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    wallosh reacted to just in Wrong about Sarri?   
    What is his job? Not one of us on here knows.
    Do you think Madrid will be making him a regular first team starter when he returns?
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    wallosh reacted to Bramskii in Wrong about Sarri?   
    We are in trouble if Sarri remains with the club beyond this season. I don't care that they finished 3rd. If that's your only reasoning as to why he should stay, then you must not have watched the full season. The competition around us was dreadful. The fact that they finished 3rd after only winning 7 of their final 16 league matches proves how bad the rest of the teams were. This was also one of the lowest goal scoring seasons the club has had since Abramovich bought the team. His refusal to adapt and make necessary changes hurt this team. He kept going back to a losing formula despite the bad results, and it wasn't until he was under pressure by the fans and the press that he finally gave in, and by no coincidence they started playing better football. If our transfer ban gets delayed, I do not trust him making any signings. The two players he brought in and swore by were huge failures. His tactics and mentality are not suited for the Premier League.
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    wallosh reacted to axman2526 in Two Transfer Window Ban?   
    I know a lot are hoping our ban gets postponed, but I am not. If we cannot sign then we cannot keep Higuain or Kovacic, the former no longer good enough the latter never likely to be.
    If we cannot sign it forces us to give our young players/loanded players a go to fill the gaps, gaps partly created by 2 young players given a chance and now down injured ironically.
    GK: Kepa, Willy, Green(or Blackman)
    Full backs: James, Zappa, Emerson, Alonso, Azpi
    Centerbacks: Rudiger, Luiz, Christensen, Zouma
    Registra: Jorginho, Ampadu
    Center mids: Kante, Bakayoko, Barkley, Mount, Pasalic
    Wide Forwards: Pulisic, CHO, Willian, Brown
    Strikers: Batman, Abraham
    Not ideal and weaker than what we have now, naturally with no Hazard. We cope for a season, the ban is done and we can get back to normal. I would be excited to see what the likes of James, Ampadu, Mount, Pasalic, Pulisic and Abraham could offer.
    I know the forward line looks really weak, but no weaker than Morata, Higuain and to a lesser degree, Giroud, have done this season.
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    wallosh reacted to RickUK in Two Transfer Window Ban?   
    I am more sarri out than in, but do not think he 'wanted' to give CHO and RLC the mins they got.  Especially CHO.  It is no coincidence their playing time increased post crowd annoyance.  As did the Kova/Barkley constant sub being used less frequent.  He is not daft, the crowd made their feelings known...  It's just there in plain sight.   "you dont know what you're doing" being sung by 99% of the crowd says so
    We were told prior to him joining he does not use youth.
    It's why I chuckle at times when i see people expecting Mount, Tomori, James, Abraham, etc in the team next year.  It just isnt happening (with any manager for tha fact)
    I like Sarri, i think he has a decent idea of football, just dont think he is a top manager. 
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    wallosh reacted to Bobbywoodhogan in Chelsea vs Arsenal (EL FINAL) Wed 29th May 20:00 GMT   
    I think they just failed to balance the two. They wanted the safety net of top four but also wanted the EL. But having your eyes on two different things usually doesn’t work.
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    wallosh reacted to Slojo in Chelsea vs Arsenal (EL FINAL) Wed 29th May 20:00 GMT   
    Don't worry Wallosh lad, we're in it to win it, Eden's final game, he wants some of that glory. 
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    wallosh got a reaction from Slojo in Chelsea vs Arsenal (EL FINAL) Wed 29th May 20:00 GMT   
    Same here, everyone I heard talking about the match feels Arsenal will win it.
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    wallosh reacted to Dixons in Callum Hudson-Odoi   
    I might be in a minority of one on him.  It's this kind of bollox that's stopping me from warming to him. I detect a bad, arrogant attitude, the kind of which put paid to Mceachran and Kakuta, both of whom had more potential than CHO.   When given playing time in the Premiership he's looked pretty average and at times even a bit out of his depth. Worse still, he doesn't look like he's busting a gut to try and show he really wants  it.  I hope makes a full recovery and does go on to be a great plaayer for us, but if his heart is not at Chelsea then he should leave. For me, he's not shown or done enough to care if he did leave. 
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    wallosh reacted to Gol15 in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    It's very much an exaggerated argument that not playing in Europe is a huge benefit for a club, Conte maybe did play key players most of the time but it was his tactics and player management that proved to be the key factor in being the best team in the league, the difference is that in the second season with Conte the team played around 12 games more in total, some of which were more games in FA Cup, EFL Cup and at least one more in Community shield, in Europe we played 6 more games because of the group stage and then 2 more against Barcelona, that's not a big factor at all;
    Even in his second season while playing in Europe we were among the top 3 teams right before or around January and then the season fell apart due to many factors and arguably different circumstances than just the sheer amount of games played.
    Nobody is talking about Liverpool that two seasons in a row is playing the Champions League final, that's the maximum amount of games in Europe and twice in a row and yet in their second season they have reached a European final, they got more points in the Premier league than the previous one...so the big amount of games isn't a factor they just invested more money and have a better squad.
