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  1. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.givemesport.com/1588140-chelsea-twitter-thread-about-wrong-decisions-anthony-taylor-has-made-against-the-blues%3famp 15 incidents, and that’s without the James red card! How on earth is he allowed to ref Chelsea games!
  2. Top of the league and we’ve already played Liverpool, Tottenham, City and Arsenal. Good stuff.
  3. Lukaku is worth every penny. He’s going to make a huge impact over the season, he’s not got a great record in big games but we’ve got a very decent record so far this season, and now we’ve got ‘easier’ games coming up, this is where Lukaku will prove his worth. I tell you what, I’ll be disappointed if he doesn’t score 5 in the next 5 PL games. Southampton, Brentford, Norwich, Newcastle and Burnley.
  4. Or a scorcher in the top corner, I don’t think we are asking for too much really.
  5. Disappointed to see Loftus Cheek not starting. I thought after City, he deserved a start to keep the momentum going.
  6. To be fair City’s press were incredible, really didn’t give us any time on the ball. I don’t think there were much Tuchel could have done really, a few players were out, James got injured, 2 substitutes left. Today we were well beaten by City, I have no problems with that. Alonso annoyed me a lot today though, he was extremely poor.
  7. Looked very sharp today. He really need to get more game time to understand the team more, get more involved. City struggled to contain him.
  8. Tuchel need to make RLC his project. Clearly there is a world class player somewhere in him, he needs a lot of coaching. The only positive from today for me.
  9. Werner and Lukaku clearly need more support, Kante isn’t going to do that, do we take off a midfielder off for Havertz or Mount?
  10. I liked his performance tonight but he need to force himself back into the team or leave for good. He’s 25, going to be 26 by January, he need to make something out of his career. Wether that’s with us or not.
  11. Agreed. I mean, clubs were rumoured to be mulling over a 150m bid for Saul just a couple of years ago. There must be a world class player in there somewhere. A 150m bid. What does that get you? It makes me think Saul is nowhere near his level at the moment.
  12. This formation confuses me. Sure, we play 4 at the back, 3 in midfield, 3 attackers. Whos the left winger? Ziyech? He’s not even there.
  13. Perhaps I am the only one but I feel abit fed up of the big games now, but after this one, our next big team game is 27th of November, against United. Judging on our and City's current form, I'd be disappointed if we don't win this one. The season has only just begun, we are working well as a team, City so so, this is our chance to get 3 points before they get their sh*t together. Let's do it.
  14. If someone came in with a big, big offer for him I'd take it and run. Yeah, he looks world class at the moment and I'm loving every minute of it. But deep down, I think we all know that he's not a truly world class defender is he? He's excelling in this system, what happens if Tuchel goes? He's clearly messing about with the contract, we should tell him to be reasonable or f*ck off.
  15. To give the first team players a rest, and if we are ever going to experiment with a different formation - Tuchel played with a back 4 at PSG I believe, Carabao cup is the place to do it. We can't really risk experimenting with a different formation in any other games. We don't have enough centre backs to give everyone a rest, as you can see in everyone's team sheets one of Christensen, Rudiger or Silva is in. I think it's a good idea to start experimenting, in case our current formation get found out and we struggle to win games. Every style gets found out, it's what makes great managers great, they alter tactics and formations once it goes stale, to keep the team winning. It would be a smart move by Tuchel if he starts thinking about changing our play when it all goes wrong. Aka a plan B. If teams figure us out at some point this season and we haven't tried anything else, we're going to be in a spot where it's difficult to get out of. We probably still have another season or so though.
  16. CHO Werner Ziyech Saul Jorginho RLC Chilwell Chalobah Chris James Kepa If we’re going to experiment with different formations then this is the game!
  17. 100% this would have finished 0-0 last season, what a difference Lukaku makes.
  18. Anyone got a stream link please? Having a nightmare today
  19. Nope, we’ve had a baby last month! I’ll post a picture up soon! Thank you 😁 Well, my nephew plays for Mansfield Town and Frank Sinclair’s son plays for them too… He got Frank to send me a card! Made my day!
  20. Corrine, my mother who passed away 3 years ago. Huge Chelsea fan.
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