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  1. Lingard was perhaps a gamble, that didn't pay off. Cant even remember a singe really dangerous opportunity for Liverpoo so we must've done something right today. About Smalling, he was offside so nothing to whine about there...
  2. Yeah, I was expecting a lot more from the scouse bastard. If I knew about the injuries and the early subs I would've taken 0-0 every day of the week... Don't understand why Jesse was put on instead of Sanchez though... And why the hell he didn't score :(
  3. Well, f**k me silly. What the hell is happening? Is it because of that garlic? If we somehow get a draw out of this I'll be happier than ever...
  4. He surely didn't get much done... but what could you expect from a team like Cardiff? Can't say I expect miracles now, but at least I'm gonna start watching games from now on and hope to be entertained. Mourinho has got me to feel so disconnected... been a fan since the 80's and I've always done everything in my power to not miss any games. Lately It's been more like "f**k that, I'll check the result later"
  5. Been quite fed up with the cnut for quite some time... he's been nagging about his personal record ever since the beginning. I won this, I won that bla bla bla... When we met you he wanted you to respect him for what he did there, when we've played in europe it's been about what he achieved there... Who the hell cares about what you achieved in the past when you've served us sh*t for breakfast for the last three years?!
  6. As we say in Sweden... Sometimes even a blind hen finds a piece of seed. We didn't have one decent chance prior to those two goals Us going through to the next stage and Liverpool going to EL seems possible and would be one of the few highlights of this season... That's my expectations of this season
  7. Or all those penalties not given... we still have a few offside goals to be given until we're close to being equal. Very aware of the offside goals, also the ~3 red cards we should've been given. But we've seriously been robbed on at least 5-6 100% penalties and 5-6 50/50 not given... trying to be as objective as possible here. But we've lost more than we've gained on erroneous decisions. But all this is a discussion better suited in the "crappy referees of 2016/2017"-thread
  8. I started supporting United back in the 80's and I don't know how many years I've been watching us play regularly. I don't miss many games... we were spoiled with the success SAF brought and a season without at least one trophy felt like Ragnarök was upon us. Then we had this joke David "we should aim to be as good as City" Moyes. He took over an aging side and did nothing to strengthen and obviously lacked the leadership and mentality to be at a big club. Enter Louis "We go again/sex masochism" Van Gaal... with the most boring football since... I honestly lack comparison. There's no joy in seeing your team having 70% possession when you create 0,5 chances in average. Can't say he did much to strengthen the team neither. Moyes wasn't the name to attract the big names and LVG's handling of players didn't seem to be the best approach either. Mourinho seems to be better at that. He seems to be able at not playing and getting rid of dead wood at a good price (bar Rooney). He has made us play a much more enjoyable and attractive football. The downside is our conversion rate which is appalling. If that was just 10% better, we would be breathing down your necks... Our squad have long needed a big cleansing and lots of positions in need of strengthening and to achieve that in one summer was one step to huge for any manager. I'm happy we've got him and I have no doubt we'll be fighting for the title next year. I hated him when he was your manager, but never questioned his ability as a manager or tactician.
  9. Lots of talk about us both (United) being after him... Since I don't follow the french league I've only seen youtube-videos of him and heard others say he looked really good when Monaco met Spurs Looks quite alright, but those youtube-videos can make me look like the new Messi. Any of you seen any of Monacos games?

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