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    wallosh reacted to Sindre in We've got a new Kepa   
    I don't think Sarri would have walked towards Wembley's exit if that was the case.
    That was after Kepa had made it clear he was fine.
    Willy is probably the best penalty-saver in the world. That's the reason he was coming on.
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    wallosh reacted to Lord in We've got a new Kepa   
    Whatever Kepa thought about his injuries or whatever else is irrelevant. If the manager makes the call of substitution, at whatever point of the game, for whatever reason, whether you like it or not, you follow his lead. Simple.
    That's elementary school football.
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    wallosh reacted to Sindre in We've got a new Kepa   
    Open mutiny in a final.
    I wouldn't be surprised if he never plays for Sarri again.
    Felt sorry for Sarri on this occasion, he must have felt all kinds of helpless.
    Azpi should have dragged him off the field. That's what JT, Cole, Lamps or Drogba would have done.
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    wallosh reacted to Strider6003 in Jorginho is a Blue   
    Agree with that, I actually thought the Swedes looked dangerous in the first 20 minutes and could of been 2-0 up with clinical finishing. 
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    wallosh reacted to shedpensioner in Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed   
    I didn’t say Pep wouldn’t try him there, but he’d have given up fairly quickly. 
    I also didn’t say he wouldn’t play for City, I said he wouldn’t play at the base of the midfield.
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    wallosh reacted to Wearyourblue in Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed   
    Are they targeting Jorginho because he's poor? or are they targeting Jorginho, because we are poor playing around him? I think it's the latter, early in the year, our movement through Jorginho was a lot of over/ unders, since teams have played him, our movement is side to side.
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    wallosh reacted to shedpensioner in Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed   
    Jorginho wouldn’t be playing at the base of City’s midfield absolutely no chance. Pep understands the benefits of a disruptive player in that position.
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    wallosh reacted to ForeverCarefree in Callum Hudson-Odoi   
    All we can do is convince CHO we value him and play him as much as possible. 
    Saying he's getting more game time than anyone else his age is frankly a ridiculous argument from Sarri. 
    Jordon Sancho has played roughly 1,800 minutes for a table topping Dortmund side.
    CHO has played about 400 minutes for a struggling Chelsea side. 
    As the old cliche goes if they're good enough, they're old enough and Sarri just seems to come out with an endless stream of excuses for not playing someone who keeps proving their quality whenever given a chance. 
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    wallosh reacted to ForeverCarefree in Callum Hudson-Odoi   
    If that's what Sarri thinks then fine, sell Willian and Pedro. 
    Both under-performed this season. Both look what they are, wingers over 30 whose best years are now behind them. 
    If getting rid of both of them accommodates a great youth prospect chased by Europe's elite then I think the majority of the fan base is behind that. 
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    wallosh reacted to Sexyfootball in Callum Hudson-Odoi   
    CHO demonstrated in pre-season that he was good enough to start every game ... let alone last night. f**k knows why Sarri can't see the blindingly obvious ... maybe he needs new glasses ? Or just needs to look up a bit more from all that scribbling in his notebook ?
    If I was picking he team, I'd write Hazard down first, Kante second, and third would be young Callum.
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    wallosh reacted to just in Jorginho is a Blue   
    I get it venom, you rate Jorginho, I don't, and we will probably never see eye to eye on that. But has "hardly had a bad game" ? You can't be serious with how he has been performing recently? 
    Alan Shearer made the specific point, and provided video clip examples,  in the Man U analysis about how Jorginho doesn't read danger well and fails to close down the opposition quickly, frequently leaving our centre backs exposed. He was spot on.
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    wallosh reacted to Sexyfootball in Jorginho is a Blue   
    A nice "riposte" from the true fans in his next game would be a nice Jorginho song and a bit of cheering when he comes on the pitch ...
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    wallosh reacted to just in Jorginho is a Blue   
    I can't recall if Bakayoko ever got booed? Exactly the same circumstances as Jorginho. Came with a big price tag, looked very decent at first, and then performances just got worse and worse.
