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  1. So what is this mythical "Sarriball" then ?   High press and pocession?  Having a falcrum that just plays it sideways or to the back four?  Other teams just surrender pocession knowing we will create next to no goal scoring opporutnities, while better sides will target our weak midfield in the knowledge they can do that for 90 minutes as Sarri is bereft of any other ideas other than subbing Kovacic for Barclay (or vice versa).

    I have witnessed some poor coaches at Chelsea but he is the most technically nieve I can recall in that he persists with what obviously doesnt work, and doesnt react when the game is being lost in front of him.

  2. 2 minutes ago, bisright1 said:

    Well....we won the fa cup by beating Southampton and man united. It's hardly the greatest achievement in football. We also came 5th that year, not sure if you remember. 

    Not sure what you mean by Bakayoko. He played almost every game, including the last one. 

    Sarri could win a trophy on Sunday. The first trophy up for grabs! I want Sarri gone but it's a bit unfair to criticise him for not winning a trophy!!

    True, Sarri COULD win a trophy on Sunday, but it would require him to change his team and tactics to do so. Something we all know he has so far been too stubborn to do.

    As for this hype about "Sarriball", its just pocession at all costs, keep the ball. Dont play probing passes or crosses, as that just risks giving the ball to the opposition. It creates very few chances, bores the spectators senseless, and inevitably will be Sarris own downfall...


  3. 7 minutes ago, PloKoon13 said:

    Except to say that the system stopped working over three months ago and he has changed nothing (and it's not as if there weren't enormous red flags from as far back as August). In fact he has sat idly by while our performances have continued to deteriorate.  

    Agree, although got to add that not all the players are blameless here. But its the coach that should be responsible for improving them, or dropping them, if they dont perform to required standards or provide what we want.

    I like Luiz, can be great on his day but always got a mistake in him. Personally i would try him alongside Kante in the midfeild where hes less of a liability and he has the ability to pass accurately.

    Alonso is clearly not suited to a back four and is costing us goals.

    Kovacic works hard but would probably need a Sat Nav to find a goal.

    Jorghino is a half decent player, but does what hes told, rarely looks up for an attacking pass, and is now constantly overwhelmed now teams have sussed our tactics.

    Barkley is not good enough, good squad player, but think his confidence is shot to pieces at moment.

    Fair play to Hazard, he has done what hes told, and no doubt wonders what hes doing here at times, but you cant fault his effort or his work rate.



  4. 3 minutes ago, bisright1 said:

    I am a bit tired of this view. 

    Conte never changed his formation. He always kept 5 at the back. He maintained Bakayoko in the team until the bitter end. It was so painful. Sarri is just a slightly more extreme version of Conte in his stubborness.

    Just because Conte changed formation after 6 games, doesnt mean he reacted or adapted. He just let the team fail before he brought in his own style. Then he persisted with it for the next 2 years. 

    I will agree with you that Conte became erratic in his last season, but during the Premiership winning season 16/17, he definately changed formation when he realised against Arsenal it wasnt working.

    If Saari recognised his Teams shortfalls and made changes I would be happier, but he seems happy to persits in the vane hope it will miraculously start working properly, which it wont, and he will destroy the confidence of the players if he continues to do so.

  5. 10 minutes ago, coco said:

    I don't hear anyone back tracking, i just hear people saying he needs longer, and others saying "well conte did it straight away" ...without considering conte had a world class striker and sarri had Morata.


    I would support normally giving a Manager time to work with his players. But the difference between Conte and Saari is that Conte recognised we had issues and was quick to change players/formation to address that.

    Saari has sadly proved that he has created one team, and appears incapable (or too stubborn) to change it even when its plainly obvious its not working efficently.

    Hes also very nieve, we thumped lowly Huddersfield so he then picks the same side plus the same formation for the next game away at Manchester City. Worse still, even when its obvious to everyone that Jorghino is getting overrun in midfield and not protecting the defence, he refuses to change the set up so a 6-0 thumping was inevitable

    We are going nowhwere with Saari, and its now quite obvious why he has won nothing in his Managerial carreer. Replacement Manager will be immediately more successfuly because of the rebound factor (Like Solsjaer at Utd) and the simple things like dropping underperforming players (Jorginho and Alonso) and putting players back where everybody else agrees they should have been in the first place.


  6. Hello all...

    Finally registered to post after reading the posts here for ages.

    Been Chelsea since the 60s when my Dad ran an Off Licence opposte the Worlds End in Kings Road, and we lived above the shop. Started going seriously in the mid/late 70s. Home and away in the 80s, every game in the 90s etc.... 

    As per my user name you will gues where our favourite watering hole was before home games at the Bridge,

    Favourite players include Osgood, Hudson, Harris, Cooke, Dixon, Nevin, Gullit, Zola and Jorginho (I may have lied about the last one).

    Favourite seasons were (surprising to some) the 76/77 and 83/84 promotion season...  amazing atmosphere in the Shed, and some brilliant away days.....

    Favourite managers - John Neal, Eddie Mac, Jose in his first stay, Ruud and Hoddle



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