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    wallosh reacted to RIP Mourinho in We've got a new Kepa   
    Are some of us really pretending Courtois was better? He was here 4 years and the only points i remember him winning for us was the last minute stop against Van Aanholt. Keep has been class this season.
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    wallosh reacted to icecoolguy22 in We've got a new Kepa   
    Don't thinkhe had much chances with the goals, but an outstanding keeper would have saved one of those, and he's clearly isn't one, at this stage. He's hesitant to come out, which was the reason we had so many players in the 6 yeard box, and nobody near the edge of the box to close down the shot, He's not great, bu we got bigger problems just about everywhere else on the field.
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    wallosh reacted to robdog in We've got a new Kepa   
    Well until I see Kepa chipped from 65 yards, he is better than the snake known as Tibo.
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    wallosh reacted to Bloo in Callum Hudson-Odoi   
    Well, last night Pedro scored 2.5 (haha) goals and an assist whereas during his cameo CHO looked like he was auditioning for the latest Zombie-fest movie (and he wasn't much better vs LFC at the weekend).
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    wallosh reacted to Vagabond in Callum Hudson-Odoi   
    Since you seem to love stats that much, here are a few pointers.
    CHO didn't score even once in his 350 PL minutes and got a single assist in that time.
    Except for against Brighton every single one of his scorers came at a point where the opposition was at least 2:0 down already and all of them were in the EL against the likes of PAOK Saloniki, Malmö or Kiev that had stellar aggregate records of 5:1 or 8:0 against us.

    There is a difference between the round of 16 in the EL and a mid table PL team.
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    wallosh reacted to Vagabond in Callum Hudson-Odoi   
    He is and that's why I said (and why I hope) maybe 2 or 3 years down the line he will be better.
    But he is not on their level at the moment, which is the reason I feel both Willian are Pedro are getting massively disrespected when some of you are claiming he offers more than they do even now. He doesn't. And that's the bottom line, no matter how mad all of you may get over it. You are the kind of guys that will gang up on Willian for the tiniest mistake only to live in denial when CHO does a lot worse. I just won't stand for that, sorry.
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    wallosh reacted to Vagabond in Callum Hudson-Odoi   
    I know I'm not making friends with my comments, but I'm trying to see the player realistically instead of jumping on hype trains regarding players that didn't do anything special yet.

    Pedro and Willian are both better technically, both have better vision and both retain posession better than CHO does. They both don't get discouraged as easily and Pedro especially is defensively lightyears ahead of CHO or did we already forget the game where Pedro tackled an opponent in our own box and saved our ass even after scoring one? You will never see that from CHO who honestly carries himself like he thinks he is like Eden already so he doesn't have to track back. That's the truth, wether you can see it or not. And it's fine, CHO is still a kid in my eyes and has plenty of time to evolve into a better player.
    But I simply refuse to lead a discussion about wether CHO is en par or even ahead (LOL?!?) of those two. I know he has many fanboys at Chelsea, but that doesn't change footballing facts. I really hope Sarri won't cave in to the pressure anymore, since some people seem to be prepared to end the season with even less points just so Odoi has a place in the starting XI. Sure, if that's your opinion it's fine with me. Just admit it then and stand by it instead of acting like Odoi has anything on Willian or Pedro.
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    wallosh reacted to Vagabond in Callum Hudson-Odoi   
    Fair enough, if that's your opinion. I must say that it's really hard for me to take anybody seriously that thinks CHO is as good or better than Willian and Pedro at this point in his career. Two or three years down the line, maybe, if he keeps working.

    That being said I don't think a quality discussion between us is possible since we are obviously lightyears apart considering our assessment of Odoi. I simply can't see what he has done that would warrant the status he has with you and many other fans.
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    wallosh reacted to Strider6003 in Callum Hudson-Odoi   
    I think he is on a par with Willian and Pedro yet of course has more potential because of his age and perhaps pace.
    We can't compare exactly as they are all slightly different players.  Willian and Pedro have both had moments this season yet also inconsistent and CHO has rarely been impressive on the Right for me. Note, Willian often plays on the Right though is also better on the Left.
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    wallosh reacted to Vagabond in Callum Hudson-Odoi   
    Are you seriously advocating a weaker starting lineup against rivals just so a single player has the chance to "take away from that experience"? What the hell is going on?

    Sorry, I prefer going into games with a higher chance of winning, especially against Liverpool. It was a gamble by Sarri and it failed. Hazard should've been on the wing from the start and CHO should've been on the bench where he belongs at the moment, with maybe some minutes at the end. We are not playing for CHO, he is playing for us.

