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  1. Brilliant. Its great we’re going to have him back at Chelsea. Welcome back big Pete!
  2. Yeah I think we’d have to be pretty stupid to sack Sarri now. Who knows what he can do next season? We need to find out before sacking him imo. Now the first year is done and out of the way, Sarri has to deliver now in terms of footballing style, I’d be happy if we achieved the same next season to be honest - 3rd and two cup finals. It’s the footballing style that is the biggest issue for me. I would LOVE it if he can deliver Sarriball here. That football is orgasmic.
  3. I didn’t want to include Crespo because I think he was actually decent. So, who do you like the most and why?
  4. I thought the same after his goal at community shield. I thought he was going to go on a scoring run and cement himself as one of the greatest strikers to play in the league. Only if we signed him a few years earlier.
  5. Conte for me is one of the greatest managers we’ve had at Chelsea - Probably the best if it wasn’t for Mourinho. I’m gutted about how things have worked out, but his attitude regarding not getting what he wants, it stinks. Good luck to him.
  6. I think the most telling thing about this is everybody will be laughing at us if we hired her. Shows that sexism in football still exists. Last night at work someone was pissing himself showing me the article. If she has the skills and tactical knowledge I don’t see why not.
  7. Oh god, please walk Zidane. I believe he is the biggest attraction for Hazard - He walks, Real will look a mess. He might decide to stay. Its the hope that kills you.
  8. So am I right in thinking we won’t hear anything about the transfer ban until July?
  9. I don’t think we can beat Drinkwater. £40m and barely played. He’s literally stealing wages, it’s like someone has been hired and he doesn’t even turn up. Not his fault but somebody definitely deserves sacking for letting that happen.
  10. Jovic is off to Real Madrid
  11. I’d say that’s a good idea if RLC and CHO wasn’t injured. Now we DEFINITELY need new signings.
  12. Reports now coming out saying he will be out for at least a year. F*ck off Bruce Buck or whoever organised the friendly. Pathetic. Now we’ll have to replace him and we don’t even know if he will come back the same player.
  13. Mount isn’t ready to replace RLC, I’d take Coutinho. He can take RLC’s spot while he’s out, and then go back to LW. I agree about a striker though, clearly the most important.
  14. I don’t think we were in for Jovic at all, big shame. Can’t compete with Real Madrid anyway, even though they aren’t much better than us at the moment.
  15. We can always give things a positive spin. We delay our transfer ban to January, by that point with RLC and Hudson Odoi coming back it will feel like two new players. I just hope we give them a chance again, rather than replace them this summer. As long as Sarri stays I don’t think they will find it too difficult to get back in the side.
  16. F*cking pathetic to have the friendly before a cup final. So mad.
  17. Barca activated his release clause. 125m is ridiculous, Griezmann is 28.
  18. Hazard’s final game for Chelsea. Please give us the best performance ever.
  19. No Courtois has been a massive c*nt through the whole saga. You’re actually insulting Hazard by saying he’s doing the same. If we don’t reach an agreement with Real and Hazard really wants to go, he’ll have a word in private rather than forcing a move out like Courtois did. Courtois actually did us a massive favour anyway, Kepa is much better for our style. Courtois would be a nightmare under Sarri. About the release clause, I guess we didn’t want to take the risk in case someone activated it.
  20. Agree with your sentiments, the only thing for me is I don’t have much faith in our board to ensure we stay at the top. I’ve got a feeling Hazard is going to be the last world class player we’re going to see at Chelsea for a long time. I think we will turn into a team that is looking to create top talent from within the club - Rather than buy one. I hope we will get there one day because I’m sick of seeing us spend money on dross.
  21. This is f*cking depressing.
  22. I really don’t get how Neymar could go for 200m and Hazard 100m. Hazard is the better player imo. Why can’t Real buy Neymar instead? Please...

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