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  1. NO, thanks.[emoji120]
  2. I agree about Zouma, but I believe Christensen can still improve his game and be a much better defender unlike Zouma.
  3. Tammy would have done what? I think you missed the first half.
  4. Tammy had a much better chance in the game, but he failed to convert it. If anyone would certainly have scored with that chance Mitchy had, its Giroud.
  5. I don't think opposing fans dislikes Conte for his celebrations.
  6. If Zapacosta was still around, I will play him as a wing back while Azpilicueta moves to center back. I believe having either Azpilicueta or Rudiger in any pairing of our center back will improve us defensively, but any pairing that involves Zouma means no clean sheet.
  7. I get extra-nervous any time I see Zouma in our starting line up.
  8. With 3-4-3, we will certainly score them but they will easily outscore us because of our weak defense. 3-5-2 will be much better, our midfielder can help defensively and we will also have some chances to counter attack them, if Tammy is still at his best, we can score them once or twice out of the few chances we will have.
  9. I can't see us losing at home consecutively especially because it's against Liverpool after losing to Valencia. It's either a morale boosting win or a draw.
  10. Now I have a new favourite player. I really love this kid. He looks like a new signing with lots of potential. I think this transfer ban is a blessing in disguise.
  11. I also thought we will end up in either 6th or 7th position this season, but that team I watched yesterday without the likes of Rudiger, Willian, CHO and RLC showed a lot of promise that I think finishing 3rd or 4th is a huge possibility when these players gel. The team will only struggle if we have to continue playing Zouma in that CB. I will rather play Zapacosta as a full back and pair Azpilicueta with Christensen in the CB position than play Zouma.
  12. The scoreline looks really bad but am very much impressed with what I saw from our team. We showed a lot of promise. I thought United will be a very strong team this season but if that's United at there best against us without RLC, Rudiger, Odoi and Kante starting or playing for us, then they are really gonna struggle this season.
  13. I will take Lacazette over Aubameyang too. The guy is underrated though.

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