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  1. Now I have a new favourite player. I really love this kid. He looks like a new signing with lots of potential. I think this transfer ban is a blessing in disguise.
  2. I also thought we will end up in either 6th or 7th position this season, but that team I watched yesterday without the likes of Rudiger, Willian, CHO and RLC showed a lot of promise that I think finishing 3rd or 4th is a huge possibility when these players gel. The team will only struggle if we have to continue playing Zouma in that CB. I will rather play Zapacosta as a full back and pair Azpilicueta with Christensen in the CB position than play Zouma.
  3. The scoreline looks really bad but am very much impressed with what I saw from our team. We showed a lot of promise. I thought United will be a very strong team this season but if that's United at there best against us without RLC, Rudiger, Odoi and Kante starting or playing for us, then they are really gonna struggle this season.
  4. I will take Lacazette over Aubameyang too. The guy is underrated though.
  5. Am happy with the transfer ban, it probably makes it impossible for us to ever get Koulibaly. If we are going to spend crazy money for a defender, he should be within the ages of 24 to 27, not someone who is older. Besides, I haven't seen much to convince me Koulibaly can be a world class defender. He will really struggle especially in the EPL if any team sign him for a ridiculous fee.
  6. Sublime assist from him last night! Still pissed off we allowed him to go for a pea nuts when he has now improved and is better than Emerson, Alonso and Zapacosta.
  7. Seriously? He always a better player than Morata. And trust me, Lukaku would have fit in better here in Conte's team than at United.
  8. I used to believe Morata was Conte's first choice for us because they both worked together at Juventus. But after seeing how desperate Inter are to get Lukaku after signing a deal with Conte, I have come to the same conclusion. Conte actually wanted Lukaku, but our board were reluctant to make the deal happen so we ended up with sh*t Morata.
  9. If Juventus is willing to sign Jorginho for 80m or more, and Emerson for 35m or more, I will drive both of them to Italy.
  10. [emoji848][emoji848][emoji848]
  11. I think lots of people underrate Tottenham and especially Pochettino a lot which is funny. From my own perspective though, if they somehow manage to keep Pochettino, even without bringing in any new player, I can't see them finishing out of the top four and thus playing in the Europa league. That guy sure knows how to manage an average team. Apart from Conte, Klopp and Pochettino himself, I can't see any other manager out there who could have led that sh*t Tottenham team to a champions league final.
  12. 5th or 6th. But if we finished 4th in our champions league group and this get eliminated in the champions league group stages and we also avoid playing in the Europa league, I can see us managing to finish 4th.
  13. So he loves the players and not the fans?[emoji848][emoji848][emoji848] I miss Conte

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