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    wallosh got a reaction from Night-T in Random Rumours   
    We don't need Pjanic. Would happily give them Jorginho for 45m and get a better replacement in Ndidi. Kante and Ndidi in the midfield will seriously improve us defensively considering all the easy goals we conceded this season especially at home against weaker teams that costs us maximum points. It also also automatically upgrades our midfield to one of the best in Europe regardless of who plays ahead of them between Mount and RLC. In a dreamworld, Debrune will be amazing.
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    wallosh got a reaction from Night-T in Andre Onana   
    I haven't been impressed with Kepa this season, but Onana is never an upgrade to Kepa, if we are to get a new keeper, we should be going for someone much better than what we already have. I will suggest Leno or Dean Henderson. I like Oblak, but he is getting old and will come at a huge cost, Donarruma isn't as consistent as well!
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    wallosh reacted to axman2526 in Dean Henderson   
    Yes Please! He is already a really good keeper and will go on to be Englands number 1 for some time IMO.
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    wallosh reacted to Spiller86 in Andre Onana   
    I think Kepa is part of the problem but you're right we give up good chances because our system setup isn't great. 
    Totally agree on Jorginho too. Sooner we move Kante to that role the better. Still stuns me that there are still the Sarriball fans desperate for a regista in the team despite his deficiencies when playing a high press.
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    wallosh reacted to mwblue10 in Random Rumours   
    They’re both fine in a backup role.
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    wallosh reacted to jack_super_class in Random Rumours   
    Coutinho is a much better player than Oscar.
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    wallosh reacted to CFCCAN in Random Rumours   
    I'd take Coutinho and get shot of Barkley in the process as it looks like he has fallen out of favour anyway and with RLC coming back I don't see any need for him.  Although we have abundance of midfield talent they can't score and that's where Coutinho fits in IMO. 
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    wallosh reacted to yorkleyblue in Wilfred Zaha   
    A N Otherinho who plays for Boca Juniors would be an amazing buy.  Zaha, not so much.  Vastly overrated, mostly in his own mind.
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    wallosh reacted to DidierDrogbalala in Wilfred Zaha   
    Jordan Ayew has actually been better than Zaha this season. To me Zaha is another Willian, great pace, can be on fire for 3-4 games then does nothing for a couple of months and he always does the same step over over and over again. I'm really not interested in that !
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    wallosh reacted to CFCCAN in Wilfred Zaha   
    Zaha would be a total waste of cash...a 10' barge pole is not long enough
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    wallosh reacted to Zeta in Wilfred Zaha   
    Not young any more, he's at his peak and he's really nothing special at all. 
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    wallosh reacted to JM7 in Wilfred Zaha   
    Not a fan of signing Zaha. I think the team needs some star quality additions. Zaha doesn’t strike me as that unfortunately 
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    wallosh reacted to Le Fantôme Noir in Wilfred Zaha   
    It's simple for Palace, if they sell him and fail to properly replace him (which is very likely) then they're down. 
    I'd rather put that money towards Sancho for a number of factors, age and ability being the standout ones.
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    wallosh reacted to Munkworth in Wilfred Zaha   
    I seem to remember him spending plenty of time on the floor earlier at The Bridge when he realised he was never getting past Reece...
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    wallosh reacted to cuppaT in Callum Hudson-Odoi   
    He’s inspiring me a lot. I will fraud my way to a mega pay rise rather than earning it in 2020. 
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    wallosh reacted to Dean in Chelsea v Liverpool (PL) Sun 22nd Sep 16:30 GMT   
    Stunned that kovacic gets a 5. Thought he was one of our best 3 players and would give an 8. I really do often wonder whether I’m watching the same games as some. I’d honestly recommend watching it again. Tammy was terrible. Probably a 4.
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    wallosh reacted to Davey Baby in Chelsea v Liverpool (PL) Sun 22nd Sep 16:30 GMT   
    The only time Jorginho and Kovacic have impressed this season is when Kante has been on the pitch with them. Kovacic was immense today.
    Tomori was outstanding. What a player.  We are in dreamland. Unfortunately Christensen is not good enough. He has had ample chances. Physically weak. Look at their second goal. All he is worried about is being hit. 
    Willian was good in a Willian sort of way. Played well but lacks a cutting edge. We need Callum badly.
    Alonso and Kurt played well. Frank couldn't make the changes second-half that he would have liked to but we benefited from that. We battered them in that last 20 minutes. Maybe he's learned a lesson. 
    Tammy was poor. Didn't win a header all game. Poor movement. Fluffed his chance. Should have got his head up and seen Mount. He'll have better days.
    The ref was an absolute c**t. Their goalie time-wasting, what does he do? Delays the game even further by chatting to Henderson for about a minute. Gave them everything first-half. Not the first time we've been screwed over by him.
    Thought we were great. Very positive showing. Tomori was the big plus. We need to keep Kante fit.
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    wallosh reacted to goose in Chelsea v Liverpool (PL) Sun 22nd Sep 16:30 GMT   
    Ok old timer here. Maybe I haven’t been paying attention, or have been talking when I should have been listening.
    Might setting myself up for a load of ridicule for something which is maybe very obvious, but wtf is xP and xG ratings.
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    wallosh reacted to RIP Mourinho in Chelsea v Liverpool (PL) Sun 22nd Sep 16:30 GMT   
    So he could miss another one?
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    wallosh reacted to Mod Stark in Chelsea v Liverpool (PL) Sun 22nd Sep 16:30 GMT   
    I think the saving grace is that we’re at the Bridge, we could have a slim chance! We’d be bent over if it was there.
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    wallosh reacted to Nevamind in Chelsea v Liverpool (PL) Sun 22nd Sep 16:30 GMT   
    People hated Conte for the same reason "over celebrating". Depends on with side you are, if he is your coach everything is good i guess. 
    Thou i have to say Conte never directed his celebrations towards another Manager. Klopp takes it way too personal 🙌🏼. 
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    wallosh reacted to Londonisblue in Chelsea v Liverpool (PL) Sun 22nd Sep 16:30 GMT   
    Mason should be rested imo. 
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    wallosh reacted to icecoolguy22 in Chelsea v Liverpool (PL) Sun 22nd Sep 16:30 GMT   
    I believe we will take points of them, especially if we get Kante or/and Rudiger back. Pedro need to be kept out of the team, play Pullisc if Mount is out. I reckon back 3 is still the best option, Liverpool is playing 3 attackers around the box, we need the numbers in the middle. That game against them in the super cup was one of our better game, and to be honest we should have won that game.
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    wallosh reacted to PloKoon13 in Fikayo Tomori   
    Looks a bit special, doesn't he? 
    He looks to have it all - positioning, ability to read the game, technique, passing, two-footedness, pace, physical power, confidence, the intelligence to know when to commit to individual duels, a commanding presence in both boxes. I could go on all day... and he's only 21!
    I know it's early days yet but he has all the potential to become the biggest defensive talent at the club since Carvalho. 
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    wallosh reacted to Scott Harris in Fikayo Tomori   
    He's really surprised me. Out of all of our younger players, I thought he was the one who was going to play the least amount of minutes. At the moment, I see no reason why he shouldn't be first choice every week. He's been our best CB so far this season and I would have him ahead of Christensen right now. It's not that I think Christensen is doing anything wrong, I just think Tomori has been a bit more decisive.
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