    But that's just me I guess.
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    wallosh got a reaction from Gentian in Callum Hudson-Odoi   
    Trust me, CHO could have help us salvage something if he was well used against Liverpool. He never should have started that game in the first place, a better manager would have started that game with a much experience player in Pedro.
    Do you remember that time in the second half when Hazard was moved to the wings and he was continuously threatening the Liverpool defence which resulted in him missing two chances to put us back in the game, just imagine CHO and Giroud were introduced into the game at that point, I believe we possible could have got back in the game if we managed to get a goal around the 70th minute. The chances Hazard had shows that if the Liverpool defence are well pressed in that second half they can be vulnerable, and CHO could have been brought on in the second half simply for that task, unfortunately he was already tired at that time. And that's BAD MANAGEMENT from Sarri if you ask me.
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    wallosh reacted to Argo in Callum Hudson-Odoi   
    No one's throwing him under a bus, however given he handed in a transfer request and fans want him to be a starter then he should get assessed as one and by those standards he wasn't good enough yesterday, not even remotely close.
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    wallosh reacted to Munkworth in Callum Hudson-Odoi   
    That’s something he could learn by watching Pedro. If things don’t go his way or he’s having a sh*t game he at least keeps trying and working hard. 
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    wallosh reacted to RIP Mourinho in Callum Hudson-Odoi   
    Bayern Munich never have to play a team of Liverpool's level. They're playing the teams at the level of Burnley week in week out. He's cruise into the Munich starting 11.
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    wallosh got a reaction from Gentian in Diego "the guv'nor" Costa   
    We all knew Conte made the right decision with him. He has simply lost his commitment to the game. It wasn't a surprise that he was more desperate to go to China over playing us.
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    wallosh reacted to Frankie8Lampard in Eden Hazard   
    I honestly feel if we can get to champions league/win the Europa league and the board show ambition in the transfer market (if the ban gets lifted), there is a chance of convincing him to stay. 
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    wallosh reacted to Sindre in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    I think its an absolute farce that this is still ongoing. If we had any kind of decency we would have paid our title-winning manager the money he's entitled to but instead we mess on about the Costa-case when the club itself said this after the so called texts and right before Conte's last season with us was starting: 
    "The premise the lawyer has put forward is just wrong. The decision on Diego was made back in January.
    "The player knew the decision, his agent knew the decision, clearly the lawyer has not been well informed.
    "The lawyer's argument that Antonio as a coach has forced the player out by text message in June is just nonsense"
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    wallosh reacted to Scott Harris in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    What bad treatment? Telling him through text that he was no longer wanted? whoop-de-doo. What about Costa's behaviour? He would return to pre-season overweight, he would look for a transfer out of the club during mid season, he would spend half of the season offering nothing but awful performances. I think any manager would fall out with Costa eventually, his attitude stank. He wanted out of Chelsea and out of London before Conte even arrived at Chelsea. 
    You also say he was arguably the worlds most inform striker.......but he wasn't. At the time, Costa's form had plummited. From the moment it was revealed he wanted to move to China, his form dropped and never recovered. It was that bad that people even wanted Batshuayi to play ahead of him in the F.A cup final against Arsenal. Even now he still hasn't regained his best form. 
    There is always talk about the problems with player power at Chelsea, and this was a case of fighting back against that. 
    Maybe the club is fine with player power. Seeing as they see the situation with Costa as Conte's fault and did nothing about Willian's behaviour towards the end of last season, I think there is a good case to say that they will take the players side over the managers every time.
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    wallosh reacted to Gentian in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    I am sorry but Costa knew too well that he was not going to stay at Chelsea. Besides, a manager is entitled to manage the team whatever way he sees fit. Ferguson threw a bloody boot om Beckhams eye, would he have put up with Costa? Dont think so! I hated Costa for the fact that he made a big deal of wanting to go to China. That was so disrespectful to Chelsea in my view so he got what he deserved. In regards to Conte he deserves his wages for the remainder of the contract nothing more.
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    wallosh reacted to Semper Fi in Eden Hazard   
    I have no hope the board will buy quality players. Theyre lazy and lack ambition. Its better for them to spend huge money on dross and have an easy deal, then actually negotiate hard to get good players in. 
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    wallosh reacted to General in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    Club need to pay him not go to court, lets face it the Board (RA) has spunked countless millions on hiring and firing far worse managers, buying sub par players and putting them on 5 year contracts with silly wages, this bloke however much he was a moaning & bitching pain in the ass last season has won the club 2 trophies in 2 seasons (1 being the most difficult of all to win the PL) and got to 2 cup finals.  Classy by the Board then as usual.
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    wallosh reacted to Scott Harris in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    I still don't think Conte deserves a penny for his behaviour overall last season, but if that is our defence, then we have no chance.
    Costa was treated how he deserved to be treated. The bloke wanted out of the club when we were chasing a Premier League title and was always going to look for a move again once the window opened in the summer. I can't believe we would use the problems caused by Costa as a defence against not paying Conte.
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    wallosh reacted to forbzy in Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager   
    I totally agree and that also suggests that the club basically allowed the relationship with Conte to deteriorate purely over the petty Costa saga. They could have sorted it out that summer and backed him properly. Instead they just allowed things to stagnate for a further year.
    Also while Conte made key mistakes with the Costa texts, it was never disputed that Costa wanted to leave several months earlier. Ultimately the drama over the texts may have led to Costa leaving at a lower price, but he was leaving either way. The amount we potentially missed out on was small compared with what has been squandered since by the board.
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    wallosh reacted to Semper Fi in Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed   
    He can also switch between Kova and Barkley you know. ?
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    wallosh reacted to EdinburghBlue in Mateo Kovačić   
    If he was to play the registra role all the time then he would worth the £40m that it would probably cost to sign him, he links the defence to the midfield 100x better than the midfield to the attack. Unfortunately I don’t think Sarri will ever give up on Jorginho in there so as I’ve said before, not worth the money for the LCM role!
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