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  1. I really rate Emery as a better manager than Sarri, and I don't know how our board ignored him in the first place and then make Sarri there priority. And any arsenal fan questioning if Arsenal have improve this season is probably a fool or a drunkard. They are having one of there best season in recent times. And they are favourites among us, Tothenham and United to make the top four. And yes, I won't want us to play Arsenal in the Europa league, I will much prefer Valencia. Emery isn't Sarri, he has watched us a lot this season and know what to do against us and he is much more better tactically than Sarri. And please, don't tell me we would also have beaten Napoli home away without them scoring us.
  2. When Sarri doesn't rate you, it's difficult for you to get any game time. I want Cahill to be given a chance but I can't see it happening this season. He could be on the bench though.
  3. I agree with you, can't see us beating Arsenal in the final or Sarri beating Emery in a final.
  4. Haha, even the board new they gotta allow Conte to finish the season so they can at least win a trophy. That's not patience, that's wisdom!
  5. We have to blend him in. If playing CHO will lose us any game right now, I won't risk it. I had rather we play in the champions league next season over giving CHO game time just for the sake of him getting experience.
  6. Trust me, CHO could have help us salvage something if he was well used against Liverpool. He never should have started that game in the first place, a better manager would have started that game with a much experience player in Pedro. Do you remember that time in the second half when Hazard was moved to the wings and he was continuously threatening the Liverpool defence which resulted in him missing two chances to put us back in the game, just imagine CHO and Giroud were introduced into the game at that point, I believe we possible could have got back in the game if we managed to get a goal around the 70th minute. The chances Hazard had shows that if the Liverpool defence are well pressed in that second half they can be vulnerable, and CHO could have been brought on in the second half simply for that task, unfortunately he was already tired at that time. And that's BAD MANAGEMENT from Sarri if you ask me.
  7. Am fine with him starting in all our home games, but I will be disappointed with Sarri if he starts at Old Trafford against United.
  8. If you think CHO was better than Willian yesterday, I will wholeheartedly agree you CHO's biggest fan EVER!
  9. Pochetino is getting praised simply because he is getting the best out of there average players. And please, don't tell me they have a better squad!
  10. Alright, as much as we all love him, he was our worst player in that game.
  11. It's just the fact. And that's what any top manager would have done when playing away to a better team.
  12. I agree with you about CHO and RLC. Pedro and Kovacic should have start over them. No way Conte or Mourinho would have started CHO and RLC away to Liverpool. Immediately I saw the line up, I knew how it will end.

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