    I don't think Jorginho is anything special at all as player, and I don't think he fits the EPL, but I can't see what booing him or any of our players achieves.
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    wallosh reacted to Semper Fi in Jorginho is a Blue   
    Booing Jorginho is a disgrace to be honest. You can boo Sarri for his tactics but not Jorginho who is simply doing his job, in his first season in PL. Cut the guy some slack. He is learning the league in probably the most difficult place in the team. 
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    wallosh reacted to Fiio in Jorginho is a Blue   
    I think that many see Jorginho as an embodiment of Sarriball. Booing him is equivalent with saying fxxk you to Sarri face. 
    While I am frustrated with Sarri and Jorginho, but I think it is disgraceful to treat our own player like this. Only Courtois deserves this kind of treatment. 
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    wallosh reacted to Scott Harris in Jorginho is a Blue   
    The only player I can remember getting boo's from our lot in recent times was Sturridge, and I hated it then too. Let's not be like Real Madrid fans, we don't boo our own. Booing a player is going to achieve nothing positive. 
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    wallosh reacted to RMH in Jorginho is a Blue   
    Yeah, I just don't get why he's the scapegoat! First half tonight we were dreadful, not capable of controlling the match, and I think that's where Jorginho makes the difference. But then people expect him to protect the defence from Luiz and Alonson's mistakes! That's not his job!
    But, in any case, if you go to the Bridge just don't boo our players no matter how much you dislike them. This has happened twice in a row, shameful.
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    wallosh reacted to JMaher94 in Jorginho is a Blue   
    Would love him to score the winner (highly unlikely I know) against City of all teams and shh our fans, didn't deserve that tonight.
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    wallosh reacted to Munkworth in Jorginho is a Blue   
    As a true match going fan who’s opinion is more valid than yours I say;
    it’s disgraceful. 
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    wallosh reacted to Sindre in Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed   
    Some rumours going around now that JT and Steve Holland will be coming back to the club as coaches to replace Sarri.
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    wallosh reacted to fitz in Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed   
    Roma contact Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri's representatives for coaching role next season
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    wallosh reacted to ForeverCarefree in Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed   
    I'm not anti-Jorginho but in answer to your question. 
    It became apparent quite early on that Jorginho was being used as the starting the point for most of our attacks, mark him out of the game things start falling apart quite quickly. You're then looking to the two centre backs to play quite risky passes. 
    By focusing on just one player opposition sides have been able to destablise Sarri's formation. Interesting bit of info came out of the FA cup loss. Man United's use of a midfield diamond has meant that every team in the top six, bar Liverpool, has switched to this formation against Chelsea and won from it.
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    wallosh reacted to just in Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed   
    You mentioned short "passes" I asked for two things other passing.
    World class speed of touch and movement off the ball. No, I don't think so. Might have looked that in Italy, a slower tempo less intense league, but certainly not seeing it here. In fact his lack of quick movement is one of the major factors in him being unable to deal with the close, man to man, press.
    He isn't world class in anything IMO. Fabregas in his prime was.
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    wallosh reacted to evissy in Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed   
    If Sarri falls somewhere it is his stubborness. In his last presser he explained his view but he will follow Jose and Antonio in a second if he doesn't (1)rotate, (2)play the opponent with a tailored system, (3)use fringe options like CHO or Palmieri. 
    My question to Sarri is if you don't succeed with Willian or Pedro what is the harm of starting with CHO or if Alonso is used as a traffic cone why not let Palmieri have a go? Other players will get the wrong message if underperforming players get to start over and again. 
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    wallosh reacted to just in Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed   
    Spiller I'd like you to forget the word "passing" and tell me two other things you believe Jorginho does well. Just two.
    If Pep picked him for the Citeh starting XI instead of Fernandinho, who does have assets other than "passing" , then they would be a considerably weaker team.I would love to see Jorginho in their midfield rather than ours on Sunday.
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