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    wallosh reacted to abramovich in Fikayo Tomori   
    The words 'surprised' and 'impressive' seem to be the most popular on this thread. I have nothing to add, except I'm so excited about Fikayo. Everybody was talking about Mason, Tammy, CHO and James but this lad is something special, allright.
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    wallosh reacted to RIP Mourinho in Zouma - If Kurt's Happy, I'm Happy!   
    Genuinely can't remember any good tackles. Strong is a given, the blokes built like a brick sh*t house. Pass completion due to 2 yard passes into the other CB or Jorginho, not to mention how long it takes him to make the pass.
    Not Chelsea level, that much has been obvious since his injury and Tomori has made it even more evident this season.
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    wallosh reacted to RIP Mourinho in Zouma - If Kurt's Happy, I'm Happy!   
    Name anything particularly good he's done? Not to mention how sloppy he is in possession. 
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    wallosh reacted to RIP Mourinho in Zouma - If Kurt's Happy, I'm Happy!   
    Other than my lack of ability to play football at a high level, i could have been a professional footballer.
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    wallosh reacted to erskblue in Chelsea v Liverpool (PL) Sun 22nd Sep 16:30 GMT   
    I'd happily take either, if offered them at the moment,
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    wallosh reacted to Strider6003 in Chelsea v Liverpool (PL) Sun 22nd Sep 16:30 GMT   
    I would much rather have someone else there yet if we move Azpi to CB who do we play at right back?
    Far better for me to have players in their natural position rather than weaken other players trying to compensate.
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    wallosh reacted to sonic90 in Fikayo Tomori   
    He's really looking good, better than Zouma pre injury. Very fast agile and strong 
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    wallosh reacted to Sexyfootball in Fikayo Tomori   
    I actually think that Rudiger/Tomori might be our best pairing if we're playing a flat back 4 ...
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    wallosh reacted to jack_super_class in Fikayo Tomori   
    Hes overtaken Zouma in the pecking order
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    wallosh reacted to RIP Mourinho in Fikayo Tomori   
    More impressed by his run for Tammy's goal than his strike tbh. IMO he's third choice in front of Zouma. Sell Zouma and sign a WC CB when possible.
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    wallosh reacted to PhilH930 in Fikayo Tomori   
    Looks quite composed (compared to Zouma!).  Excited to see more of Tomori.
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    wallosh reacted to chi blue in Chelsea v Liverpool (PL) Sun 22nd Sep 16:30 GMT   
    Can't wait for this one, haven't had a big game at the bridge for months, most of them were before the end of January last season, Frank in charge, youth on fire, against the European champions ( FFS) and apart from Spurs against arguably our most hated team, late kick off (more drinking time) the bridge should be rocking come KO
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    wallosh reacted to AndyDowsleftflank in Chelsea v Valencia (CL) Tue 17th Sep 20:00 GMT   
    I've seen countless games like this in the last few years, only for Hazard to make the telling positive contribution. 
    Thats the difference IMHO, and it will probably take us a few more games yet to learn how to deal with tight games without a talisman to lean on. 
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    wallosh reacted to Sindre in Fikayo Tomori   
    Did really well yesterday i thought. Rapid, good on the ball and strong.
    He'll play an important role this season.
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    wallosh reacted to abramovich in Man Utd vs Chelsea (PL) Sun 11th Aug 16:30 GMT   
    What I've learned from today's game.
    1. Zouma belongs in Everton. Shocking performance. Hopefully Rudiger is close to being match fit, because this was a depressing display. Azpi was struggling too, continuing his so-so form from the last season. 
    2. Pedro is finished at this level. He's reached the point where all this running around isn't going to make up for too many bad decisions especially those that result in us giving up possession in dangerous areas.
    3. Christensen can be decent, as long as he's paired up with a dominant defender, he's good at complementing others, not taking charge. If Rudiger is back to his best, that may be our only hope of having an okay season.
    4.Tammy lacks intelligence, strength and movement a striker needs in order to do well in the PL. I really don't know what to expect from the lad, but I doubt we can rely on him being the first choice for the duration of the season. Have a feeling he'll probably feature in a few more matches and then it'll be Giroud's and Michy's turn.
    5. Mount is a baller. The kid has confidence in his own ability. Still raw but the talent is there.
    6. Barkley is still a mystery. Has all the attributes but he needs to become the player everyone thought he's capable of being, and soon. Totally faded as the match went on, and that's not a good sign.
    7. We missed Kante in the middle, especially when United were on the counter. 
    8. We still have RLC, CHO, James and Willian to return. Pulisic will find his way and the youngsters will improve as the season progresses. There'll be nights like these, but in the first half there were some really good signs of things to come. This team has a bright future, just need time and patience.
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    wallosh got a reaction from ducavis in Man Utd vs Chelsea (PL) Sun 11th Aug 16:30 GMT   
    The scoreline looks really bad but am very much impressed with what I saw from our team. We showed a lot of promise. I thought United will be a very strong team this season but if that's United at there best against us without RLC, Rudiger, Odoi and Kante starting or playing for us, then they are really gonna struggle this season.

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    wallosh reacted to STATS in Victor Moses   
    Lacazzette is defo a better all round player than Auba, but Auba will get you more goals. Laca defo started of slow, but last season was very good for Arsenal and deserved their player of the year.
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    wallosh reacted to Argo in Victor Moses   
    That's an interesting perspective because I've always rated him since his Lyon days and I actually think he's the better player between him and Auba, especially in the big games.
    Maybe our striker situations of this decade bar two Diego Costa season's is giving me striker blind spots.
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    wallosh reacted to Spandau Billy in Kalidou Koulibaly   
    He virtually gifted the Scudetto to Juventus a few days ago in Fiorentina’s 3-0 win over Napoli with poor defensive judgement . this just a few days after his heroic status with his late winner when Napoli beat Juve 0-1 to reduce the gap to a point.
    Unquestionably a fine defender but is prone to the odd blunder. 
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    wallosh reacted to ForeverCarefree in Victor Moses   
    He would have been bought as Costa's replacement. 
    We knew Conte wasn't a big fan of Michy B, Lukaku would have known he was coming as first choice... You don't pay £75m for a striker for them not to be. 
    We were to slow off the mark to make a solid offer to Everton and United's transfer fee, contract offer and willingness to pay hefty agent fees completely blew us out of the water. 
    We would have been much better off signing Lukaku than Morata. 
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    wallosh reacted to ForeverCarefree in Victor Moses   
    Interesting that Lukaku is apparently keen on joining Inter too. 
    I think he was Conte's first choice to replace Costa but we were too slow in offering Everton a deal and were blindsided by United's massive offer. 
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    wallosh got a reaction from Gol15 in League Position Next Season.   
    5th or 6th. But if we finished 4th in our champions league group and this get eliminated in the champions league group stages and we also avoid playing in the Europa league, I can see us managing to finish 4th.
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    wallosh reacted to Boston Blue in League Position Next Season.   
    I think 5th.  We still have some good players.  I think we'll be more solid defensively as I expect Frank to pull Kante back and play him next to Jorginho.  I'm sure United will buy and buy and buy, and if they can offload Lukaku and or Pogba, they could play far more as a team.  I expect Spurs to be better, but will be as good as Kane's ankles will allow.  We will be in a fight for that 5th spot with Wolves, Leicester, Everton.  
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    wallosh reacted to Chelsbear in League Position Next Season.   
    depending on United's recruitment I'm swaying between 4th and 5th.
    We know they are the wealthiest club in the league and they will spend huge sums if the players are available.
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    wallosh reacted to Kev56 in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    Do you reckon he would want Willian, Alonso and Pedro
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