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    wallosh reacted to Slojo in We've got a new Kepa   
    Hero to zero in just a matter of minutes for me, I've loved this kid ever since he's arrived now I can't help but think he's a problematic twat with a huge inflated ego. 

    I don't care if it was due to injury or not, you always listen to the manager, what he did was completely undermine the manager who has numerous and numerous of pressure on him from the media and the board. Thank you for making things much harder than they already are. 
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    wallosh got a reaction from Strider6003 in We've got a new Kepa   
    Whatever Luiz was telling Kepa there, Kepa still disagree with Luiz.
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    wallosh got a reaction from Kentonio in We've got a new Kepa   
    I am a really big fan of Kepa, but that has changed today. I hope Caballero starts against Tottenham.
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    wallosh reacted to The Brit in We've got a new Kepa   
    What a cock...put himself before the coach and the team having done the basics at best for six months...Thibaut labelled a snake but he never pulled anything as shady as that...completely ruined all the positives from what had been a tremendous display (given what happened a fortnight before and utd too) 
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    wallosh reacted to Willian93 in We've got a new Kepa   
    I feel for Sarri on this one, he was put in a difficult situation by his goalkeeper, overall I think he handled it pretty well. Kepa’s an embrassement. 
    In my opinion, the situation is made even worse because of who was suppose to come in for him, a former goalkeeper of the opposing team who is known as one of the better penalty blocking keepers. Frankly, even if had Kepa not been cramping or whatever and Sarri decided to bring on Willy for pens, I wouldn’t bat an eye at that decision given Willy’s resume. 
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    wallosh got a reaction from Qaz in We've got a new Kepa   
    I am a really big fan of Kepa, but that has changed today. I hope Caballero starts against Tottenham.
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    wallosh reacted to EdinburghBlue in We've got a new Kepa   
    All totally irrelevant. His number was up, the manager had taken the decision to sub him. Whether it be due to fitness concerns or tactical. He should be getting off the park. If you’ve got a problem with it, bring it up with him after the game. Don’t stand shaking your finger screaming ‘no’ when the whole coaching staff is telling you to get off the park.
    It’s totally out of order whether he was OK or not. It’s even worse that after all that he ended up chucking Agueros in. If Willy had came on, I reckon we could have won that shootout.
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    wallosh reacted to coco in We've got a new Kepa   
    Subconsciously he was disrespecting Sarri, we have seen players throwing hissy fits over being subbed before, whether injured or tactical, Costa and his bib throw was the last one i remember. But you never see a player just refuse, imagine that happening to Fergy or Jose, Kepa wouldn't of done it to them through fear. 
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    wallosh reacted to dan_cfc in We've got a new Kepa   
    Still pissed off with him, complete disrespect for his manager and teammates, that big kerfuffle really did put a dampener on what was generally a very good performance, for me he needs to have a long hard look at himself and apologise.
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    wallosh reacted to EdinburghBlue in We've got a new Kepa   
    I actually can’t believe people are defending Kepa, probably the same people who cry about player power within our club & how it’s not right.
    His behaviour was inexcusable and was thoroughly unprofessional
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    wallosh reacted to bluedave in We've got a new Kepa   
    I'm amazed that some normally reasonable people are trying to make out this is not a big deal. If managers' don't have complete authority over the team on the pitch, which is what happened today, then what is the point in having them. 
    I'm not calling for Kepa's head but he has to be reprimanded severely enough to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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    wallosh reacted to dansubrosa in We've got a new Kepa   
    I hope we don’t see him again this season. He has let the whole team down, and humiliated the manager.
    Sarri has done a fantastic job today and for Kepa to chuck it in Sarri’s face and make the club a laughing stock is disgusting.
    I feel for Sarri.
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    wallosh reacted to BelgradeCFC in We've got a new Kepa   
    Imagine Kepa trying this on Alex Ferguson.
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    wallosh reacted to charierre in We've got a new Kepa   
    The Kepa incident defines the club at this current moment. No leader OFF the pitch and No leaders ON the pitch.  No matter what his excuse is when the manager decides to make a substitution, the player even if he disagrees has to come off. What Kepa showed was disrespect for his boss. At this point we will now see how strong Sarri is and how much the board back him as to what punishment is admonished. There is though a second question, were was the captain whilst this was unfolding? Or even other leaders on the pitch...Luiz was weak and the rest as we know spineless.
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    wallosh got a reaction from brownindian in We've got a new Kepa   
    I think Kepa probably forgot result of games like this usually decide the fate of managers. Am with Sarri in this, Sarri is the manager. Not Kepa!
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    wallosh reacted to Nibs in We've got a new Kepa   
    If Sarri stays in the job, then I fully expect him to drop Kepa indefinitely and I would back him 100%.
    Having done what he did, Kepa had to go on and win us that penalty shoot-out to save face but he didn't. Can't help but think Willy WOULD have won us that shoot out and I don't think I would want to be Kepa in that dressing room now. He was an arsehole of Courtois proportions today.
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    wallosh reacted to Skinnedy in We've got a new Kepa   
    I got some clarification. If a player refuses to come out, play is to continue. 
    I get it now. He CAN refuse. Well, he better hope Sarri is gone this week. Might be a while before he's back in the team. 
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    wallosh reacted to mwblue10 in We've got a new Kepa   
    A manager protecting his player, good of Sarri to do.
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    wallosh reacted to axman2526 in We've got a new Kepa   
    On the plus side CHO can see this and go to Sarri and say "screw you I am way better than Pedro and I am starting no matter who you put on the team sheet" right?
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    wallosh reacted to cfcblue in We've got a new Kepa   
    I thought big WILLIE for Kepa would have been an *excellent substitution* At such a vital time the shocking petulance of Kepa f**ks it up...
    This had an impact, and my really positive feeling about this game’s outcome dropped.
    And this must have effected the players.
     what a w**ker...
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    wallosh reacted to jack h in We've got a new Kepa   
    What are you talking about! Sarri gave him no power, he refused to come off! It's that simple. 
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    wallosh reacted to AndyDowsleftflank in We've got a new Kepa   
    Who the f*** do you think you are!
     Not happy with Kepa at all
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    wallosh reacted to Fatty_Speeding in We've got a new Kepa   
    Twice Kepa went down with the same injury, with penalties looming and a top drawer penalty stopper waiting on the bench.
    It was an obvious and logical substitution to make.
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    wallosh reacted to jack h in We've got a new Kepa   
    How anyone can blame Sarri for this is unbelievable. It was perfectly clear what his intentions were and how he felt about it.  Kepa should've come off and Azpilicueta should've pushed him off.
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    wallosh reacted to IliyaKrostin in We've got a new Kepa   
    Doesn't matter when and why, as a player, you never disrespect Coach's decision. 
    It doesn't matter who was right there, maybe Kepa was fine, but a situation like this can't happen on this level. 
    Experienced players should have taken him off by themselves, totally disrespect towards Sarri.
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