together is a limited pallet of materials. The brick really gives a rich texture to the spaces and frames openings. The flooring could be an issue. When I modelled poured concrete on the floor and walls between the brick columns, it quickly started to look cold, and I hate to say, a little like a car park. But, if the floor stone work from outside the building is continued inside, it begins to look a lot more rich. Add to that careful lighting and the spaces I think start to look ever so dramatic. I really got the sense of a castle or fortress. And with the many layers of columns and vaults, it looks a bit like the roman colleseum. I love the view looking out from the concourses to the outside of the stadium, through the forest of brick columns. And the scales of the main entrance in the west stand is rediculous. People will feel tiny moving within that entrance. I hope you like them. youtu.be/ujDG22uFtDo
  10. Some great ideas guys. Keep them coming and I will try to put them together into one design for you.
  11. I like the "...london's first' idea a lot. Any other slogans that you think would be suitable??
  12. I'm actually gonna have a go at designing something for threw gates. I have quite a cool idea. Will keep you posted!! What do you guys think you'd like to see included in a design??
  13. A couple more renders I have made, this time of the east stand middle entrance http://i.imgur.com/u1vp0ig.jpg

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