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  1. With so many games in just a couple of days and the mickey mouse final around the corner I was expecting this... We've secured a CL spot for next season and don't wanna have any more injuries. Time for the kids to show their worth...
  2. Take it easy Alan Hansen... 😉 Honestly, losing wouldn't feel as bad here... keeping the scouse b******s out of CL
  3. Haven't checked, but it's gotta be up there somewhere... and as we seem to start games it might be more once the season is over 🤣 Of course... but as a fan watching us ALWAYS concede and have that uphill battle every f*cking game is so annoying. Especially when you face teams that defend with all 11 players and their grandmas even if it's in the 2nd minute...
  4. 28 points from losing position this season... quite amazing, but at the same time worrying
  5. If I was to compare those two... both were penalties, but the Mings one was more of a penalty because of the dangerous play. He went all in with an elbow to the head when Maguire just did some heavy hugging. But both were penalties...
  6. If we were to get everything, we should've gotten that handball vs Leicester as well... as I said, as an oppo fan you tend to forget the ones we didn't get. Right?
  7. Here's a video of the incident I'm talking about. Don't tell me that's nothing... https://streamable.com/qzn50t
  8. Since I don't watch every game you play I can't really comment about it... regarding getting every call, why didn't Mings get a red/yellow and we a penalty yesterday if we get every call? That was more of a penalty than the one we got! I know as an opposition fan you tend to see the soft ones we get, but miss out on ones like that... and I'm exactly the same when I'm on the other side of the fence. Regarding Liverpool, they seem to be more direct and straight for goal from what I can tell. We tend to occupy the oppo penalty area and just stroll around... many times losing the ball and getting nothing out of it. That's my best guess for comparison
  9. Can't remember them all, but if they consult VAR and look at it from different angles they can't be wrong, perhaps soft? We must be doing something right and if Martial and Rashford have quick feet, then it's the correct thing to do and tactically sound. It's like if someone gets a yellow card early on, you can be sure as hell that the opposition will target him for a second...
  10. Well, not when we're playing with MMA rules. That flying elbow from Mings on Poobag in the first half would've gotten any MMA fan hard. I can agree that the penalty we got was soft. But if you've played football you know that just a small touch on the leg makes you trip on your own calf.
  11. I had the game on one monitor and AFTV Live on the other... those last 10 minutes was the best comedy I've seen in ages 🤣
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