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    wallosh reacted to Boston Blue in Wrong about Sarri?   
    I think there could have been a number of people we could have brought in as manager that would have achieved third place and the EL final.  I don't think we are where we are because of Sarri.
    He just doesn't strike me as being in total control of the team.  I think they have struggled more than they should have playing his system, I think there were a lot of times players deviated from it while on the field, the mental fragility of the team was never solved, and he didn't drop underperforming players which failed to motivate both those who underperform, and those working hard to take their place.
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    wallosh reacted to Sindre in Wrong about Sarri?   
    No, the club did. It was no secret Conte wanted other and better players
    My point though was that Conte got us to roughly the same point-tally with the likes of those and yet some fans are keen to call Conte's last campaign horrific while praising Sarri for his similar campaign.
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    wallosh reacted to Sindre in Wrong about Sarri?   
    Both you and I know why everything fell apart in season two. Conte quite simply downed tools because the club didn't deliver on their promises in terms of players. Little to do with the style of football, which was great until the breakdown of the relationship between club and Conte. 
    And let's remind ourselves that even though Conte downed tools and had to play an entire season with the likes of Zappacosta, Drinkwater, Bakayoko and Morata he almost got as many points as we did this campaign.
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    wallosh reacted to Sindre in Wrong about Sarri?   
    Not recently. In fact, 72 points would have you fifth both last season and the one before that.
    It's a bit interesting that Conte's last league campaign was considered horrific by most and yet we scored as many goals, conceded less and got almost as many points (2 less) than we did this season.
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    wallosh reacted to Valerie in Wrong about Sarri?   
    Weren't there some question marks about his behaviour? Toxic presence in the dressing room and all that? I may confuse him with someone else, though.
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    wallosh reacted to RickUK in Wrong about Sarri?   
    stumbled to third, just lucky those around us were also poor this season at times.  big changes needed. squad wise especially
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    wallosh reacted to RickUK in Wrong about Sarri?   
    mate, the race for 4th was only a 'race' because we are all so poor.  We need big changes and a slight different approach from the manager.  Has to tone down the stubbornness mainly, and create a plan B
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    wallosh got a reaction from General in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    Yeah, let's wait and see. Nobody would have put there money on us winning the league in Conte's first season. Yet he did it.
    When Juventus came from the second division, nobody put there money on them to win the league, yet they did it with Conte.
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    wallosh reacted to ducavis in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    Difference here is Ronaldo is one of the greatest players ever, and still guarantees 20 league goals. Couple that with the fact Juve has won 7 league titles consecutively, can cherry pick the biggest talents in Serie A when they want to, and can outspend every other team.
    Sorry I just can’t see it but let’s watch how it plays out.
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    wallosh reacted to axman2526 in Chelsea vs Arsenal (EL FINAL) Wed 29th May 20:00 GMT   
    That seems silly on their part. Auba and Lazza are in hot form and we have nobody worthy of being called a striker.
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    wallosh reacted to The Chelsea Way in Chelsea vs Arsenal (EL FINAL) Wed 29th May 20:00 GMT   
    On the coach to Leicester we watched the highlights of the 2012/13 season (when we won the Europa League against a lesser team than Arsenal!). What hit me about that season was how quick we were in attack and the strength of our midfield that season – Hazard, Mata, Lampard, Oscar, Moses and Ramires. How quickly we could break and each of those players ability to get in scoring positions and score. Something under Sarri we just don’t see and never will.
    Arsenals attacking strength is their main strength. They could hit three past us in ten minutes if we aren’t on our game. However, over the years I’ve learnt you never write off Chelsea, especially when underdogs and I think we will be underdogs on this occasion. For that reason, I think we’ll just about do enough to grind out a very hard fought victory.    
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    wallosh got a reaction from Gentian in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    You probably underrate Conte. City and United had a better squad than ours when he won the league with us, and that was with a team Jose felt weren't good enough to finish in the top 4 position.
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    wallosh reacted to Sindre in Wrong about Sarri?   
    To try and save his job?
    He's obviously never going to be here long-term unless he gets an at least half-decent relationship with the fans.
    And let's not blame the fans entirely for getting on his back. He's made a series of shocking decisions throughout the season and it wasn't before march the fans really started to turn on him.
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    wallosh reacted to Bobbywoodhogan in Wrong about Sarri?   
    I’m not a fan of the guy, I think the football is awful.
    But if we win EL I don’t think they can sack him. That doesn’t change my mind on not thinking he’s right for us long term though. 
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    wallosh reacted to icecoolguy22 in Wrong about Sarri?   
    Even the best managers adapt, and Sarri is not among the elite, so learn to adapt or we are going to keep getting battered by better teams or teams among us. He believes his system will wok, but hasn't proven to work yet. Yes we got problems with goal scorers, and his solution is to get Higuain,  if he gets his way we will have Higuain for another 2 seasons
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    wallosh reacted to drjonesy1994 in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    Wrong. We won the title because we won 30 of our 38 games. 
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